Easy Trick to Be More Attractive to ANYONE – Make ANY Girl Like You

today I’m hooking you up with an easy warmup trick to become more attractive to ANY girl in literally just minutes.

So I got a comment here, “Hey Jesse, I get really nervous around girls. I freeze up and don’t know what to say.”

Well, my friend, this trick will not only make you instantly more attractive and smooth, it’s going to loosen you up so you’re free-flowing, unstifled, and feeling naturally talkative and sociable.

To be specific, I’m showing you the 5 simple steps you can do in quick succession to flip that crush switch ON in girls…

And make you naturally irresistible to women like that (SNAP)….

So that when you talk to a girl, she walks away thinking…

“Wow! That guy was really fun…and cool…and smooth like silk. We just vibed together so well. I got to my friends about this guy.”

That’s the kind of reaction you can get from a girl when you do this warmup trick and you’re feeling in the zone.

And at the end of this video, I’m also going to give you the ONE big mistake you make that screws up the whole process.

So be sure to watch all the way to the end.

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Intro: The Problem

Now, you know when you go to a party or you go out to a bar…and there’s pretty women around…

Or you’re simply around a pretty girl you like at school or work…

But you just feel…“blah!”

Ever have that feeling like you’re just not on top of your game?

Maybe you’re feeling a little blue.

Maybe you’re feeling a little down in the dumps.

Maybe you’re feeling just a little slow…like a slug.

And yeah, you’d LIKE to be talking to the pretty girl…

But you just don’t feel up to the task.

You’re not in the right headspace for it.

And that affects your confidence too, so you don’t even feel WORTHY of talking to her…

Lett alone making her like you and feel attracted to you.

It’s because you’re not moving

Well, here’s the source of the problem, my friend.

Most of us – well, let’s face it – just about all of us are sitting on our big fat butts most of the day.

And we’re deep, deep inside our own heads, very focused on work or watching entertainment.

Either you’re at school, trapped at your desk both physically and mentally…

Or you’re at work… physically sitting, and mentally focused on a task…

Or you’re unwinding…

Either watching television, or playing games, or perhaps surfing the net…

BUT physically NOT moving and mentally focused.

What happens

So then, when you’re SUDDENLY thrust into a social situation…

Or suddenly there’s suddenly a pretty girl around…

You’re simply not prepared.

You have physical momentum in being restricted and sitting still.

And you have psychological momentum in being very focused on one narrow thing…

That has nothing to do with being social or talking to a girl.

And then when you’re thrust suddenly in front of a woman…

You’re like a creaky old robot with rusty joints.

It’s almost like you can’t move properly and you feel awkward.

And then you lack confidence because you know something is feeling way off.


And this would happen to me ALL the time.

Through school, I wanted to be a good student, but the downside was, I never felt loose and comfortable in my own body.

And I was always in the wrong headspace.

What was good for getting good grades was NOT a good headspace for being charismatic with the ladies.

And even now, when I put in a long day of doing work…

The downside is…

Yeah I may get a lot done, but then I don’t feel fun.

I don’t feel loose.

I don’t feel carefree and talkative.

And I just clam up around girls.

I don’t even want to go out of the house honestly, because it’s too uncomfortable.

What women want

Now it doesn’t take a crystal ball for me to know you’ve had this exact same problem, my friend.

But fortunately, there’s a quick fix I’ve developed that helps you jump out of the FUNK…

And make women instantly attracted to you.

So that you have a loose body and loose, carefree physicality that attracts women…

So that you have expressive facial emotions that emote surprise…

And positivity…

And skepticism…

And smoldering sexuality that attracts women.

So that you feel the red blood pulse through your veins again.

STORY: moving the house

Now the key concept to remember for this is that:

Your emotions follow your physical motions.

And I’ll tell you a quick story that happened to me many years ago to illustrate.

My buddy one day called me up to help him move his furniture, and move all his stuff, from his old apartment to his new apartment.

And I’d been working pretty brutally hard that morning, very physically constrained, and very focused…

And just feeling you know…burnt out…and…anti-social.

But, being the good friend I am, I volunteered to help him move.

And let me tell you, it was a LOT of heavy lifting.

HOURS of heavy lifting.

But when we were done…man…my body was AWAKE.

And all that physical motion woke up my mind, too.

My state felt like I was on fire.

Like I was ready for anything.

That very same night, I went out to some local bars, and I was chatting up girls with a confidence I never really had before

Looking back on it later, that day taught me a lesson that if I want to be socially sharp and be attractive…

I’ve got to warm up my body first.

Warming up your body wakes up your mind because I can’t think my way out of a funk.

I have to physically MOVE my way into the emotions and feelings I want to have.


So what I did is…

I developed a quick physical warmup routine that allows me to quickly JUMP from being in that stuck-in-my-head focused-on-my-work mode…

To being this physically loose and talkative, charismatic guy that can talk to girls…

And more importantly…WANTS to talk to girls.

And I’m going to show you right now the quick warmup routine that I use.

Step #1: deep breathing

So, the first step is, I take ten deep breaths…

To rush loads of fresh oxygen through my body….

