20 Tips to Date Sexy Colombian Women

 This article is a blog post by an American expat named Seth Colvin that has lived in Colombia since 2006. To learn more about all you need to know regarding living and dating in Colombia, check out his website (https://datingcolombianas.com/). Enjoy this article on the “20 Tips for Escalation with Colombian Women.”

Wondering how to get laid with Colombian women?

Well, it’s not too difficult as long as you are prepared and know what you are doing.

But what exactly should you do? Are the women very different from American women?

Well, in some cases they are but not always.

After all, women have similar tendencies everywhere so a lot of what works with American women can also work with Colombian women.

But not always as there are also some things that hold true for just Colombian women.

So let’s break those 20 tips for escalation with Colombian women.

Tip 1: Be Ready Before Showing Up

One of the best tips for escalating with Colombian women is to do so before you even show up to Colombia.

This means connecting with them online through options like Colombian Cupid or Tinder Plus

You collect numbers from those places and then just get more intimate with these women online about a month before you even show up to Colombia.

Have one of them wait for you at the airport to give you a good start to your time in Colombia and meet the rest that you met online during your time here.

Tip 2: Learn Spanish

If you want dating success in Colombia, you need to learn Spanish.

With Spanish, you can flirt with her and your conversations with her are much smoother obviously.

Now you don’t need to speak Spanish perfectly but just get it to a conversational level.

And practice it more importantly by speaking and listening in Spanish even before you get to Colombia.

Now you can do this by speaking with the women you meet on Colombian Cupid or Tinder.

When you connect with them, just get their numbers and do a lot of video calls or normal calls through Whatsapp.

Whatsapp, by the way, is an app that you use to text and make domestic and international calls without any cost to it as long as you got Wifi

By using that, you can improve your Spanish even before you get to Colombia by doing calls with these women over Whatsapp

Tip 3: Learn How to Dance and Dress Better

In Colombia, it is very important to learn how to dance.

For example, in cities like Cali, most Colombian women there will want to dance salsa if you take them to a bar or a nightclub.

And then you got other dances too like merengue or cumbia

In short, you should learn how to dance.

No, women here are not going to expect you to be a great dancer given that you are a foreigner and don’t listen to Latin music as much

However, it is common for dancing to occur and is a great way to physically escalate with a woman

On top of that, it will be impressive to her if you even try to learn how to dance to some Latin music like salsa, cumbia or merengue.

Tip 4: Don’t Put Her on a Pedestal

When dating women in general, you never want to put them on a pedestal.

This is true regardless of her nationality.

If you do so, she might consider you to be more needy or desperate.

And by putting her on a pedestal, you run risk of getting too nervous and doing something that will mess up the date.

So just play it chill and always know there are more women if the one you are going on a date with doesn’t work out well.

It will work out a lot better for you and make it more likely you will get laid with her.

Tip 5: Don’t Over Compliment Her

In Colombia, it is very common for women to be a lot more passionate and wanting to flirt with you.

So you should flirt back obviously and make your intentions known.

Perhaps even flirt a little more than what you are used to with women in the US or whatever country you are coming from.

However, as always, do not overdo it. If you compliment or flirt with a woman too much, it will come across as desperate so keep yourself in check and do it minimally.

As a rule, have her flirt with you more for every time you flirt with her. Let her pursue you more than you pursue her. In doing so, she will be likely to be more attracted to you and you will have more success with her.

Tip 6: Have a Greater Purpose in Life

As always, a man needs a greater purpose in life. Something that drives him in life to pursue great things.

For some men, this might be writing books or producing music. It might be the job you are doing that you love. Whatever it might be.

However, Colombian women do not have as much attraction to men that do not have a greater purpose in life.

It will be obvious that you got nothing going for you in life and that will also likely impact your self-esteem and mindset.

Men without a purpose in life tend to act less confident in general.

And that lack of confidence also impacts how you behave in the dating scene in Colombia.

So to get more Colombian women, you should have a purpose that drives you and gives you more satisfaction in life.

Tip 7: Body Language Essential

When it comes to dating Colombian women, you also need to be mindful of their body language to know how much she is interested in you.

This starts when you first approach her. If she is giving you a lot of eye contact and is generally a lot more interactive in the conversation, that is good.

If she is at your place and she seems uncomfortable, then you give her more space and try to make her more comfortable by just chatting with her and hanging out.

When you are trying to have sex with her, a lot of times it is easy to know if a woman is turned on. When you start kissing her neck and that greatly turns her on. Or when touching her hair or getting on top of her turns her on also.

