Attract Girls With a Confident Sexy Walk – Strut Like a Badass

Have you ever seen a guy walk into a room and think to yourself,

“Wow! Now that is a confident guy.”

Or have you ever seen a girl walk by and thought to yourself,

“Now…she has a sexy strut.”

It’s awesome when you see that, but pretty rare, right?

The thing is, when YOU develop a confident, sexy swagger…

You REALLY stand out to women in a big way…

Because NO guys do it.

You have no competition.

Not even guys who study pickup, who teach pickup walk much with a sexy swagger.

I think it’s a very underestimated habit and skill to have.

Because women go CRAZY for it.

A girl sees you walk by walking confidently with sexy swagger…

And she WILL notice you.

She WILL think to herself, “Damn! Look at that guy. I hope he talks to me.”

BUT, there’s just not a good video out there that properly explains how to strut like a badass.

Well, that’s about to change.

Because in this video I’m laying out all the steps to WALK…to STRUT…

Like a sexy badass…

To walk confidently with a sexy swagger.

So if that sounds good to you, keep watching.

Reason #1. WHY walk with swagger

Alright, WHY would you want to have confident, sexy-looking wall.

Well, to get noticed by the chicks right?

Well, the way I look at it is…

Before I talk to a girl…

Ideally, I want her to notice me…

I want to FORCE “indicators of interest” for me…

I want her to be looking my way…

BEFORE I even open my mouth and say “hello” to her.

Because then, if she’s been eye-banging you, she’ll open just a lot more easily.

She’s going to be a lot more friendly…

And she’ll actively help you along in the interaction to get to know her better.

She’ll be on YOUR team and WANT you to win with her.

Anything you can do to FORCE IOIs from the girl…you should do it.

So, I see walking with a confident, sexy swagger, part of my opener.

Just like smiling on the open or making eye contact on the open.

It’s part of the opener.

Reason #2. Sets the tone

The second reason to walk like a boss with a sexy swagger is that it sets the tone.

For example, if you’re wearing khaki pants and a white button up shirt that would set the tone of “boring friend” compared to if you’re wearing ripped jeans and a leather jacket and have chunky silver rings on your fingers.

The bad boy look is signaling your sexual availability.

It’s signaling to the girl that you will give her a good bang, that you’re cocky and fun in bed…

And you don’t give an F about social conventions.


Well…a sexy swagger, a sexy walk conveys that same information.

So if she’s looking for some fun, she’ll gravitate toward you.

She’ll want to talk to you.

She’ll want to flirt with you.

It’s just like when you see a girl wear a tight red dress and high heels and showing off her legs, it’s a display of sexual availability.

Reason #3: unfair advantage

The third reason to walk with a sexy badass strut is because…

Is because the standards are so damn LOW.

I guarantee you that NOBODY else is doing this.

Even pickup guys who do pickup for a living don’t do this.

So when you walk with a sexy swagger…you…stand…out.

It gives you an unfair advantage.

It’s like the guy who walks into a strip club with a suit sewn together with $1,000-dollar bills and gold coins spilling out of his pockets.

Girls will notice.

They will notice big.

Reason #4: emotions follow motion

The fourth reason to walk with a sexy swagger is because…

When you walk like a boss, you start feeling a like a boss.

When you walk confidently, you start to feel confident.

It’s a little psychological phenomenon where your emotions follow your physical motions.

So when you look down, and you frown, and you hunch your shoulders…

You’re going to start FEELING sad inside.

But if you force yourself to smile and you start doing jumping jacks…

That will make you feel happy and energized.

Your emotions, how you feel, and to some extent your own perceived identity follow what you do physically.

So just trying to THINK your way into feeling confident is pretty tough.

But you can certainly physically MOVE your way into having confidence…and you start walking in a confident way, with a confident smile on your face.

Then you start FEELING confident.

And when you feel more confident…

You talk more confidently…

You act more confidently.

Women respond to you better.

And it all becomes a self-reinforcing positive, upward cycle.

So when you look at the bigger picture…

Strutting with confidence should be a fundamental KEYSTONE habit in your game

Four parts

Alright so now, let’s get to the good stuff.

The sexy strut.

There’s FOUR parts.

Yep! FOUR parts.

Part number 1: correct posture.

Part number 2: leading.

Part number 3: swagger.

And part number 4: the face.

And EACH of those parts breaks down further into additional tips.

What? You didn’t think this would be easy did you?

If it were easy, everyone would be doing it and it wouldn’t have any power.

Those are four parts you’re going to need to practice and practice them a lot until they all become second nature habits to you.

But you get this down and it’s going to be worth it for all the instant, automatic attention you get from the girls.

#1. Posture

Okay, part 1.

Part 1 is posture.

The quick version is you want to exert your chest out.

Your chin is up.

You roll your shoulders back.

And I suggest that you wear a posture corrector “upper back brace” for an hour a day…

Which will help you to learn the right habits.

Standing tall, standing like a champ itself doesn’t give you a sexy walking swagger.

But it’s like a prerequisite.

It’s the foundation starting point.

And it can give you another 2 inches in height you didn’t know you had.

Now it’s beyond the scope of this video to go into depth on having champ posture…

So I suggest to visit my website,

Because over there, you’ll find a video that will show you how to get all my in-depth how-to tips and sequences.

#2. Leading with your chest

All right, part 2 of walking with a sexy strut is… LEADING forward.

So your foot is falling on the heel, rolling through the mid-sole, and pushing off the toe…

With purpose.


So you’re getting more BOUNCE in your step.

It’s a more youthful, vibrant BOUNCE.

Instead of walking flat-footed.


You’re also going to lead forward slightly with your chest where you shift your center of mass slightly forward with your chest.