Because typically our breathing is very shallow throughout the day.

And that deep breathing…it wakes your body up.

It makes you feel alert and awake and yet more relaxed.

Step #2. Neck stretching

Step #2. Some quick neck stretching.

I’ll spend 60 seconds or so just stretching my neck.

Step #3. Mouth stretches

Step #3. I’ll stretch my jaw and mouth like so.

And next, I will practice emoting a variety of facial expressions.

Smiling: “Hey! What’s up?”

Being surprised: “Oh my…”

Recognizing someone: “Hey, it’s you! How are you doing?”

Playful skepticism: “Yeah, yeah, yeah! Liar, liar pants on fire!”

Feigning shock: “Oh my god! She said what!”

So doing all that just wakes up my face and wakes up my emotional expression.

Step #4. Isometric Exercises

The fourth step, I run through a series of quick isometric exercises.

Now ideally if you can do 10 pushups and knock off 30 jumping jacks, that’s great.

But, in most cases, you don’t want to get your clothes all sweaty…

Or you’re out in a public place, and you don’t want to look ridiculous.

That’s why I do Isometric exercises because you get the effect of doing a quick workout on all your muscles…

But without looking silly in public.

How to talk her panties off

By the way, before we get to the final step of this warmup…

As well as reveal that ONE mistake you never want to make…

I want to introduce you to my new book, “How to Talk Her Panties Off”…

Which is absolutely free to download right now.

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It’s going to help you tremendously to know WHAT to say that attracts 99.9% of all girls.

And my book, “How to talk her panties off,” has simple, easy-to-remember words that draws the girl into you and hypnotizes her on the spot…

As well as the specific topics that REEL her into a deeper conversation even if she’s super pretty and gets attention from good-looking guys all the time.

Most importantly, I give away covert phrases that actually work to turn her on, which is clever because she doesn’t even realize what you’re really doing until it’s too late…

And she’s already got these butterflies of warm molasses attraction for you in her belly…

Even though she can’t explain it.

So check out that book, “How to Talk Her Panties Off”…

Link down below…

I promise you, you will be surprised to discover everything you didn’t know and have been missing all these years.

Step #5: Walk in paradise Meditation

Now moving on to that all-important fifth step…

Since I’ve warmed up my body…

Next, I do a quick meditation trance to warmup my mind and get into the right headspace.

It’s super simple.

First, I close your eyes.

And I imagine I’m at a really beautiful BEACH.

And for you, this could be a hiking in the mountains…

Or walking through a green meadow full of flowers…

Or park…

Or anyplace in nature that relaxes you.

For me, that’s a beach with sugary white sand…blue turquoise waters…and green palm trees.

So, I picture being on that tropical beach,

And I imagine the SUN warming my skin up.

I actually feel it. My skin getting hot from sunburn.

You know when you’re outdoors, and you get a lot of sun exposure, how it wakes you up and you feel alive and that rush of adrenaline.

I imagine that.

And I imagine the sounds around me.

If you’re in a green place, it would be the birds chirping from the trees.

If you’re at the beach, imagine the ocean waves lapping the shore.

I also imagine what I FEEL…

The warm summer breeze massaging my skin.

And then I finally visualize seeing a girl’s voluptuous hips swinging from side to side as she walks…

And she turns and smiles back at me…

Now this video is getting long enough.

If you want this trance complete and in its entirety to use for yourself…

Check out the link in the description to watch the Girlfriend Express video, which will show you how to get your hands on it.

The Result:

So now, my friend, you’ve loosened your mind and body up.

And when you see that girl, you’ll feel that smooth relaxed confidence to tap her on the shoulder and tell her…

“Hey there! Nice shirt. I like it.”

“Wait a second girl. Two minutes, two minutes! You know what, I noticed something about you…”

“It’s going to surprise you a bit, but it’s quite nice, I promise.”

You’ll just be loose…smooth…relaxed…at ease…charismatic…

And more importantly, you’ll be in the MOOD to be this attractive guy that’s good with girls.

And you’re social anxiety and that stick-up-your-ass negative, stifled attitude will be melted away….

And you’ll just feel…GOOD!

And the girl won’t be like, “Who is this nervous, weird guy talking to me?” anymore.

But instead she’ll stop her feet, and be like, “Tell me more you tall, handsome stranger!”

Big Mistake

Now I promised you the one BIG mistake guys make and it’s likely you’re making this same error yourself.

And that is… we men think we can just SKIP over the warmup.

We guys think we are above the process and you see this all the time at the gym.

Guys don’t warmup. They start lifting the heavy weights immediately as soon as they arrive, and maybe they’re okay for a month, or a year.

But eventually, their carelessness catches up with them, and they injure themselves.

And then they can’t lift at all for months, or even years while they’re forced to stop.

The point being, warming yourself up is worth the time IF you’re serious about getting success with girls.

And if there’s ONE big mistake men make – it’s exactly that…

Lack of execution.

Trying to skip to the end….

And thinking that the process doesn’t apply to them.

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