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“Jesse, what is your very favorite opening line to talk to girls with? I’m curious what’s worked for you. All the best,” ~ Stephane

Yeah, this is a biggie.

Don’t you just wish you had a magic opening line that worked on every single girl, that worked on that amazing, stunning woman who is turning down guys left and right, and this magic opening line gets her opening up to you, gets her laughing and smiling and wanting to get to know you better?

And it doesn’t matter who you talk to or where you are or what girl you use it on.

This magic opening line works every single time.

It’s the ultimate pickup line.

A magic pickup line

Well, I can’t guarantee that I can give you one magic, super pickup line that will work on every single girl.

But I can give you simple opening lines that work with 95% effectiveness at least far better than any cheesy pickup line you find off the Internet.

Because these lines tap deep into female psychology in such a way that the girl can’t help but stand there and want to hear what you have to say next with a big smile on her face.

So today, gentlemen, if you’ve ever wondered what to say to a girl, have no fear, because your boy, Jesse, is looking out for you.

I’m thrown your way three—three of the best—simple opening lines that are easy to remember that work fantastically well on cute girls.

So let’s crack in the into this.

Opening Line #1

The first best simple opening line that works is that you walk up to the girl and you tell her, “Hey there, I absolutely love your look. I just had to come up and say hello. My name is Jesse.”

Now that line works because it’s very simple but it’s also very honest.

You’re being rather direct, getting right to the point, that you like the girl but without sounding needy.

It creates a man-to-woman vibe. It creates that sexual tension you want.

And what’s more, yes! It’s a compliment, but it’s not a vague compliment about her genetics.

Instead, you’re complimenting something that she put effort into—her style.

And women appreciate a compliment when you notice something unique and special about her that she put effort into.

You know, the thing is, guys think they need to have this amazing, complicated, psychological wizardry, magical pickup line for the girl to like him.

But really, the simple ones, like, “Hello there, I absolutely love your look. I just wanted to say hi,” tend to work the best.

Opening Line #2

Simple opening line number two that girls love is the pivot.

Now, this opening line consists of two parts.

The first part you ask the girl for directions or advice.

Like, “Hey, there I need some help. I’m kind of lost. I’m looking for the Starbucks, and I know it’s around here someplace. Do you know where it is by any chance?”

Now if the girl is not responsive to you, or she comes across as cold, or ignores you.

Then just leave it at that.

And she didn’t reject you since you were just asking for directions.

But if she’s smiling, and friendly, and stops to answer you, then you pivot to your real opener.

And you tell her, “You know what, actually I really came up to you because I think you have an amazing style and I would’ve regretted it forever not coming to say hello to you.”

“And I just didn’t know what to say so by the way, my name is Jesse. Who are you?”

So think of it as an opener and a pre-opener.

What’s so great about it is that you filter out those girls that respond to you well before you even deliver your opening line.

And that pivot opener works spectacularly.

Opening Line #3

And the third simple opening line, that works spectacularly on girls, is tell her, “Hey there. Hi! I have to tell you. Did anyone ever tell you, you have lovely eyes?  They’re nice and big like a racoon’s.”

All right, let me explain.

What works about this line, is that, yes, it’s a compliment.

It creates that man-to-woman sexual tension.

But in addition to that, you’re comparing her eyes to that of a racoon’s.

It’s kind of funny and many girls will get a giggle or laugh.

And if the girl is really beautiful she’s used to hearing generic, needy compliments like, “Oh you’re so gorgeous”

But here you’re different.

You’re standing out.

And it gets her thinking, “What? Do my eyes really look like a raccoon’s?”

“Do I have dark spots under my eyes?”

“What does that even mean exactly?”

“Does he really like me?!”

So it gets started that playful game of teasing and chasing.

Where you’re giving the girl the opportunity to wonder if you really like her or not, or how much you really like her, and give her the opportunity to start chasing you, which is very important, especially if it’s a particularly beautiful woman who is used to having guys chase her.

How to open girls the easy way

Now I can remember a time in my life where I saw a woman that I wanted to meet, and it just felt like there was this one-foot thick wall between me and her.

As if there was a literal a physical barrier preventing me from walking over and talking to her.

And I spent years of my life completely lonely and lost because of it.

So, if you’ve ever felt nervous around a really pretty girl, and didn’t know what to say, or how to talk to her.

Believe me, I feel you. That was me for many years.

That’s why I created Girlfriend Express.

This is a series of videos I created that teaches you how to approach women, how to start conversations, and how to create attraction with really stunning girls.

If you want to kiss goodbye your fears of walking up and talking to that girl. and give yourself that priceless skill of being able to approach any woman in any situation and spark attraction for you instantly, give yourself that priceless skill of standing out from every other man that she’s ever talk to, even if you don’t have something original to say, but leave her and wanting more, leave her wanting to see you again, then you want to check it out!

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