5 Ways Night Game Has Declined 1998 to 2018


I’m giving you the five reasons that night game has declined over the last 20 years, why it’s now harder to meet really pretty girls in bars and clubs compared to say 1999, 2000, 2001. I’m also going to be giving you solutions that you can get those really pretty girls you really want, so let’s crack right into it.

When I first went out 20 years ago back in the late 1990s, early 2000 say in South Florida in Fort Lauderdale when you went out, you would see legitimately stunning girls like 8’s, 9’s, and 10’s not at the fancy VIP club that you have to pay a $60 cover just to get in and the hot girls are roped off, so you can’t even see them. I’m talking about you go to the free bar or the bar with the $5 cover and they were amazing, beautiful girls just lined up dressed to the max, looking stunning. The ratios were pretty good, too. There’s generally an even number of men and women.

The reason that a pretty girl would dress herself up to the max, really doll herself up and go to a regular bar is because that’s how women would get attention, that’s how women would get validation. Women love getting attention. Women love getting validation especially if she’s a pretty girl. That’s how they got it. They had to physically make themselves up and physically leave the house and physically go to socialize.

Now 20 years later, night game has certainly changed. The attractiveness level of women has certainly gone down. If you go to a free bar where you don’t have to pay a cover, it’s a very low cover, it used to be you could see some 8, or 9, or 10 in there; now you’re mostly going to see 5’s, 6’s, and 7’s.

The ratios between men and women have gotten worse as well. Usually, you’ll see a lot more men than women and girls are not just dressing up as nicely as they used to be, and you don’t have as many pretty girls going to just a free bar.

In this video, my friend, we are going to talk about the five reasons why night game has gotten worse, and at the end of this video, what you can do about it so that you can get the pretty girls you want.

Five reasons why night game has gone downhill over the last years:

Reason #1: Smart Phones

Twenty years ago, if a woman wanted validation and attention, which pretty girls tend to crave, she had to actually physically dress herself up, do her hair, do her makeup, put on some high heels, and physically get herself to a location like a bar where there were other people around.

She had to physically stand there and socialize with other people, which meant that you could actually have a chance to talk to her and get to know her and demonstrate your personality to her.

That is not the case anymore. Now even an average-looking girl can get validation and attention from men with far less effort. She can just take 100 different selfies of herself, pick out the best one that just by chance happened to catch her at a good angle, maybe just do her makeup, do her hair. She doesn’t even have to work out or eat well anymore, or dress herself up, or go anywhere.

Pick the best photo, put it through some filters, some light filters, hide her blemishes, put that up on Instagram. Now she gets all the validation and attention she wants from horny, thirsty guys hitting her up on her app, showering her with attention from all—so that takes way less energy.

That’s way easier than putting her real self out easier. That’s way easier than going out to a bar and club and socializing, so you never get the chance to meet her because she doesn’t go out. Why should she? On her phone, she’s got this pipeline of handsome-looking dudes hitting her up to get laid with her. She’s getting all this attention from these beta-male orbiters all over the world.

Why get ready and socialize with real people when she can just get all these notifications on her phone that gives her that attention and validation fix that she craves 24/7?

Compare that to 20 years ago, I remember I would keep my conversations on the phone very short because I might have three hours of talk time a month, I might talk to somebody for 5 or 10 minutes, find out where they were, find out where to meet, and that’s all the conversation would be.

Texting was a huge pain in the butt, too, because you didn’t have a separate key for every letter. You just had the number keys so like 1 would have three letters. It was a pain in the butt. You didn’t have any apps. A lot of girls didn’t even have cellphones.

The only time a pretty girl could get that validation fix she craved to get that attention from men was to actually dress up and go out at night and that’s what pretty

Reason #2. More competition from other guys.

Twenty years ago, if you wanted to learn game, it was very underground. The community was very small. It was kind of hard to find, and even if you did find it, you had to read a bunch of weird articles from weird guys and kind of piece out the golden nuggets from all the crap out there.

But now, game advice is much more sophisticated. It’s better. It’s easier to digest because it’s all on video. You can watch people do in-field sets, kind of get an idea of it, even where you go out, and now everybody wants to at least give it a shot.

When you go out at night, typically you’re going to find a lot of guys who study game out there also, hitting on the girls. Some of these guys are spam approaching every girl. Some of these guys are pretty good. I think with the popularity of YouTube and the popularity of men’s self-improvement as being this big thing, men have simply gotten better over the last 20 years, at least the men going to nightclubs.

They’re better dressed generally. They’re more charismatic than they used to be. They’re more socially savvy than they used to be, so your competition has heated up back since 1999-2000 when nobody knew what they were doing.

What you have is a situation where the men are getting higher in value, being more charismatic, more handsome, and looking better than ever, but the women are getting lower in value.

Reason #3: Women Are Lazier Now

Women have become more permissive about what is acceptable on looking good.

