Texting Girls: 6 Shocking First Text Mistakes You Make


So that you don’t have to stay home this weekend, I’m showing you six tricks and tips on what NOT to say in that first text.

Six mistakes guys make that make them across as needy and desperate, six mistakes that make the girl think, “Ugh! This guy is a loser. Not interested. Adios!”

And you never hear from her again.

Yes, my friend, ever get a girl’s phone number or exchange WhatsApp and you send her that first text, and she just goes MIA, doesn’t text you back at all?

And you’re like, “What? I thought we had something special together. Where’d you go, honey? How did I wrong you?”

And it’s probably because that first text you sent sucked!

So, here’s the six tips on what NOT to do when you send her that first text.

First text Tip #1: Assume that she remembers you

Mistake number one: don’t send as your first text, “Hey, it’s Jesse! Remember me? We met at the coffee shop yesterday!”

Look what you’re doing here.

You’re assuming that she forgot who you are!

You’re assuming that you’re not that memorable, which comes across as low-value.

So, don’t immediately remind her.

Just assume that she remembers who you are and assume that she’s in love with you.

And if she asks, then you can even tease her about forgetting.

First text Tip #2: Don’t start off with a question

Mistake number two for your first text to a girl: don’t start off asking her a question.

Don’t text her, “How are you doing?”

Don’t text her, “How is your night?”

When you ask a question, it puts the burden of the conversation on her shoulders.

You’re immediately throwing the conversational ball into her court and making her do all the work.

And she likely barely knows anything about you yet.

So, if it feels like this is going to be work for her. She most likely won’t even text you back.

First text Tip #3: Don’t be boring

Mistake number three for sending that first text to a girl: don’t be “Mr. Nice Guy” boring!

Don’t text her something like, “Hi, Sarah! It was very nice meeting you. Hope you gave a good day.”

I mean, that’s how you might text an acquaintance from work.

That would be perfectly socially acceptable for a friend.

The problem is, it’s very informational, very logical—and very boring.

Instead, you want to say something that grabs her by her curiosity collar.

Like, “Whoa! Epic night last night! It’s a miracle I got home at all.”

You see, that sounds far more exciting.

It tells the beginning of a story, with an open loop or curiosity hook that begs the question, “Well… and what happened?”

So, the girl is very likely the text you back just to hear the end of your story.

First text Tip #4: Don’t over-use abbreviations

Mistake tip number four for that first text is don’t use a ton of abbreviations.

Don’t type in, “C U Later, hun. Was cool meet U.”

It just makes you look like a dumb ignorant retard or you come from a rough-ass neighborhood.

Use proper spelling and punctuation in that first text.

It makes you look sophisticated and mature, and like you have your life together.

First text Tip #5: Don’t ask her out

And mistake number five: do not ask her out right on the first text.

Don’t ask her, “Hey it’s Jesse. So, what are you doing tomorrow?”

Look, you need to spend a little time building some comfort over text first.

You need to get her casually texting with you first, so she’s thinking, “Wow! This is a guy I text with. It’s normal to respond back to him.”

But asking her out on the first text just indicates to her that you are socially retarded, that you are socially uncalibrated.

And if you’re retarded with your texting that means you’re probably retarded and a lot of other things.

So, she’s not going to want to deal with your dumb shit and she will not text you back.

First text Tip #6: Don’t wait too long

And mistake number six for that first text: don’t wait two or three days before you text her back.

After a couple of days, she may very well forget who the hell you are.


Text her back that very same day even within the same hour when you’re most likely to be fresh in her mind…

When she’s still feeling an emotional high from having met you.

Text her back that very first same hour or first day… And it’s far more likely she’ll respond you.

How to text a girl the best way

Now you’re probably asking, “All right, Jesse, now I know a few things I’m NOT supposed to do.”

“But what DO I text her?”

“And how do I proceed getting her on a date through text?”

Well, I’m glad you asked, my friend.

Take a look at this link below, http://Girlfriend.Express.

This is a presentation I made for you through my 15 plus years of experience coaching men’s dating where I deep dive into how to text a girl, and what to say to her over text in a way that taps deep into female psychology, so that you’ll have her back to your place, sitting on your bed, waiting for you to kiss her in no time.

It doesn’t matter how pretty the girl is. These techniques work.

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