3 First Date ‘Sneaky Tricks’ to Get Girls Into Your Bed

Now imagine, you’re on a first date with a girl.

Say, you’re at a coffee shop…

Or you’re at a bar… and you’re hitting it off with her.

You like her.

She likes you.

How can you just “grease the slide” to get that pretty girl to go home with you…that…same…night?

Well, I’ve got for you here 3 special tips to make that first date go so smoothly…

You can pull her home.

Little things you probably never thought of.

The Nightmare Scenario

And if you don’t do these 3 things…

Well, consider that 3 *mistakes* that can trip you up… slow you down… and even lose you the girl.

Because what normally happens?

Normally, you’re on a first date with a girl, you want to make something happen with her.

And when the date is over…

It’s just over.

She kisses you on the cheek perhaps and she leaves.

So you want to tilt everything in your favor that you can.

And these 3 quick little tips will help you do exactly that.

And if that sounds good to you, then listen up.

Tip #1: Bring cash

Alright Tip #1 to make your first date go smoothly and help you grease the slide to bring her home is this:

Leave your credit card at home…and bring cash instead.

Pay your bill in cash.

Otherwise, think about it.

You’re, say at a restaurant/bar and you grabbed a bite to eat.

Now the moment is right.

And you want to bounce out of there quick.

Either you’ve agreed with the girl to go….

Or you just want to take the lead, grab her hand, and look spontaneous and like a leader…

And pull her out of there.


You don’t have cash on you.

So…then to pay…

You’re waiting there…until the wait staff comes on by.

And you get his attention, and you give him your credit card.

And then he leaves again to run the card…and then you’re waiting more.

Maybe 5 minutes go by…maybe even 10 minutes.

And grabbing her by the hand and getting out of there…doesn’t feel so spontaneous anymore.

So, instead, just carry cash on you.

That way when the bill arrives, just slip inside the cash and the tip in with the bill.

And then it’s paid. It’s ready.

And you can jet out of there.

So when you say, “Hey, girl, let’s get out of here…”

You can just very spontaneously, grab her the by the hand and bounce.

And that feels far more adventurous to the girl and fun.

But you pay with a credit card…you slooooowww everything down.

So avoid that!

Tip #2: If she’s late

Okay this brings us to tip #2…for making your date go smooth as butter and pulling the girl home.

If a girl is more than few minutes late…

Here’s a clever little trick you can do.

Say you’re *supposed* to meet her at the coffee shop at 4pm.

And you’re waiting there… and waiting… it’s now 4:20, and she hasn’t arrived yet.


You don’t necessarily want her to walk inside…

And have her see you just sitting there all by yourself…

Waiting around for her for a long time like a chump.

That could look a little low value like you have nothing better to do…

And you’re chasing her.

Now, in such a situation, you do NOT want to get angry with her, or serious about either…

Because again, that also reveals your neediness…that you just have to this date work.

And making things feel serious that early on in the date can certainly kill the whole vibe.


So, the power move here is…walk on over to a store or a shop or a park…a few meters or feet away.

Don’t go too far.

Just find another place nearby and walk over there.

Then text her from that NEW location… not from the place you’re supposed to meet…

But text her from the new location…

“Hey there. I’m here at pet store. The hamsters here are SO cute.”

Now that does three things.

First, the girl isn’t going to walk into the coffee shop and see you’ve just been sitting there all by yourself…

With NOTHING to do but just waiting around for her forever which potentially can look a low value.

And second… NOW the girl has to work for you.

She has to INVEST… in finding you at this other surprise location.

And third, now when you meet her at this new location…

You know it feels a little more spontaneous, like you’re out on an adventure together.

Tip #3. Pre-empt resistance

Alright here is tip #3 to make the date go smooth and get the girl back to your place…

And this is my favorite one.

When you bounce a girl from the first date back to your place…

When she gets to the front door…

Especially when she gets to that front door…that’s when she may wobble.

She knows that THIS is the make-it-or-break-it moment where she’s got to make a decision…

To go up or to close the curtain on the show.

So her logical brain will often kick in.

And she’ll say, “I really shouldn’t. Another time maybe. It’s getting late….”

“I have school or work tomorrow.”

So to preempt this resistance, you want to bring it up FIRST…

But in a way that flips the script on her.

Like YOU are the one who is worried about what SHE will do at your place.


So there’s TWO steps to this…

When you FIRST bring up going back to your place to show her your videos on your laptop, or show her your guitar, or whatever it is…

You’re gonna tell her, rather playfully, in tongue-in-cheek way…

“Look…but I got to ask… are you an honest girl?”

“Can I trust you?”

“You’re not gonna steal my pet rock collection are you?”

And she’ll say “Oh, no, no, no!”

So that’s the set up.

Step #2

Then, when you get to your front door…

You’re gonna say again to her AGAIN…

“Look, can I really trust you? You’re not gonna cause a mess, are you?”

“You’re not going to steal my Game of Throne novels, I hope, are you?”

And she’ll say, “No, no, no.”

“Alright! Pinky swear on it then.”

And have her pinky swear with you.

It’s all done playfully.

You have a cheeky little smile.

But what you’re doing here is…

Flipping the script.

YOU are the one worried about HER going up.

It sets a new frame.

And as a result, she’ll go right in.

She won’t have that mental wobble at the front door.

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