Get Boundless Energy to Meet Girls – 4 Tips | Ending Decision-Making Fatigue

Peter wrote into me, “Hey Jesse, whenever I go out to meet girls, I come back home both physically and mentally exhausted.  Talking to just one or two girls tires me out so much. I don’t think that I can keep it up. Do you have any tips for me?”

Now that’s a very good question.

Has that ever happened to you my friend that you go out for a session of meeting girls and it just completely exhausts you to the bone?

All you want to do is plop down into bed afterward or sit down on your couch in front of the TV because you’re so tired.

My own story of pain

I know that happened me all the time.

And it sucked.

I saw a girl that I wanted to say hello to, and I thought about it. And I hemmed. And I hawed.

And I thought about what could go wrong.

I thought about what to say.

I thought about the right moment to go up to her.

And all of that thinking made me tired.

It made me unbelievably tired.

It made we want to give up, like this girl thing… is NOT for me!

Ughhh! Frustrating!

So, if meeting girls is exhausting you, then this video is for you, my friend.

Because we are going to solve that problem for you, right now, today.

Today my friend, we draw a firm line in the sand… no more!

We will make meeting girls feel relaxing and fun again just as it should be which is essential if you want to meet that girl of your dreams and turn her into your loving girlfriend.

What is decision-making fatigue

Now this tiredness that you feel boils down to something psychologists call “decision-making fatigue.”

The fact of the matter is, that whenever you have to make a small decision, it depletes a little bit of your willpower. Each decision you make, even the smallest ones, depletes your energy.

So, if you’re relaxing on the beach all day, in a hammock, and food is being delivered to you and you don’t have to make any decisions because you’re on vacation, that evening when you go to bed, you’re still going to feel very relaxed and sleep like a baby.

But if you are in a situation in your job where you constantly have to make decisions about business like who to fire, and who to hire, and what marketing campaign to run each little decision you make depletes a little bit of your willpower reserves.

So that by the end of the workday, you will feel exhausted.

Your willpower bank account

You want to think of your willpower as a bank.

Every time you make a decision, big or small, you make a withdrawal from your willpower bank account.

And you can only make so many withdrawals before your willpower bank hits zero and your brain turns into a useless lump of mushy oatmeal.

Even relatively small decisions like, “What clothes am I going to wear today?”

OR, “What am I going to eat for lunch?”

AND, “Should I watch this television show or that television show?”

All these little decisions are little withdrawals from your willpower bank account.

And the more decisions you make over the course of the day, the more tired and drained you feel.

How it manifests in game: opening

Now here’s why being in the presence of girls exhausts you so much:

When you see a girl you want to talk to, I bet this is what’s happening:

You start thinking about it.

You start thinking in your mind to yourself, “I wonder if she is single?”

“I wonder if she has a boyfriend.”

“Do you think anyone is going to notice if I say hello to her?”

“What should I say that will be natural and get a good response?”

“Maybe I should wait until she stops talking to her friend?”

“What if she’s mean and cold to me?”

So, you spend three or four minutes thinking about approaching her with one million different excuses running around inside your head about whether to make that decision to pull the trigger or not.

In essence, within a couple of minutes of hesitating, you are running through dozens of scenarios,

running through dozens of micro decisions about whether to say hello to her, or not.

You are rapidly machine gunning that decision-making muscle and rapidly exhausting it.

Out-thinking yourself into approaching

You know, guys think that they can outthink their way into approaching a girl.

But when you start thinking about it, it just gets worse.

You just get more nervous.

You just hesitate more.

You just deplete your willpower even more.

And if you spend forever making a couple of approaches on girls, you tire yourself out very quickly.

Which clothes to wear

Or, take for example, deciding what shirt you’re going to wear.

“Should I wear my black shirt? It’s pretty elegant. The black shirt will get a good response from the ladies.”

Or, “Should I wear my red shirt? Yeah! The red shirt really pops and catches the eye.”

“Then again, Suzie once complimented me on my white shirt.”

And if you spend 10 minutes picking out the perfect shirt to wear, you’ve just spent 10 minutes depleting your energy.

You’ve just spent 10 minutes continually withdrawing from your willpower back account.