So it’s almost like you have to take the next step forward, or you almost will fall forward.

That’s the chest lead.


A different variation of the chest lead you can try is the crotch lead where you lean slightly forward with the crotch.

And it’s not cartoon, overly sexual looking thing.

It’s rather subtle.

It should you make you feel sexual.

It shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable.

Speed doesn’t matter

Now leading forward doesn’t mean you have to walk fast.

You can do this walking slowly.

And speed doesn’t really matter.

Whether you’re walking slowly,

Or you have to get somewhere and speed up…

As long as your posture is that of a champ…

And you’ve got that bounce in your step…

And that forward lead…

Slow or fast…

It can work.

#3. Add Swagger

And the third part is adding the sexy swagger to your walk.

So to do this, you’re going to move your shoulders back and forth in an exaggerated motion.

Swing your arms a little more.

And it’s going to create a bit of a rotational roll in the chest.

Take a look at these pictures here, and you’ll see how the shoulders move forward and back, the arms swing, and the chest rolls.

Almost think of it as just like you see in these two pics…

Walking through the surf at the beach, in knee-high water.

And you have to push yourself through that ocean water.

And it causes your shoulders to have this exaggerated movement, causing your chest to roll.

You’re essentially bringing visual attention onto yourself.

This is NOT trying to blend into the background and not be noticed.

NO…you want eyes on YOU.

So not only do you need to practice doing it…

You have to practice getting comfortable doing it in front of other people…

Just like maybe a girl would need time getting comfortable wearing a sexy dress out in public.

So keep that in mind…your biggest obstacle in pulling this off…

Is not so much learning the motion…

But a psychological one of just wanting to blend in and not be noticed.

Because this WILL get you noticed.

But that’s what makes it a sexy swagger.

#4. The face

And the fourth part of the sexy swagger is the face.

What are you doing with your face?

You don’t want to look serious, man.

You don’t want your face to look emotionally flat.

First, if you’re walking sexy but your face is doing nothing…

That’s an incongruence.

Imagine you’re wearing an $1,000-dollar Armani suit… with

$30 sneakers.

Your face, and what you’re doing with your face, completes the package.

And your face has to express that you are FEELING the sexy swagger.

Your face has to express how the sexy swagger you’re doing…

Is making you feel GOOD…

Making you feel OUTSTANDING.



So, you don’t to have a giant smile on your face.

Although you could.  That can work.

But at minimum, you want to have at least a barely suppressed smirk on your face.

Where it would almost look like you were remembering a funny junk.

It’s like, “Yeah! I’m the boss. I’m the man.  Oh yeah!”

“Girls want what I got.”

“What can I say?”

“I’m here, and I’m trouble.”

You know, the smirk.

That half-smile.

And I’ve got a bunch more on how to smile in a sexy way… over at the website

Again you’ll see a video there but that will show you how to get my more advanced step-by-step instructions on how to pull all this stuff off.

So go check that out.

TIP: Exaggerated movements

Now I’m going to leave you with three extra little quick tips to help you out here.

The first is, yeah, you want to have a sexy walk.

You want to have a sexy swagger.

You want girls to drool over you.

Well, you’re going to be walking in a way that brings attention to yourself.

Lots of attention to yourself.

You can’t have girls drooling over you by hiding.

You can’t have girls drooling over you by looking like every other guy.

I mean this is obvious.

But guys will say,

“Well, this just isn’t me.”

“Well, I just don’t feel comfortable.”

Well, no shit!

You’re not going to feel comfortable at first walking like a badass that gets tons of sex.

It’s not going to feel comfortable.

You don’t want to do it.

It’s not you.


Sit your ass down.

One less person to compete with.

I mean, guys want girls to notice them…

But simultaneously HIDE like a little girl

And not stand out.

The world doesn’t work like that.

By definition…

A confident man walking confidently is drawing attention on himself.

And he walks with ease like the attention is nothing. That’s precisely what makes him look confident.

That’s one definition of being attractive.

It’s like a woman saying, “You know how can be attractive to every guy but also weigh 300 pounds and eat whatever I want?”

I mean, really???

So yeah, if you want to look sexy, if you want to walk sexy,

Just try it out practice…

And get used to the attention.

TIP: inner game

My second tip for you is…

Do your sexy strut and forget about it.

You don’t want to be thinking, “Hey, is this working?”

“Is everyone looking at me yet?”

“Am I sexy now?”

“Did this girl look at me?”

“Did that girl look at me?”

You know, don’t ping off your environment for approval.

Just do the strut.

Just walk like a badass.

Just do it.

Make it a habit so that it’s automatic.

But don’t think about it.

Don’t have it taking up precious processing power in your brain.

Imagine, you brushed your teeth, and you thought through the day…

“Are people noticing that I brushed my teeth?”

“Did she notice my teeth?”

“Did she notice my teeth?”

“Is this working? How much is this working?”

Right? It would be ridiculous.

So just make it a habit.

And forget.

TIP: How to practice: Use a Tablet

My third tip for you is…

Set aside fifteen minutes daily to practice walking.

Get yourself an inexpensive or second-hand AMOLED screen tablet…

Which display well in outdoor sunlight…

Have all the steps and sub-steps on a file.

And refer to it as you walk.

Because you’re not going to remember everything on your own.

There’s too much there.

Have it there in front of your face for easy reference… as a guide…

As you practice.

That’s HOW I practice it.

I have a tablet.

All the steps are there.

And I refer to the steps as I rehearse my walk.

In fact I spend one to two hours a day rehearsing my habits… my sext strut walk among many other things.

That’s how you get good at this.

There is literally no other way.  Period.

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