Medellin Girls: 10 Tips to get women in Colombia

In this video we are talking all about Colombian girls in the city of Medellin.

How hot are the girls in Medellin Colombia for real?

Do the girls live up to all the hype?

Is it worth going to visit Medellin to meet girls?

Now I spent about three months living in the city of Medellin, Colombia, South America.

And I think about three months is plenty of time to really get a real sense of what it’s really like and what the girls are really like.

So, to answer all those questions and more in this video right now, just keep on watching.

What Medellin Women Are Like

So first off, what do Medellin women look like?

Well, Medellin women try to work pretty hard at looking attractive.

That doesn’t mean that every girl walking down the street is a stunner.

That’s absolutely not the case.

But the city has its fair share of good-looking girls.

You see a legitimate number of “eights, and nines.”

Girls that put a lot of effort into looking their absolute best.

And they are the minority of course just like in any other city, but they can certainly be found.

Most of the women are cinnamon colored, with black hair.

A few girls are that pale European white color, with dark hair.

A few girls have that blonde, tanned, Swedish look as well, although they tend to be pretty few and far between.

And generally, because the women are a darker color, if you’re light skinned particularly if you’re blonde with blue eyes, you will stand out because you’re a rarity.

And that’s actually an important tip for attracting girls in Medellin is get blonde highlights, pop in a pair of blue contacts, dress well, and you’ll grab a lot of female attention.

Meeting Colombian women in the day

What I like about the city is that it’s great for meeting girls out during the day.

Most women don’t have their own cars. They either walk, or they take the train, or they take buses to get around.

So, there’s thousands of women out on the streets, all over the place that you can just around run up to and say hello.

And Medellin is blessed with year-round spring-like weather, which makes almost any day beautiful for going out on your adventure.

So, for the great weather, the easy logistics, and the sheer number of girls walking around, the city gets an A grade from me.

Medellin Nightlife

Now, I wasn’t as impressed with the nightlife.

Not so many women go out at night because when you tally transportation, alcohol, and cover, it’s too expensive to go out.

In addition, friends sit together at tables.

It’s not the mingling culture you see in America or Europe.

And almost all the hottest girls I saw out during the day, not at night.

So, for the nightlife I would rate city a grade of a C+.

What I Liked About Medellin

Now one thing that people get concerned about with Columbia is safety.

Colombia often conjures up images of drugs and shootouts.

But I found my three months in the city to be very safe.

I never felt like I was in danger.

The city is very modern, clean, and green. It’s just a matter of staying in the right neighborhoods.

And you have to keep in mind that Pablo Escobar was killed 20 years ago now and the drug trade has moved out of Medellin and into the jungle thousands of miles away.

So, as long as you don’t do anything obviously stupid like walking around by yourself in the middle the night, the city for all intents and purposes is perfectly safe.

Throw in the beautiful year-round weather, throw in the beautiful green mountains, where you can rent a Finca and just chill out and relax, throw in all the great restaurants and food, and you have yourself a very livable city, and a great place to visit.

Learn Spanish

Now I have to warn you: you will need to learn some Spanish.

Most girls in Medellin speak very little English.

English is not widely spoken in Columbia.

This is to your advantage though.

Because most visitors are way too lazy to learn Spanish, If you learn even a little bit of her language, you’re going to have a huge advantage over all the men.

If you look exotic, and you speak some Spanish, and you’re well-dressed, and you are socially intelligent—whoa! You’re going to kill it.

So, I highly recommend that you do the first 90 lessons of Pimsleur Spanish.

That’s how I learned how to speak passable Spanish in just a couple of months.

In fact, I was able to learn more Spanish in three months than I did in all four years of high school.

So, don’t be discouraged if you had trouble learning Spanish in high school.

Take the 90 days of Pimsleur and you’ll be able to flirt and connect with all these sexy Senoritas.

Because no matter how much a girl is attracted to you, due to conservative Colombian culture, a girl will never make the first move or approach you.

It’s 100% on your shoulders to approach her.

It’s 100% on your shoulders talk to her.

It’s 100% on your shoulders to make all the moves.

A girl may desperately want to meet you and get to know you, but she will not do anything to help you.

So you must speak passable Spanish if you want success.

How to get Medellin women

So, do I recommend Medellin, Columbia for at least a visit?

Absolutely yes!

Go check it out for yourself. And have fun.

Now, if you’re still not confident around good-looking women, if you’re still lonely and in pain, I created this presentation right here just for you.

This presentation will install the confidence you need to meet all the curvy Latina girls you want and have new dates lined up, every day of the week.

Especially when you go to a city like Medellin, with these tools at your fingertips, it’s like taking a machine gun to a knife fight.

You’re going to be swimming in options and choices with beautiful ladies.

And I know, because I spent a year living in South America, three months of that time in Medellin, and I’ve spent many more years living in Miami around Latina girls.

So, I know what I’m talking about.

And if you want to get a Colombian girlfriend the fun and easy way and kiss that loneliness and pain goodbye forever, then check out that link.

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  1. You can’t even pronounce “Medellin”. The “I” in spanish is not long. It is pronounced like the American “e”…..

  2. Im interested South american girls and culture especially Medellin. I saw you reccomended 90 lessons of pimsleur? Where can I find that? I just want this nothing else. When I come to check your courses, all I see is your 90 min cult programming video that I just want to skip

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