What do you say

Then, when you’re in a conversation with a girl, you deplete yourself further by thinking you have to say the perfect thing.

“Should I say this next? Or should I say that?”

“Should I talk about what I did today?”

“But is that interesting enough? Will she find me boring? Will she not like me?”

“What does this girl want me to say? Hmmm.”

Listen, when you’re very self-aware of everything coming out of your mouth and filtering everything through the lens of, “Is this good enough to impress her?”

THAT is a surefire way to exhaust yourself.

THAT is guaranteed to wipe you out of all your energy.

The same guy that can have a four-hour animated and loud conversation with his buddy while playing Xbox can feel totally exhausted when he has a 10-minute conversation with a pretty girl where he’s constantly grasping for the “right thing” to say to her.

What actions do you take

Likewise, when it comes to what moves to make…

If you’re constantly thinking… “Should I kiss her now? No, no, wait. I’ll kiss her NOW.”

“No wait. Not yet.”

“Okay, now is the right time. I’ll kiss her now. Wait. It’s not the right moment yet. Let me wait a little while.”

In the course of 20 minutes, you can be making hundreds of micro-decisions to take action or not that depletes your willpower bank account.

I remember being on a date one day, long ago where I was talking to a girl and I just kept thinking to myself, “Alright, Jesse, you’ve got a make a physical move at some point.”

“Just touch her shoulder or something.”

And I kept debating what move to make, and when it was the right opportunity to make it, I was so inside my head constantly in a decision-making mode that not only was I not present to the conversation with her and not truly there and listening to her, but the whole social interaction totally exhausted me.

And especially if you’re a computer programmer, or you work in a tech field, or you’re an engineer, your work demands precision.

So it’s very easy to get caught up in this mentality of wanting perfection, of constantly course correcting, through rational thought.

The problem is…that decision-making fatigue quickly sets in and you run out of energy.

You run out of gas extremely fast.


So, the solution my friend, is to simplify.


You want the decision-making process to be automated, where you have far fewer choices in front of you.

And here are my 4 tips to keep your decisions… at an absolute bare minimum:

Tip #1: shirts

Tip number ONE:

When it comes to your clothes, you can have one or two outfits picked out ahead of time.

You can pick them out at the beginning of the week, so if you know you’re going out on a Saturday evening, you already know ahead of time what you’re going to wear.

So, when Saturday comes around, you don’t deplete your decision-making willpower deciding what shirt is the best one.

OR…you could just have ONE or two shirts that you always wear, to keep it really simple.

Tip #2: Approaching

Tip number TWO:

As far as approaching a girl.

Instead of hesitating and fatiguing yourself, just get into the habit of approaching any girl that you find halfway cute and strike up a conversation.

Get to the point where approaching a girl feels commonplace, where it’s just an automatic behavior that you just do that doesn’t engage the decision-making part of your brain.

You see a pretty girl, and SNAP!

You automatically take action and introduce yourself without thinking about it.

Tip #3: What to say

Tip number THREE:

When it comes to what to say, dumb it down.

Lower the standards of what is. “the right thing to say.”

Let go and allow anything to come out of your mouth as being “good enough.”

Vomit out your words unfiltered, dirty and unclean to avoid engaging the decision-making muscle of your brain as to whether it is “good enough” or not.

Tip #4: when to make a move

Tip number FOUR:

When it comes to making a move like when you are going to kiss the girl, or when you are going to casually touch her shoulder or whatever it is just do it.

It doesn’t matter what moves you make or when you make them.

it just matters that you’re making moves.

Even when it feels a little bit uncomfortable, even when it feels like a little bit of a risk, just make the move.

By taking action, that’s how you develop an intuitive feel for what moves work in what moments.

And you remove the decision-making process, so you don’t fatigue yourself.

The Results

And when you do those four things, you’ll find you’ll be able to talk to girls and socialize for HOURS without getting tired, even if you’re an introvert, just like I am.

You’ll also come across as more natural.

You’ll come across more flowing.

You’ll come across more confident.

You’ll come across more real and authentic.

You’ll come across as a leader.

You’ll come across as a man who “takes action” and just goes for what he wants.

All very sexy qualities that are very attractive to women.

And in my own case, once I started doing that, I got WAY more results myself.

Girlfriend Express

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