The Dirty Secret Girls Will Never Tell You… plus sexual slavery

So feminism got ONE thing right.

And whether you’re pro feminist or whether you hate feminism, let me tell you this because if you’re interested in getting married one day or having children, this video is super important to watch.

If you don’t want to end up cheated on and lose half your money—and this is something girls will NEVER tell you—you have to watch this so that your life doesn’t get ruined.

If you’re of the mind that it’s harder for a good man to settle down with a good woman with traditional family values, you’re absolutely right.

It is harder.

But I’m also going to show you how to work the system, so that by the end of this video, you can get exactly what you want.

And be warned: I’m going to talk a little bit about mating strategies and evolutionary science and some real NERD stuff but believe me there is a payoff in the end of how you can apply this nerd science to your life and come out winning with the kinds of girls you want.

Women’s selection: bad boy

So here’s the situation, and it’s been like this forever: women are torn between two kinds of men, and two kinds of mating strategies, which both have their own advantages.

First, they’re attracted to the man they perceive has the most sexy genes–tall, good looking, charismatic, funny, sociable, maybe bit of a bad boy. They’re attracted to having sex with him to pass his high-quality DNA to their children.

The downside with him is that he’ll likely bang her, show her a good time, and as soon as he impregnates her, leave. So the sexy alpha fuck boy is a risk.

On the other hand, women are also attracted to maybe the man who isn’t as sexy, but he can provide long-term protection and provisions. He can provide for her children a stable Father figure.

And I’m going to show you shortly how to prevent yourself from getting burned by women.

Typically, when women are very young, the bad boy has more of a pull on her because she wants to go on that wild adventure. There are no consequences.

As women hit their 30s, the provider type has an increasing pull on her because either she already has children and wants a provider type or children are more on her mind.

Women want both

Now ideally, a woman wants both archetypes in one man.

She wants the super sexy guy that’s adventurous and super attractive, and yet he has no desire for any other woman but her and will invest all his resources into just her and her offspring being a 100 percent devoted and faithful father. He’s both the alpha sexy fuck boy AND the devoted provider.

This is the stuff of women’s fantasies and romantic comedies where the hero is this dashing handsome man, but for some unexplained reason, he is totally devoted to this one girl that he just met, was struck by love, and now he is the tamed stay-at-home Dad provider.

The Bridget Jones’ Diary movies is the perfect example of this female fantasy.

Now in reality, that’s rarely the case.

Typically men will either be providers, and you have fuck boys. Usually the provider not always are beta males.

Not always because there’s certainly powerful alpha males that eventually want to settle down to have a family, but 9 out of 10 times, provider guys are beta, meaning they have little or no options with women.

And you see different patterns. A woman will sleep with a bunch of sexy fuck boys before eventually settling down with a provider.

Or a woman will have her provider man and sleep with sexy fuck boys from time to time on the side.

And this is not something new because of feminism.

These are mating strategies of females going back eons.

In tribal societies, it’s shown that 10 percent of children, their father is not the father they think it is.

Modern civilization

Now if you look at European culture through the Dark Ages, into the Middle Ages, through the Industrial Revolution of the 1800s and right into the 1950s, modern civilization was designed by men as a kind of sexual socialism, a sexual safety net that favored beta-provider males.

Be a good worker or farmer, and you got your reward having a docile devoted wife that you could knock up and have a few kids with.

So the deal is: you’re not going to be super sexually successful having a harem. Forget about being a fuck boy with a bunch of super sexy females. That’s not in the cards for you. But you’ll at least get to have a few kids with one woman.

That’s the deal!

Women’s place

And the design to make it easy for beta males providers was that, women didn’t vote. Women weren’t educated. Women couldn’t participate in most jobs and make their own money.

The church heavily shamed women from straying or even disobeying her husband in any way. Chastity was held up as the ultimate ideal. Extramarital sex was demonized. Girls who liked sex were ostracized.

Women had their place. And the negative consequences for straying with sexy alpha fuck boys was extremely severe.

Game rigged for beta males

So the whole game was heavily rigged by beta-provider males who controlled the church, who controlled the institutions to control women to sexually benefit beta-provider males in the name of the family unit.

And this forced women to effectively embrace only provider males to secure a good life to even survive.

Because she couldn’t make her own money, she couldn’t disobey her family’s wishes. She had no choice but to marry young.

If a woman was like, “I want to discover myself and date different men,” even up into the 1950s – that was impossible.

Western civilization was designed to cripple alpha males and fuck boy selection by punishing women and keeping them on a tight, tight, tight leash.

Feminism comes in

So what happens.

Capitalist markets really begin open up after WWII and first-wave Feminism spreads like wildfire.

One way you can almost boil down Feminism to its very core essence is if you look at it in a certain way is women breaking out of control by low value beta males that they don’t want sex with to gain access to the sexy fuck boys and alpha males in more of a free market setting with open competition and selection.

Feminism gave women independence from solely depending on beta males so that she could have more exciting sexual encounters and adventures with sexy fuck boys.

Example: work

Take work. Even say the ability to work at what was once traditionally men-only jobs like a woman becoming a police officer or a waiter, or a factory worker.

Now she’s independent and doesn’t have to depend on having a provider male pay everything for her. She now has her own money now. She no longer has to get married young and can shop on the capitalist dating market, shop around different men.

