6 things to talk about with a girl that make her like you


Do you ever run out of topics that make the girl want to continue the conversation?

Do your conversations ever fizzle out and go nowhere?

Do you ever ask yourself, “This sucks! I just don’t know what to say to the girl to make her like me.”

Well, I feel your pain because for years I was so shy I couldn’t even talk to a girl at all.

And I had no idea what to say to girls to make them like me.

And this is something important because once you know what to talk about that makes a girl like you, it makes it way easier to get her phone number and take her out on a date.

So today my friend, I am presenting the six things to talk about with a girl that makes her interested in talking with you.

Topic #1: Associate good feelings

The first thing to talk about with the girl is pick a topic that makes her feel good, so you can associate those good feelings she’s experiencing with yourself.

For example, talking about little dogs is a good topic if she has a dog she loves at home, and she feels a special warm affinity towards little dogs.

Because you’re going to associate those great feelings, love, and warmth she associates with her dog to you.

And that’s why you don’t talk about politics, for example, when you first meet a girl.

You don’t want to be talking about Donald Trump.

Whether you love Trump or despise Trump, you don’t want all those negative associations she likely has with Trump getting attached to you.

If you start attacking Trump and she continues with it saying, “I hate Trump. He’s disgusting. He’s repulsive. He’s an imbecile.” You don’t want her cycling through all those negative emotions right in your presence particularly when you’re making a first impression with her.

Topic #2: Be personal

The second thing you want to talk about with a girl is something personal either to you or to her.

Because she herself is her own favorite topic and you yourself should be your favorite topic, and it’s the relationship between you two that makes things interesting.

That means topics like current events, or the weather, these are just third party, logical, detached topics that really have nothing to do with her and have nothing to do with you, which makes them boring.

And by talking about this kind of topics, you’re not learning anything about her, and she’s not learning anything about you.

So, avoid them!

Topic #3: Passions

The third thing you want to talk about with the girl are passions.

Talk about the girl’s passions because that will pull her into a state of passionate excitement, which you want associated with yourself.

Talk about your own passions in a passionate way.

Because then the girl is learning about you, getting to know you, feeling a connection with you, and also putting her into a passionate and excited state in the process.

So, you can simply ask the girl, “So what makes you feel passionate and excited?”

Really simple.

Topic #4: Travel

The fourth thing to talk about with the girl to make her like you is travel.

Girls love to travel, but usually they can’t.

So, when you can talk about places she’d like to visit, she’ll open up to you.

You simply ask her, “So, where are the coolest places you’ve been to these last two years?”

And then bring up the coolest places that you have been to in the last couple of years.

And if you haven’t been anywhere, ask her a hypothetical like, “If you could disappear for an entire month without having to worry about work, or any other responsibilities where would you go?”

And right there you two will have a lot to talk about, and really connect with each other.

Topic #5: Music

The fifth thing to talk about with a girl is music.

Simply because many girls have very strong opinions on music.

Many girls have a deep emotional connection to the music they listen to.

And you want to associate those feelings that she has for her favorite music to you.

Ask her, “So what was the last song you listened to that you really enjoyed?”

And watch her eyes light up.

Topic #6: Ask her for opinion or advice

And the sixth thing to talk about with the girl to make her like you is ask for her opinion or her advice on something.

You see, girls love to give advice.

Girls love to give their opinions.

If you’ve ever had a girlfriend, that’s pretty obvious and self-explanatory.

And when you ask them for their opinion or their advice, it makes them feel special, and it makes her feel a connection with you.

Because girls don’t give advice to strangers!

They give advice only to people they have a connection with.

So, you can ask for her advice about something you’re wearing, style-wise.

Or you can ask her advice about a social relationship.

And watch her open-up and talk her mouth away.

How to win her heart

So those, my friend, are the six things to talk about with the girl that will make her like you.

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