7 tricks to make her text you back immediately (when she’s ignoring you)


Now imagine this: you’re texting a girl and it’s going great.

You’re texting her and she’s texting you back.

Back and forth, back and forth.


And you’re like, “Damn!” This girl really digs you!

Because well, because, you’re the man of course!

And then, nothing.


And you text her, “Are you there?”

And still nothing.

This girl you’re connecting so well with goes M.I.A, missing in action.

Two hours pass.

Then two days pass.

And she’s gone!

And you’re left holding your Dick in your hand.

This woman who could have been your future girlfriend, hell, maybe, maybe the future mother of your children is gone just like that. Snap!

If only there was a magical line you could send her over text.

If only there was a magical line that would guarantee that she text you back.

Well, that’s why I’m here gentlemen!

Today I’m giving you 7, yes 7 magical lines that guarantee that your missing girl will text you back.

Don’t get mad or needy

Now before we crack right into this, the first thing is you don’t want to be needy.

Don’t text her, “Hello! Where are you?”

And don’t get mad or angry.

Don’t text her back, “It’s just disrespectful.”

That just makes you look like a butthurt little baby.

Text #1: The curiosity hook

What you do want to do instead is use a curiosity hook or what I call an open loop, which brings us to our first line you can text a girl, to get her to text you back instantly.

And that first line is to text her, “Oh, my gosh! This is crazy!”

“Oh, my gosh! This is crazy!” That makes her curious.

What is “crazy”? What is going on?

You see, girls don’t like to have something that is left hanging.

They want closure.

So, if there’s something that’s going to make her curious, she’s going to text you back.

Likewise, you can text her, “You’ll never believe what happened.”

And then just leave it at that.

Sit back and watch as she texts you back a couple minutes later.

Text #2: Shock Value

The next line you can use to make a girl text you back is be a bit controversial.

This one provides shock value.

It’s unpredictable.

And it also taps into her curiosity.

And that is simply to text her, “I hate you.”

And just leave it at that. “I. Hate. You.”

Now, it’s a curiosity hook because she’s going to wonder why. “What? Why does he hate me?”

It’s also unpredictable.

She wasn’t expecting you to send her that.

It spikes up her emotions.

You can also text her, “fuck. you.”

And I guarantee you that either saying “I hate you” or “fuck you” will get her texting you back right away.

Text #3: Her favorite subject: herself

The next line you can use to make a girl text you back instantly is to tap into her favorite subject which is herself.

Text her, “I saw something funny today that reminded me of you.”

So, you’re essentially combining the curiosity hook with her favorite subject, which is herself, naturally.

And it’s a quick and easy way to get her to text you back.

Text #4: Confusion

The next line to make the girl text you back is to use confusion.

For example, if her name is Jennifer, you text her saying, “Hi, Megan.”

You’re using a name that isn’t hers.

So, she’s going to feel confused and she’s going to want to text you back to correct you.

Women hate it when men mix up their names especially with another woman’s who could potentially be competition.

So, when she texts you back correcting you, just nonchalantly tell her you got mixed up and now you’re texting each other again.

It’s a sneaky trick, but it works!

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So those, my friend, are the Seven magic lines you can text to a girl to get her to text you back immediately.

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