Listen to her breathing, how she interacts with you and more during this moment to better read how comfortable she is with you.

All around, when dealing with a Colombian woman, her body language gives out a lot of information for how to proceed with her.

Tip 8: Mental Attraction

When trying to escalate physically with a woman, you also have to understand that sex for women isn’t just in the physical aspect.

Women also have a lot going on in their heads that can turn them on.

Where she imagines herself being more submissive to you in which you get on top of her and act more dominant.

For women, sex is as much physical as it is mental. To escalate physically with a Colombian woman, you need to keep in mind that you need to put her in a more submissive state where she feels submissive to you and ready for you to dominate her.

Tip 9: Understand Obvious Signs of Interest

With Colombian women specifically, they tend to be more passionate than women from other countries. Especially with men that they are very attracted to.

In this case, they will be much more likely to bring gifts to you out of the blue.

I’ve had women that just randomly give me gifts as they are trying to impress me and get me to like them more.

So when dealing with Colombian women, make sure to keep an eye out for that. When deciding if you should escalate with a Colombian woman, it’s a green light when she is being very passionate with you and doing her best to please you.

Tip 10: Escalating on the Bed

When you are in bed with a Colombian woman and you are trying to have sex with her, you obviously want her to be more turned on and wanting to have sex with you.

Now you can’t always just touch her more intimately unless she is being very intimate with you also in my experience.

Instead, what you should do is try to turn her on more indirectly.

As said before, making her feel more submissive by getting on top of her works well.

Also, as you are making out with her, put your leg in between her legs as you are on top of her. From my experience, this is more of an indirect way to make women feel a little more submissive without actually getting too intimate just yet.

From what the women I have done this on in Colombia, most said that they knew what I was doing and felt more turned on and submissive when I did this.

And could work in your favor to initiating sex with her.

Tip 11: Stay Calm

Now when you are in bed with a Colombian woman, sometimes they will just say no to sex, which is perfectly fine.

As said before, don’t put her on a pedestal as there are plenty of other women out there that are willing to have sex with you.

So don’t sweat it.

On top of that, when she says she doesn’t feel like having sex, don’t act rude or upset. Don’t beg her obviously.

Instead, just play cool and act like it doesn’t matter to you if you two have sex or not.

Obviously it does but women find it unattractive when a man acts rude or upset when they say no.

And more importantly, I have had women change their minds even after saying no by playing it cool. In which we keep making out and they become more open to the idea of having sex.

So when escalating with a Colombian woman, just play it cool if there is any doubt in the end.

Tip 12: Find a Bar with a Sofa

When going on a date with a Colombian women, you want to ideally pick a place that has a sofa in my experience. Some place where it is easier for her to sit next to you while you two get to know each other.

At first, it is OK if you two decide to go to a café or a bar for example where there isn’t a sofa. At that point, just chill and get to know each other.

However, change venues when convenient and go to a place that would be more comfortable for escalating physically with her.

For example, in the Colombian city of Barranquilla, there is a bar called Bar de Moe that was wonderful when I was escalating with women.

I always took women there when I wanted to escalate with them and take them back to my place later.

This place often had decent music, cheap drinks and a sofa near the end where there was more privacy and where you two could escalate physically.

Tip 13: Isolate in Public

In my experience, even very “innocent” seeming girls are willing to be a little more sexual in public if you have them in the right place.

The reality is that women don’t want to act sexually obviously if they feel they might be caught by someone else and judged for it.

Therefore, to escalate physically to the point where you two are getting very sexual, you need a private place to do so.

For this reason, a lot of people take their woman back to their place for getting laid obviously.

However, you can get a Colombian woman to act a lot more sexually aggressive in public as long as she feels that probably nobody is going to notice and judge her.

This could be a public bathroom where nobody is there or the back of a large park that has nobody either or maybe even the back of a bar on a sofa in a place that has few people.

On top of that, even a dark street that you two happen to be passing by could work if there is nobody around to judge her.

Colombian women are much more sexual than other nationalities in my experience and are much more open to being sexual in public if you pick the right place.

Tip 14: Don’t Focus on Low Energy Women

This is a piece of advice that generally works for most women in general regardless of nationality.

Essentially, if you feel that the woman you are talking to is not that interested in you, then just move on. As said before, never put a woman on a pedestal and don’t be afraid to just walk away.

Too many guys simply spend too much time trying to impress a woman that is clearly not interested in them and this applies equally to trying to escalate with Colombian woman.

You can’t negotiate attraction and you can’t make her physically attracted to you if she isn’t. Move on and you will find another woman that is down for escalating with you.

