The One Conversation Trick That Makes EVERY Girl Like You

Do you ever feel like you don’t know what to say to girls?

Do you ever feel like the conversation is too boring?

Are you afraid you don’t have good conversation topics to talk about?

Or that you’re too logical?

Well, I never knew what to say to girls.

My conversations would always be very dry and boring because I was so nervous and didn’t know what to say next.

So I’d just ask girls lists of questions, and they didn’t want to talk to me because I was so damn logical and boring.

So in this video, I want to share with you ONE little trick to make your conversations SO MUCH more interesting, and you can STILL just ask all those boring questions, but with one little tweak.

I implore you to try this tip out because it will change everything about how you talk to women, and you can start doing it immediately, and be the best conversationalist in your social circle, and no girl will be able to resist you.

This one little tweak will change how you interact with girls for all time.

And if you don’t do it…well, you’ll still have those same lame conversations that just fizzle out and go nowhere.

This one tip is that important.

Verbal vs nonverbal

Now a lot of attraction is nonverbal.

Holding eye contact and doing triangular gazing.

Stepping into the girl, so that you have physical proximity.

Your smile.

Your physical presence like height.

Your ability to project your voice loudly and not hiding it.

But attraction is not all about nonverbals. What you say, your words matter, too.

If what you say is extremely boring, you won’t be able to hold a girl’s attention for long, and this is a huge problem I had because I had no idea what to say.

And if you don’t say the right things, you’ll lose her interest.

Mistake guys make

The mistake guys make is that they pepper the girl with loads of questions asking for information—“The questions of Doom.”

So, a conversation you don’t want to have would go like this:

“Suzie, so what do you do?”

“Oh… so you’re a teacher.”

“Oh, that’s lovely.”

How nice!”

“I have a friend that’s a teacher.  Great!”

“How many years have you been teaching?”

“Oh okay… 3 years.”

“Very nice, very good. That’s wonderful.”

“Do you like being a teacher?”

“Oh, you DO like being a teacher.”

“Okay very good.”

“I can imagine how great it would be to be a teacher. I think I’d like it.”

“A very noble profession. That’s for sure.”

Problem #1

Now, the problem with this kind of conversation is that…

First, by asking so many questions.

You’re putting ALL the pressure on the girl’s shoulders to carry the conversation.

When you ask her a question, you’re throwing the ball into her court and expecting her to do all the heavy lifting of the talking.

The conversation just feels heavy and burdensome to the girl.

It feels one-sided, and she’ll want to leave.

Problem #2

The second problem with the questions of Doom is that you are being overly agreeable.

You’re too friendly.

You’re too Mr. Nice Guy.

You’re over-eager to point out commonalities that probably don’t even exist.

“Oh you’re a teacher! How nice! I love teachers!”

“We’re so much a like you and I! A commonality!”

“You’ve been teaching for 3 years?”

“That’s amazing!”

“I have a friend who is a teacher. Commonality!”

“You like being a teacher?? Terrific!”

“I like you for liking being a teacher.”

“We have so much in common!”

And you know, you’re putting the girl up on a pedestal doing that.

It comes across as a bit fake because you wouldn’t really even care if she wasn’t a hot girl.

Problem #3

And the third problem is that this conversation style is boring simply because it’s what EVERY other guy does.

It’s not original. You don’t stand out.


And I had this SAME problem where girls would just get so bored with me.

I’d do the questions of doom, and the girl would NEVER call me back.

Fortunately, I’ve got a little conversation trick here where you can still ask all those same, old boring questions.

A trick I started doing myself and it made all the difference in the world in my conversations with girls.

The Alternating Formula

So, in this new conversation structure, what you want to do is alternate asking a question with stating an assumption about her.

So step #1: ask her question.

And step #2: state an assumption about her.

And then repeat…and repeat…and repeat.

Example #1

Here’s an example:

First, you ask the girl a question.

“So Suzie, what do you do?”

She’ll say perhaps, “Why, I’m a teacher.”

Now, instead of asking her another question. You instead state an assumption about her.

You’re going to, in effect, take a guess about her. You’re going make a mini-instant cold read about her.

Take something you observe about her and twist it to make something more out of it, a playful exaggeration.

You might say for example, “Oh you’re a teacher, Suzie! That surprises me.”

“I thought you might have been a dancer maybe.”

“Hmm, but I bet you’re a pretty good teacher and your students like you.”

“And then at night, I think you’re one of the wild ones.  You go out to drink and sing Karaoke. Isn’t that right?”

Why do assumptions

Stating an assumption about the girl spices things up because…

Number 1: You’re leading the conversation.

You get the girl reacting to you. You’re leading, she’s reacting.

Number 2: It’s a skeptical accusation, which makes it clear you’re interested in her.

But you’re not completely sold on her yet. She hasn’t won you over yet, which frames it has you’re the buyer, and she’s the seller.

Number 3: It’s inherently sexual.

It gives the interaction a man-to-woman vibe because flirtation is friction. Flirtation is accusing the girl. Flirtation is breaking rapport.

Making an accusation or assumption is putting her into a box, and she’ll want to correct you and set the record straight.

She’ll want to climb out of that box you’re putting her in, which means she’ll invest into the conversation and try to climb her way out of the assumption.

Number 4: You are making the conversation FUN.

You are pushing her. You are pulling her. You are creating a fantasy persona for her. You are creating a mythology around her life to draw her into a world of evocative imagery.

Of course, your delivery is done with an amused cheeky grin. You’re being playful. It’s not serious, and you’re making it clear that it’s not serious.

Example #2

Here’s another example.

First, throw her a question like you normally would:

“So what city in the word would you like most to visit?”

And say she tells, you, “I’d like to visit Paris again!”

“It’s my favorite city in the whole world. It’s so exciting.”

Now, next step, make an assumption about her:

“Oh really? You like Paris. I pictured you wanting to visit Egypt and the pyramids… because you seem like such an adventurous girl.”

Or you might say, “Ah yes, Paris! I can just picture you there now. Having a picture in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, with a croissant and pastry cream, wearing a beret, trying to look as French as possible.”


So that’s all there is to it.


First, ask her a question.

Second, state an assumption.

And it makes your conversations WAY more interesting to the girl.

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