Attract every girl you meet in 30 seconds flat- Elite charisma secret revealed

Now most guys, they have one goal or another.

I want to get a girlfriend.

I want to get laid.

I want to get approval.

I want girls to like me.

I want to get revenge on women.

I want to have kids.

I want to get married.

I want to build a harem.

I want to meet a white girl.

I want to meet an Asian girl.

And so on.

Fair enough, right?

But you have any goal like that…and actually… it prevents you.

It stops you DEAD in your tracks from reaching your full potential in terms of being an attractive man that every girl just loves.

Here’s Why:

Just look at it like this:

Your goal is, “I want to get a girlfriend.”


On the one hand, that can motivate you to take action.

But on the other hand…

Now, you are needy for something.

You talk to a girl and want to GET something from the girl.

You want to extract value from the girl.

On some level you want to manipulate the situation.

Maybe she’s not “girlfriend material” and you don’t want to approach her.

Or you don’t want to talk to her.

Or maybe she IS really hot girlfriend material…

And then you get TOO nervous to approach her.

Goals like “I want to get laid…”

“I want approval…”

“I want to have kids…”

“Or you see a 9 or 10…”

That goal will contribute to giving you massive anxiety.

So you won’t talk to her.

Or if you DO talk to her, you don’t make a good impression because you’re needy and nervous and just not cool.


So what IS then the secret to achieving the highest level of elite game?

Where every girl you ever talk to is at least somewhat attracted to you if not very getting the goo-goo eyes for you.

Well, just from my own experience, over the years…

I’ve found that the best meta-goal to have to get results…

And by “meta-goal,” I mean your base level, over-arching, bigger-picture goal…

Is to inject any woman you talk to…

With ZEST…


And with ENERGY.

Any girl you talk to…

As long as she has a vagina…

Your game…

What elite-level game is…

Is to inject the girl with Zest, Aliveness, and Energy.

And I’m going to show you why that when you make this shift in your intentions…

Your results from game will literally explode.

What Girls Want

So look at this: what does a girl want from a guy she’s just meeting?

What does she really want?

You know most girls going about their day…

Are at their natural “set point” in their happiness level.

For some women that’s a 5 out of 10 happiness.

For other women it’s a 6 out of 10 happiness.

It’s just generally what she feels generally through her day. Whatever.

And from there, everything women do through their day is essentially to chase good feelings, and bring her good feeling up, or to feel more secure.

So she watches television to bump up her state.

She goes shopping to bump up her state.

She calls up a friend to talk to bump up her state.

She checks her phone to get validation and approval to feel better.

She goes to work to make money, to pay her bills, so that she can feel more secure.

She Can’t Generate Her Own State

And it’s very rare that a girl knows how to self-generate her own happiness.

She doesn’t know how to make herself feel a 10 out of 10 on her own.

Especially young women have NO clue how to be happy with themselves.

So women largely rely passively, on outside forces and experience to make themselves feel good.

And women chase after that.

And when they find a GUY who is a specialist in making her feel GOOD feelings…

To pull HER up from say a 5 out of 10, so say feeling a 9 out of 10…

THAT’S the guy she wants to be around more and more and more.

What They’re After

So to me, where I get the best…

My highest-level results is when my game is built on a foundation of making the girl feel ALIVE.

My aim is to inject the girl with ALIVENESS.

My aim is to inject the girl with sparkling energy.

My aim is to inject the girl with ZEST and EXUBERANCE.

To give her day LIFE…and POP… and CRACKLE to it.

I want her to feel alit up, electrified, and ENERGIZED like she stuck her finger into an electrical socket.

Or she put her tongue on a sweet fizzy lollypop that woke her up from her trance.

Look at this image.

THAT is the look I want her to have on her face.

THAT is what it sexy to girls…that is what girls want.

Because it’s the one only thing a girl can’t generate herself.

It’s the one thing a HOT girl, a perfect stunner girl, can’t generate herself.

Unless she’s spent years studying self-help, which won’t be the case.

It’s like the girl is in a desert of dry emotion, and you’re the source of refreshing thirst-quenching water to her.

And if you can deliver those emotions better than her phone can, then you become unstoppable.

I don’t care how pretty she is. ALL women respond the same way.

What Most Guys Do Wrong

So when guys get stuck in beginner game and intermediate game is…

They want a girlfriend.

They want validation.

They want to be liked.

They want a harem.

They want a wife.

Or whatever THEY want.

I want…I want…I want.

The focus is all on themselves and what THEY want.

And then they go up to the girl…and because they WANT something from her.

Oh do they so desperately want something.

They’re so damn serious.

They have NO facial expression going on.

Their face is flat and serious.

They’re not smiling.

They’re not making proper eye-to-eye contact.

Their voice is emotionally and tonally flat.

They sound either nervous, boring, or both.

And that’s IF they even approach the girl.

Ninety-nine percent  of the time their “very serious goal” gets in their way of even talking to the girl in the first place.

The Highest Level

Now here’s what you want to do instead:

Instead of thinking to yourself, “How do I get laid…”

“How do I get a girlfriend…”

“How do I make her like me by being super agreeable…”

Instead think along the lines of…

“How do I fine tune what I’m doing to inject that girl with ENERGY…”

“Inject her with ALIVENESS…”

“Make her GEEL that snap, crackle and pop.”