Tip 15: Masculinity with her femininity

Colombian women generally speaking are a bit more feminine than women in the US or other developed countries.

In that you will find more of them dressing up nicely in decent dresses and using a lot of makeup.

Or she will buy you gifts if she genuinely likes you and wants to impress you.

Perhaps she will even cook for you on the first date.

However, no woman is going to be feminine to you if you are not masculine with her. With that said, traditional gender roles are much stronger in Colombia than elsewhere.

So you need to be the man to escalate physically with Colombian women. You need to work out, dress well, be confident and lead the relationship.

Tip 16: Get a Taxi

When spending time in Colombia, you probably won’t have a car to drive around and also keep in mind that some of the cites like Barranquilla or Bogota are a little more spread out.

With that said, you are going to need take a taxi to get around.

Of course, when on a date with a woman, you could take public transportation but Colombian women find that to be lower class and do not like public transportation as much.

Therefore, you should use a taxi so that things flow more smoothly in the dates.

Also, when using a taxi, you will arrive back to your place quicker with her and you can escalate more with her in the back of the taxi by making out and getting more intimate.

Finally, if a Colombian woman is going to arrive to your place for a date, she is usually going to expect you to pay for her taxi.

This also comes in with what was said before about being a man. She expects you to pay $3 to 6$ USD for a taxi ride for her.

It’s not much and it will help you overall escalate quicker with Colombian women.

Tip 17: Colombian Women are Different by Each City

Furthermore, it needs to be known that Colombian women are different across the country. They are not all the same.

For example, Colombian women in Medellin tend to be a little more arrogant and a little harder to escalate with. This is because they know that they have a reputation for being very beautiful and so will act harder to escalate with.

Also, they have enough experience with foreign men coming to their city to just sleep with them so they have their guard up with foreign men. This is not true in other Colombian cities.

For example, in Bogota, the women tend to be a lot colder and less intimate but don’t carry as many suspicions regarding foreign men.

Then you have cities like Cali or Barranquilla where the women are very intimate and warm to men in general and will be a lot easier to escalate with.

In cities like Pereira or Manizales, the women are colder than the women in Cali or Barranquilla but still easy enough to escalate with and not as arrogant as women in Medellin.

And outside of those cities and into areas that are not as often frequented by foreigners like the city of Pasto…

Well, the women in places like that tend to be very receptive to foreigners given that they haven’t seen too many of them and are warmer and kind in general.

Tip 18: The Date

When setting up dates with Colombian women, you should ideally set up the date to first begin at a shopping mall and have your place near a shopping mall, a park and a few bars.

The reason for this is that Colombian women are simply more comfortable in my experience first meeting up at a shopping mall.

It has more people, security guards and all around more public.

In short, it’s safer for her to visit.

So meet her there and then take her to a park, a café or a bar.

Don’t spend too much money on her if you just want to escalate physically with her. Any of those locations will be fine. Then take her back to your place afterwards and move things forward.

Tip 19: Be Careful if not Catholic

Additionally, I have often been asked by Colombian women what religion I am. In my experience, most Colombian women are open and accepting of other religions that are not Catholic.

Being not a Catholic myself, I tend to not disclose what I belief to women that I am only trying to get laid with.

In large part because some women will completely lose interest in you if you are not a Catholic. Most will be fine with it but some do take it quite personally.

So for the purpose of physically escalating with a Colombian woman, avoid religion and just say you are Catholic. You won’t have any problems.

Tip 20: How Quickly Until Sex?

Finally, it needs to be asked – how quickly can you have sex with Colombian women when you are escalating with them?

Well, it depends.

First, Colombian women in some cities tend to be more conservative than others.

For example, women in Pereira, Manizales or Cali tend to be a lot more open to sex on the first date than women in other cities.

In Bogota, it’s a hit or miss. Some women will insist on waiting until the second date while others will have sex on the first date easy enough.

In Medellin, it largely depends on how attracted she is to you and if she thinks you are just a sex tourist. If she doesn’t think that and if you are doing well with her, sex on the first date is definitely on the table.

Then you have women in the Caribbean Coast where sex on the first date could happen but it’s more common for women to wait until the 2nd or 3rd date.

Once you go outside the largest cites and go into less touristy and more conservative areas like Valledupar, Bucaramanga or Popayán, then the women will likely wait between 3 to 5 dates on average.

Final Thoughts

If you have any insight of your own regarding Colombian women, let me know in the comment section below.

Also, if you have any questions, send me an email through my contact page on my website, Dating Colombianas (https://datingcolombianas.com/).

Thank you for reading and take care!


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