4 crazy truths about noFAP


Are you spanking the monkey just a little too often?

Do you have sneaking suspicions in the back of your mind that it’s something you’d be better off without?

Well, we are talking the pros of no FAP, and I’m simply going to share my own personal opinion with you.

And I promise that if you are interested in getting an amazing girlfriend, or bring more women into your life, this video is going to make all the difference for you.

FAP less Reason #1: Accomplish more

Reason number one to FAP less often is so that you can get off your butt and take more action.

FAPPING, let’s face it makes you too comfortable.

Think about it, you just sit back and relax. You don’t have to go anywhere.

You’re nice, warm and comfortable. You can grab some ice cream from the fridge.

It’s right there.

Everything you could want.

All the creature comforts of your home.

And you get this immediate pleasure that just pings your brain right away at your command.

It’s like an escape, like watching television or playing video games.

And a passive escape at that.

And when you FAP and you lose your motivation to get out of the house and go do stuff… Like to go talk to girls and be more sociable.

Imagine a kid with rich parents, and his parents spoil him rotten.

In fact, his parents give him $3,000 dollars a month just to hang out.

He’s getting $3,000 a month for life.

Enough money to get a nice little apartment.

Enough money to eat.

Enough money to go to the movies every week.

He’s comfortable.

In fact, he’s too comfortable.

You think that kid is going to feel particularly motivated to go out in life, and kill it in his career?

No! Of course not!

If you want to achieve big things in life, you got a be a little bit uncomfortable to make yourself motivated.

And that means FAPPING less!

FAP less Reason #2: Boost your testosterone levels

The second reason not to FAP so much is to keep your testosterone levels high.

Testosterone is a hormone that is responsible for making you feel good.

Testosterone gives you energy and it gives you drive.

And whenever you FAP and have a release, your testosterone levels fall. Off. A. cliff.

You essentially go from feeling that masculine drive and energy to going to a more androgynous, asexual state.

But when you refrain from FAPPING… Research shows that your testosterone levels will continually rise for about 10 days, before leveling off.

So, if you can FAP no more than once a week… That’s ideal for keeping your testosterone levels high.

FAP less Reason #3: Talk to more girls

The third reason to FAP less is so that you feel motivated to talk to girls and take risks.

I mean, why put yourself out there, why take a risk, why take action?

You have to approach the girl, then you have to talk to her and keep the conversation flowing…

You have to exchange contact details.

You might have to meet her up again on a date.

Spend more time with her…

And all the while, taking little risks to escalate the interaction forward.

Exposing yourself.

Putting yourself out there, expending all this energy,

Or you can just do everything from your imagination, or perhaps from watching a video.

So FAPPING caters to that lazy part of your brain, that just wants to be comfortable and conserve energy.

You see, we have two sides of ourselves.

We have the part of ourselves that knows better, the part that wants to improve itself, the part that wants to stretch our limits, the part of ourselves that wants to go on to achieve great things and do big things.

And then, we have the side of ourselves that’s all about conserving energy and doing the least amount possible while maximizing the results.

And FAPPING aligns more with that energy, the conserving self.

So, when you FAP less, you’re kicking the higher self into full gear because it’s through that higher self of taking action that’s the only way you’re going to get sexual release by meeting real girls.

FAP less Reason #4: Build an Ecosystem

And the fourth reason to FAP less is because it contributes to your ecosystem of good habits and good emotions.

You should be constructing an ecosystem for yourself of going to the gym, taking a multivitamin, getting enough sleep, of reading good books, of eating green vegetables, of brushing your teeth, of getting a haircut regularly, of building a roster of female friends to talk to, of going out on dates with girls, of traveling, of trying new foods.

And FAPPING less is simply one more piece of the puzzle of building a quality ecosystem of good habits…

It’s one more piece of the puzzle of building a quality ecosystem that gives you good emotions and makes you happy and successful.

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