She can sleep around, have sex with a bunch of alpha sexy fuck boys, have sex with different provider males, and shop the capitalist dating market.

Feminism and capitalism are symbiotic

And this is why I maintain that Feminism and open capitalist markets go hand in hand together. They both needed each other.

Feminism needs the open capitalist market where you have unlimited choices of who to date and what to do.

Capitalism needs Feminism to have women spill into the workforce, make their own money, and become consumers that companies can sell more products to and make more profits.

Beta males see this as a bad thing

Now if you are pursuing a provider male strategy and want to find a “good traditional wife” to get married to:

And again: not all provider-males are beta. Many are alpha males that decide eventually to settle down and have a family.

But 95 percent of men taking a provider strategy are very beta. They work to make money at a 9-5 job because that’s what they think makes them look attractive, and outside of that… they don’t know the first thing about women.

Because most guys are beta males, they see the open capitalist market of women’s sexual selection aka Feminism as being a BAD thing, a very BAD thing.

You have many men for example, bitching, and whining, and trying to figure out how to put women back into their old roles where they can’t vote, get a job, drive, or get an education.

They’re right

And really, it’s no wonder that so many mean are upset, right?

They want to put women back in a powerless position where the woman, who, on the open dating market would want to have nothing to do with them would now be forced to have sex with him.

These whining complaining men don’t have much to offer on the dating marketplace. They’re following a beta male sexual strategy, and they want to go back to the “good old days” when a woman would be in a position of forced helplessness with an arranged marriage type situation where everything was so much simpler. As a young man, you turn 18, your parents hook you up, your virgin bride of 17 has sex with you, knocks out a couple of kids, and has to do everything you say.

It wasn’t a marketplace selection; she didn’t have a say in the matter.

Understand your motivations

And if this is the society you want, where beta and provider males control all the levers of society in favor of themselves to get sex, you have to understand that your motivation, my friend, may be selfish and value taking and just wanting it “easy.”

Your motivation may be, “I want the high-quality hotties, but I don’t want to do the work for it and I don’t want to become the kind of a man they’d freely choose, so I’m just going to be pissed off instead and blame feminism. Feminism!”

Another route

But here’s another way to look at is when you learn to become competitive on the dating marketplace, you have it way better than any time in history.

You can get access to many high-quality women that instead of forced into something out of poverty and ignorance, women can freely choose you based on her natural sexual desire.

Yeah, it’s harder.

Yeah, it’s not just handed to you like a government handout, but if you take up the challenge instead of blaming feminism and women, if you’re one of the few men that do, the rewards can be immense.


Because that same capitalist hand that opens all the markets, including opening up the dating market to competition—yeah that makes it harder to just coast—but those same markets now means exotic beautiful women are brought right to your doorstep, to your city, where you can go out and meet them.

That capitalist market has meant that airfare, hotels, and Airbnbs are cheaper than ever, so you can travel to where all the pretty girls are.

The capitalist market means that there’s now courses, like mine, that teach you how to be that perfect combination of the sexy alpha fuck boy and the provider all rolled into one to be that perfect guy girls are looking for.

So for the man who takes life by the horns, for the man that takes massive action, and executes: now you can date super-hot hotties that you’d never have had access to a hundred years ago.

And if you want to settle down with a “9 or 10”, there’s ways to wife-her-up to make her more traditional and family-values oriented.

The mindset shift

So, if you want to date really hot girls, the biggest mindset shift to adopt is that  in a capitalist market, in a capitalist dating market, which is how it is now and you’re not putting the genie back into the bottle, nothing is for free.

The world doesn’t owe you a living and the world doesn’t owe you a pretty girl.

The world doesn’t owe you a beautiful woman who is also a traditional wife with traditional values who worships your sorry ass just because you have a penis between your legs.

Everything you get in a dating market, you have to work for it and work to deserve it. Every girl who comes to you will do so because she naturally likes you.

And if you don’t have that girl you want, it’s because you don’t deserve it yet. If you truly deserved it, you’d have that girl right now.


So my advice to you is don’t get sucked into the negativity of misogyny or hating on Feminists or hating on women, hating on beta males, hating on fuck boys, hating on social media, or hating on the dating market.  You could stew in hating ALL day, if you wanted to.

My advice is don’t externalize your problems onto others where you’re the poor victim and it’s not your fault. It’s the fault of others that are just holding you down.

Even if that’s all true, even if the big bad Feminists and the capitalist marketplace and modern technology are all conspiring against you, and it truly isn’t fair, and truly you are a victim, even if that’s all true, and to some degree it’s true, what good does it do you to stew in that?

The answer is: it does you no good.

Sure, if gives you a rush of good feelings of indignation and righteousness and “I’m more moral than these other people, and if I could design the perfect society, I’d be getting the girl I want and I’d be happy.”

But all that mental masturbation and being pissed off about what you can’t control, it’s not going to get you laid, son. It’s not going to get you that girlfriend or that wife you want.

Instead look at the situation as it is; rather than resisting it, accept it as it is that things have changed, that things will change even more, and it will always be changing.

Once you reach acceptance and look for the cracks and exploits in the system that can work heavily to your advantage and favor, and being positive and pro-active, you can build an amazing life with some really amazing women.

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