WHEN to Compliment a Pretty Girl… And 5 Moments When NOT To


Now I’ve covered about what to say in a compliment in a number videos. I suggest you go check those out.

But it’s a whole other question when to give a girl a compliment.

Because there is a good time to give a girl a compliment, a good time when that compliment will have maximum impact and knock her socks off, in a way that will just light up her eyes, and make her gush and smile, and have instant attraction for you.

And there’s a bad time to compliment a girl where the timing is just off, and you create an awkward moment that just has the effect of pushing the girl away.

And it’s quite likely that if you deliver a compliment to a girl and you don’t watch this video, well, I have no responsibility for you making these mistakes because I’ve seen men make these mistakes again, and again, and again when I do coaching.

But don’t worry, my friend, because in today’s video, I’m giving you the 5 times when you should complement a girl, and the five times when you should not compliment a girl.

So let’s get on it.

When NOT to compliment her

Let’s start with when you should not compliment a girl.

You never want to complement a girl to chase her. For example, when she’s pulling away from you, like the interaction is starting to go downhill, you’re losing her attention, you can feel the energy is petering out, don’t give the girl a compliment in order to get the conversation going again, or to make her like you, or to pull her back.

Don’t give a girl compliment when you are clearly in the friend zone, and there’s no sexual tension between the two of you. If the girl is being rude or dismissive or flat out ignoring you, that’s not the time to give the girl a compliment.

If she’s talking to her friends and she’s not talking to you, that’s not the time to give a girl a compliment.

If she’s thrown a shit test that you, or said something negative, that’s not the time to give a girl compliment. For example, if you’re at a bar, and the girl is getting sassy and she tells you, “I’m a lesbian,” you know, a silly shit test, don’t say to her, “Well, you make a beautiful lesbian. You’re amazing!”

If the conversation is dying out, don’t say to her, “By the way, you’re really pretty,” hoping that’s going to reinvigorate her enthusiasm, or make her like you.

Giving a girl compliment in any of those instances comes across as needy as hell and isn’t sexy.

It just makes you look like the wishy-washy “nice guy” who she can walk all over.

Good times to compliment her

Now the times when you most want to complement a woman is. For example, relatively early in the interaction when you first meet her, like right off the first couple minutes of the conversation when she’s first met you in order to create that man-to-woman connection and sexual tension.

A second good time to complement a woman is at a high point, when the conversation is still going up in energy when you have her smiling and laughing.

A third time you can compliment a woman is, as a reward for good behavior, or when she does or says something that you like. For example, if she tells you that she’s getting her law degree and you like that, you can reward her, and tell her “Oh, well, so you’re not only beautiful, but you’re also smart. I like that.”

The fourth time to compliment her is in a moment of heightened sexual tension. For example, right after the first kiss, when her heart is beating fast and she’s got those big anime eyes, you can throw her a compliment. “You’ve got really pretty eyes.”

A fifth time to compliment her is when she escalates on the interaction or starts chasing you. For example, when she starts asking you a bunch of questions about yourself, she’s clearly re-engaging in the conversation. She’s clearly making an effort. She’s clearly giving you a couple signs of interest like smiling and flicking your hair. That’s a good time to deliver the girl compliment.

Covert phrases and lines

The key is give a girl a compliment while the energy is moving up rather than when the energy is moving down.

Now if you want to get a girl chasing you and you want a complete blueprint of what to say to her, from A to Z, if you want the exact lines and tricks and want to execute them in specific patterns, that will get you the most results, then you want to check out this link right here.

It’s going to show you some amazing tips that will really open up your eyes, even if you think you know everything about meeting girls like sneaky little covert phrases that you can pepper into normal conversations and when exactly to use these little phrases, to pretty much make any girl get attraction for you even if you’re in the friend zone, or even if she hasn’t noticed you yet, or even if she’s just a new girl that you met at the coffee shop.

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