The Car Salesman Analogy

Another way to think of this is…

You go to a car dealership, and you meet a car salesman.

If he’s a good car salesman, he has read books on how to sell high-ticket items, like a car.

He’s gone to seminars.

He practices selling cars.

He picks up techniques from other salesmen.

That’s what he became an expert in selling cars.

Pretty obvious, right?

An Attractive Man Sells Energy

Now as a universally attractive man…

WHAT are you selling to women?

Well, primarily, first and foremost, you are doing “ENERGY sales.”

Energy sales…you are selling her on your energy.

A car salesman sells a woman on a car…

A pickup guy sells a woman on his energy.

Selling her on your energy, you get her to go along with you.

You get her to comply with you.

You get her to love you…

Get her to take on your energy herself.

You are injecting her with a particular energy.

You are selling her on that energy.

And that’s what an attractive man is.

A man who has a boundless, endless supply of a particular energy that he has crafted and sells the woman on.

Let’s Get Specific

So big question here…HOW. HOW do you inject a girl with feeling zest, aliveness, and energy?

How do you become an energy communicator where your product is selling her your energy?

Well, it comes down to dozens of small factors really, working together synergistically to create the effect.

For example…

Having an expressive face.

Like maybe you’ve noticed, I’ve got a rather expressive face right here on this video when I’m communicating with you.

My expressive face makes the video far more interesting and captivating to watch.

And the end effect of feeling my energy makes you feel more alive and full of energy.

In addition, I’m injecting you with perhaps some energetic passion just through the expressiveness of my face.

I’m smiling and a smile will jolt the girl out of her trance.

You create sexual teeeeension…with her with your eyes.

Good eye contact with sexual tension ENERGIZES the girl. It THRILLS the girl.

Putting your foot down on the gas pedal…all gas…and no brakes…no holding back with her…

Being unstifled…

Being free….

Not censoring yourself…

Not censoring your communication…

Full of a cheeky spark…

Full of enjoyment…

Playing with her, toying with her a little…

Messing with her a little.

Clearly enjoying what you’re saying.

Communicating with her, like she’s the only person in the whole world.

Looking behind her eyes…deep into her soul.

And communicating all in a way that’s warm but commanding…

With certainty…

With a cocky confidence…

With a looseness…

And there’s many, many little tips that all contribute to making that all happen which is beyond the scope of this one video, otherwise we’d be here forever.

That’s something you learn to do.

That’s something practice on a daily basis to get good at it.

Girls Love That…

Now remember…everything girls do is to improve on how they feel.

Or at least feel more comfortable, secure and have more fun.

But girls can NOT do it on their own.

They don’t know how to create their own zest for the moment.

Women aren’t good at making their life snap and pop with that special sparkle.

They can do it, but they don’t know how.

So they look for music to do it for them…

Dancing to do it for them…

Parties to do it for them.

With some girls…drugs to do it for them.

And they look to guys to do it for them.

And that’s exactly what they want in a guy that they meet for the first time.

They want a guy that after even a minute of talking to him…

She feels lit up…

She feels energized…

She feels more tingly and alive.

That’s the guy that she hangs around long enough to get comfortable with him. That’s the exact guy she’s going to want to have sex with.

What Most Guys Do

But most guys, they don’t look at themselves as professional energy communicators.

They see themselves instead as, “I want to get a girlfriend. What is the one line do I say?”

So… they’re nervous.

They’re tense.

They’re too serious.

They lack facial expression. It’s flat.

They don’t smile.

Their vocal tonality is flat.

Their conversation is flat.

The guy is not feeling that zest for life or feeling alive.

In other words, he’s not giving her much of anything.

In fact, in his mind, it’s take, take, take, take.

He wants the GIRL to make HIM feel good.

He wants her approval to make HIM feel good.

He wants her to like him because HE needs a girlfriend.

He wants her to like him because HE has goals that HE wants her to fill for HIM.

And you can still get results that way, certainly.

You can still get laid have a ME, ME, ME, taker’s mindset or goal.

But you won’t get results at a high, elite level… and not with the hottest girls.

In The Summary

So, here’s the secret to elite-level results with women:

If your goal is “I want to get a girlfriend…”

Or “I want to get married.”

Or “I want a harem.”

Or, “I want girls to like me… I want to be liked.”

Or, “I want to look cool in front of my friends.”

Anything like that, YES, it will push you to take action. Certainly!

Having a goal will motivate you. Certainly!

But at a certain point, taker goals like those will get in your way of achieving top-level success with women.

They will be stumbling blocks to reaching an elite level of becoming the ultimate attractive man.

But when you take on a meta-purpose of GIVING…

So that your whole game re-centers around INJECTING girls with aliveness…

Injecting women with energy…

And thinking of yourself as an ENERGY communicator…

And with every girl you meet, you have endless amounts to hand out…

Then you generate far, FAR more attraction.

You get far more results.

And then, paradoxically, getting laid, getting a girlfriend, getting a harem, being liked…

Whatever it is you wanted, but in a certain sense let go of becomes a natural byproduct.

Paradoxically, by letting go of those me-me-me goals…

By letting go of those taking goals…

And switching over to a giving to girls goal…

You achieve more for yourself.

And that’s one of the key fundamentals that separates a guy who is intermediate and hit a plateau and not getting consistent results…

From a guy that’s at an advanced level or an elite level of success in game….

Where he consistently attracts women like moths to a candle’s flame.

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