The FASTEST way to date hotter girls – The Time Paradox

Do you ever feel lost in how to proceed with women, my friend, where the path to get an amazing, loving girlfriend just isn’t exactly clear?

Like what steps should you take to eventually one day have a beautiful and caring girl by your side?

Well, what you’re about to learn in this video can completely change the direction of your life.

It will bring you clarity…

So that you see the right path laid before your eyes…

So you know where to take your next step…

And when you finish watching this video, you will know the fastest way to meet and date pretty girls…

And date them far more quickly than you’d imagined.

And if you don’t do this ONE thing…you can waste YEARS of your life going down the wrong path.

Waste YEARS aimlessly casting about, wondering where you went wrong.

The Hammer Analogy

Now it’s often said to use the RIGHT tool for the job.

Say you’ve got a nail that needs to be driven into a piece of wood.

Sure, you could hit that nail head and drive it into the wood—with a spoon.

With a spoon, maybe with enough time, ingenuity, and manipulation, you could eventually drive that nail inside the wood.

But why not just pick up the hammer and be done with it?

And if you want women – then you need to use the RIGHT tool for the job!

Not a spoon. Not a fork. Not a wrench. Not anything, but a hammer!

Some different ways to meet girls

Now here’s the thing: there’s dozens of different ways you can go about attracting girls.

You could work long hours to become rich.

Maybe start a business, or climb the corporate ladder, and eventually one day impress a girl with a fancy car and a big house.

You could learn to play guitar, start a rock band, and sing in bars, and one day maybe be in a position to bang your female groupies.

You could climb the corporate ladder to the very top…

Wear expensive power suits and attract your female underlings with displays of power over other men.

You could learn everything about lighting and photography…

Rent out some studio space, run advertisements and try to bang naïve, amateur models.

Or you could spend hours in the gym every single day…

Carefully counting your calories, walking the beach shirtless, waiting for girls with a fetish for jacked guys to walk on by and open YOU.

Example #1: trying to get rich

And all these strategies, granted CAN work to get women.

And millions of men DO use these methods or try to.

But at the end of the day, we’re looking at a big problem with every single one of them.

I’ve met plenty of guys who thought:

“You know, I’m going to focus on getting good with girls LATER…”

“Once I’ve got my career on fire, and I’m established with cash overflowing in my bank account.”

And that’s understandable, wanting to impress women with position, status, and cash.

And sure, that CAN work.

But here’s the problem–and there’s no getting around this—

You’ll likely spend 3 to 10 years of your life trying to build up a successful business.

You’ll likely spend 3 to 10 years climbing your way up the corporate ladder.

You’ll also likely work 10-hour days, every single day, as you elbow your way up to success!

Sapping all your energy and leaving you little or no time to date girls.

And I’ve seen this happen to friends of mine.

YEARS pass…

Years and years pass…

Trying to “make it,” trying to be “good enough” for women.

While your social skills, your charisma, and your physical health all decline from neglect and lack of practice.

You’ve just lost the best years of your 20s and 30s in front of your computer and in business meetings.

That’s the problem! Yeah, money and career CAN attract women.

But it takes up so much of your TIME.

And TIME is the only thing you only have so much of and you can’t get it back.

Example #2: starting a band

Or say, instead, you’ve got this dream.

And your dream is to learn to play guitar.

Practice your singing voice.

Start a band.

And one day, get in front of big crowds, be attractive through being up on stage, Have the girls come to YOU, and bang your raving female fans and groupies.

But again!

It takes YEARS and years to master playing an instrument.

It takes YEARS to develop that singing voice.

It takes many more YEARS to build a fan following.

And by the time you’ve got all the chess pieces in place to make your big move…

You’ll have spent, maybe 5 to 10 years getting ready to get those girls.

That’s a lot of time to spend.

It isn’t time efficient.

Cold approach is better

Look, whether your big idea is to work on your career…

Or to start a band…

Or to get really ripped and jacked…

Or to start model photography…

Or whatever the scheme is…

There’s only so many hours in your day.

And you’ve only got so many days.

While getting women into bed using these “round-about methods” takes YEARS and years to position yourself.

The solution

Now there is ONE method to meeting great girls very quickly that SOLVES this problem almost immediately!

This one method is superior to just about anything else you could do.

It’s the gold standard if you want a beautiful woman on your arm in the fastest way possible.

And that is: using your words, what you say, to hypnotize girls into wanting to have sex with you.

Where it’s like a melodic bird-song you sing that lulls the girls forebrain to sleep and brings her hindbrain responsible for lust and desire to the forefront and assert itself.

By spiking the conversation with particular lines, you bring sexual tension to the interaction.

And suddenly you’re far more interesting and intriguing than all the other then she knows.

We’re talking GAME, my friend.

In GAME, you can learn and get proficient at within just a couple months, rather than years.

GAME is simply the best way to leverage your limited, precious time to get results.

Imagine landing in a brand-new city, not knowing anybody, and within a week, have a bunch of new phone numbers, a couple dates, and maybe a new girl in your bed by the end of the week.

And learning how to do that FAST.

My Book

And yeah, you may not know exactly what to say right now.

You want not know how to STAND OUT and grab her attention in a way that gets her eyes sparkling and her heart beating fast for you.

But I do have a cheat sheet, “How to Attract 99.9% of Girls,” right now, which you can download for free.

Just check for it in the link below in the description.

And this cheat sheet, “How to Attract 99.9% of Girls” has a few surprises for you and I promise, in a good way.

Again, link in the description below.

Look for it. Click on it. Download that free cheat sheet.

Because if you’re waiting around to become rich…

Or to get famous…

Or to start a popular band…

Or try to become “very, very good looking” like Zoolander…

That will take you 3 to 10 years of sweat and toil.

With GAME, by knowing what to say to hypnotize girls to fall in love with just your words…

In just a couple months, you can begin to have an amazing sex life.


Again, you’ve got a nail and you need to drive that nail into a piece of wood.

Sure you could use a spoon. You could use a fork. You could hit that nail with a wrench.

It can be done. But it’s painful and takes way longer than it should.

Just use the right tool for the job from the start…the hammer.

And the right tool for bringing beautiful girls into your orbit is game.

The right tool for having a beautiful girlfriend on your arm…

The kind of girl that turns heads everywhere she goes…

The kind of girl that is the perfect girl for YOU…is…game.

Yes, it presents its own challenges!

But nothing else gives you as much “bang for your buck” in terms of results for your time.

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