5 Styles that Turn Girls On- Wear this to get noticed by women


Now most guys dress really poorly.



Blending in.


They put NO thought into it…

Just old sneakers…

Plain old jeans…

And a black or white T-shirt.

Even pickup guys tend to dress minimalist and plainly.

My TOP Rule: do NOT dress boring

So my #1 rule for dressing is:

You want to dress like…

You do NOT go into an office every day!

You do NOT want to dress like…you go into an office to work.

You do NOT want to dress like…you’d fit in as a broke student.

You do NOT want to look like you dressed yourself at a Walmart.

Any clothing that would fit you perfectly well into a blue collar or white-collar job…is OUT.

Dress to get fired

Instead, you want to dress in a way where…

You’d get kicked out and FIRED from your job…for dressing inappropriately.

You want to dress in a way that would NOT be appropriate to wear to a 9 to 5 job.

Dressed in a way that in some aspect…

You look like you live a fantasy lifestyle…

Where you’re the rebel or maverick, that would whisk her away on an adventure.

Dressed in a way with a bit of a…sexual EDGE.

Something that stands out a little.

Not something that stands out so much that people point and stare.

But… stands out.

You look different from the average Joe going to his average job.

Five different looks

Some different looks that can work are…

Number one:

The bad boy REBEL. Leather jacket. Chunky silver rings on your fingers.

Number two:


Like you’re on a permanent vacation on a tropical island.

Number three:


The gun-slinging, horseback-riding, outlaw…cowboy.

Number four:

The bad boy ROCKER.

With the ripped jeans, and the loud shirts.

And number five:

The executive POWER SUIT.

Yeah, I said don’t look like you work a 9 to 5 job…don’t look like a corporate drone.

But if you’re dressed like you RUN the corporation…that’s a good look.

What *I* do

Now for me, I have two different looks that I alternate between.

My first look is a well-dressed, stylish Cowboy.

Right now, I’ve got a nice shirt on with a lot of details.

I’ve got a nice pair of leather boots on.

I’m wearing dark blue jeans.

And of course, the hat.

It has that bad boy, rugged, adventurous, bit of a sexual edge to it.

If I got a job as a computer programmer… or say working as a cashier, right…

I couldn’t wear this to work.

It would violate dress code.

So it passes that fundamental test.

My shirt examples

The second style I wear is the beach island vacation look.

Like I’m from a Caribbean island and I spend my days in the sun and at the ocean.

You can see here, I’ve got my blonde beach Fedora.

I’ve got a detailed shirt with tropical flowers and colors.

Tommy Bahamas or Robert Graham…those are two clothing brands that offer this kind of look.

Basically, I look like a well-to-do, stylish playboy with a bit of a sexual edge…

Who is on a permanent vacation.

And here is another look…

Here I’m wearing a unique brown Fedora…

With an eye-popping red, Robert Graham shirt…

That has blue detail on the sleeves and collar.

It’s a very unique, dressed-up look that stands out and catches the eye.

And here is another example.

You can look nice without having to get too fancy.

Just a white shirt and blue jeans…

But you’ll notice that the white shirt has three-dimensional detailing on it…

And there’s beige and blue detailing on the sleeves and on the collar.

So yeah…those are just a couple styles I tend wear myself.

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