While there’s this boom in men’s self-improvement, taking care of his looks, dressing up better, being more socially intelligent, you don’t really see the same on the women’s side. It’s not like there’s women at home, trying to be more charismatic and practicing their social intelligence when they go out and meet men, or anything like that. It’s just the opposite.

In fact, there’s more of a permissive culture where now the idea is like it doesn’t matter what you look like; everyone is equally beautiful. All body types are equally pretty and incredible and you should just accept yourself kind of this fat acceptance. Even if women don’t kind of consciously agree with that, a lot of girls just let themselves go and they don’t care. They feel like just because they have a vagina, men should love them for it.

This idea that she’s a princess just for having a vagina is promoted by Hollywood movies, by romantic comedies on television because it sells tickets. Girls like to hear that message because it lets them off the hook. She doesn’t have to take care of her health. She doesn’t have to dress well. She doesn’t have to exercise. She doesn’t have to eat right. But her head gets gassed up that she deserves the world just because she’s a girl and she has a vagina.

Over the years, you see this growing imbalance between the quality of the men and women in their total sexual value, what they have to offer. You see this gradual increase in quality among men where they’re becoming more socially intelligent, more socially savvy, dressing up better, taking better care of themselves in order to the scarcer and scarcer pretty girls, but the women have just gotten lazier and lazier

Reason #4. Social Media

Has to do with social media and how fast information, gossip, and photographic evidence can spread like wildfire.

Twenty years ago, at least in the big city, it was more like ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ situation where a woman could get away from her friends and family, go out at night, be a little bit wild, even hook up with a guy and not get caught, going on a bit of wild adventure, do something new and fun, and not have to worry about the social consequences from her friends and family, shaming her.

But nowadays, social media is like this godlike eye looking down at her, 24/7. She doesn’t want to get caught. She doesn’t want her reputation tarnished. She doesn’t want other people she knows to perceive her as a slut. Nowadays, everybody has a camera right at their fingertips and a photograph or video can spread across the Internet like wildfire so I think really pretty girls like the really pretty ones, 8’s, 9’s, and 10’s are just a lot more wary of what they’re willing to do in public, in a bar or club situation. To some degree, it’s almost easy not to go.

Reason #5. A shift in demographics

White people, in particular, are having less kids than ever, so there’s just less young people in their teens and 20s than they used to be. In fact, a lot of cities revolve their nightlife around people in their 30s and 40s now rather than people in their 20s.

Now in the USA, you have this young, growing Hispanic population, sort of filling in that youth gap with younger people, but here’s why young Hispanic girls don’t really solve the nightlife problem. Hispanics simply don’t have the mingling culture as white Americans and Europeans do.

When you go to South America—I spent quite a bit of time there—usually people will get together in small little cliques, small little groups and sit around a table. people are not really mingling and meeting each other.

When Hispanics  come over to the United States, they bring their culture with them, and they don’t mingle together the same way white people do. In fact, Hispanic girls tend to be much more Catholic, much more conservative, much more concerned about their reputation. even though they’re kind of filling in the youth, they’re not replacing the nightlife market.

The Glory Days

The funny thing about this is if you’re a young guy and you’re not an old guy like me, you were going to bars and clubs back in 1999 or 2000, you don’t know any better. You think how it is today is normal. You didn’t see it back in the glory days.

If I could show you how it was 20 years ago and you compared it to today, you might be like, “Yes! It really does suck today! I didn’t even realize!” but I guess that’s the thing going for you if you’re a young man. Ignorance is bliss. You don’t even realize what you’ve lost.

But I’m not saying you write game off completely. It still has its place. Yes, 20 years ago, you were more likely to meet legit, hot 8’s, 9’s, and 10’s but I don’t really that as the function of bars and clubs anymore.

The way I see nightlife nowadays is to go out with your friends, have fun, to socialize with people. it doesn’t matter what they look like. Practice socializing with girls, just have fun with it. maybe there’s some aspect of your game that you want to practice.

Nightlife can be great for practicing because there’s a lot of people in a small about space. All those people are there for socializing, so if you want to practice getting physical with girls, you can practice, practice, practice in a short amount of time, which is not usually not so practical with day game.

What I would recommend if you are disappointed with your results from night game is consider day game your bread and butter also for meeting really pretty girls, and night game is for practicing and having fun.

Of course, the advantage of day game is even if even a pretty girl doesn’t go out at night anymore to get validation and attention, she still have to go out during the day maybe to the grocery store or the drugstore, or to her school. Whatever it is, she still has to leave the house at some point in the day, so you can still meet these really pretty girls.

You also don’t have as much competition from other men because most guys are going to be too nervous to approach her during the day. She also probably doesn’t have her high heels on, her makeup on, and her hair done, so she has not going to be all gassed up looking for attention. She’s not going to feel like she’s the 10 princess. She’s going to be more amenable to meeting a regular, normal guy.

That’s my advice to you, my friend. Use night game for practice, for socializing, for having fun, for finetuning your game, and use day game for meeting the really hot women.

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