Do THIS move to get her hot for you- first date touching shown step-by-step

I’ve got a little trick you can use to get your date horny for you on the first date.

I got this comment from a viewer, “Hey, Jesse…got a question for you.”

“When I’m on a date, things seem to go alright, but I feel like its just too friendly.”

“I don’t get the kiss and the girl usually doesn’t call me afterward.”

“I seem to do more damage going on dates with girls than good.”

“Can you give me ONE move that will change everything for me?”

“Thanks. Darius.”

Do this ONE MOVE

All right. Good question!

ONE move…if I could just choose ONE move that’s easy to remember and simple to execute to turn your date from friendly girl to sex fiend…

Thinking about how she wants to do the horizontal slide with you under the covers…

What would I choose?

Because yeah that sucks.

I feel you. I’ve been there myself.

You’re on a date with a girl. It’s chill, relaxed conversation.

But how do you begin to turn it in a more sexual direction where the girl feels physically connected with you and more sexually turned on…

Where you’ve got magnetic eye contact going with her that just melts her soul from the inside, giving her those sweet emotions she craves like a drug…

Where she’s telling all her friends afterward what an amazing, powerful guy you are?

Well, in fact, I do have a great move for you.

It’s easy to remember.

It’s easy to execute.

And it works 100% of the time on every single girl!

And that’s what I’m going to share with you today.

And at the end of this video, I’ve got two special extra BONUS tips for you that you don’t want to miss.

So stick around and pay close attention!

The Hands Holding Game

All right so on a first date, you got to be careful with it being purely friendly chit chat and having friend-to-friend vibe interactions.

You need to make it man-to-woman.

You can spice things up and accelerate the sexual vibe by getting physical with the girl.

I use a number of physical routines and patterns that I employ over and over, and this one I’m giving you here is typically the first one I’ll use on a date.

I simply call this routine the “Hands Holding Game.”

You can be sitting right next to your date.

Or you can be sitting across the table from your date.

Either way will work.

Take her hands

And I’ll tell the girl, “You laugh a lot, I see.”

“You know what, let’s play a game.”

“Since you’re a positive person, you’re going to like this.”

And because you’ve given her an image to live up to, she’s not going to say to you…

“NO! I don’t want to play because I’m NOT a positive person.”

She’s not going to do that.

So she’s going to say, “All right, let’s play!”

That’s getting the first, “Yes.”

And in truth, that’s an easy “Yes” to get. Every girl likes to play games.

Then you say, “All right, show me your hands.”

She’s already agreed to play, so she’ll give you her hands.

In that rare case she doesn’t, just persist.

“Come on! Give me your hands. Up here. Just two seconds. You’re gonna like this.”

“Right now, girl. Hands.”

You’re simply taking over and leading.

Make Eye contact

Okay now she’s going to put her hands into yours.

So you’ve got that physical touch going, her hands in your hands.

You’re also going to have a smile on your face and you’re going to look deeply into her eyes.

Look at the person behind the eyes.

Look into her soul where you have 100% presence into her…

Which could make you feel a bit uncomfortable with the tension… but you got to hold it.

This is the point that the sexual tension is going to skyrocket to 10 out of 10.

Use These Lines

Now you’re going to say to her,

“All right Suzie, here’s how it works.”

“Do NOT laugh for ten seconds.”

“I’m going to count to TEN and let’s see if it’s possible that you don’t laugh for ten whole seconds.”

And by the way, as for you, you’re trying to make her laugh or smile, so absolutely do NOT be serious.

You have got to have a playful smile on your face.

If you want HER to smile and laugh, you’ve got to go there first for her emotions to follow your lead.

So do NOT be serious.

Open your expression up and be smiling.

Okay so you tell her, “Let’s give it a try, shall we?”

“I’m going to start counting to ten, alright.”

“Here we go.”

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The count down

Now you’re going to tell her, “I’m going to start counting to ten, all right.”

“Here we go.”

So with her two hands in your two hands, you begin counting.


So as you count, you get inside her head.

This is very important.

Do give the “Hungry Wolf Eyes.”

You eye-fuck her.

You imagine all the things you’d do to her.

All the sexual things.

Get really, really explicit with her in your imagination.

And this will come out through your eyes.

She’ll feel it.

It will really amp up the sexual tension to a thick molasses between the two of you.

So you’re counting, “1…2…3…4…”

Imagining all the things you’d do to her…

With a cocky smile on your face, playing with your facial expression a bit.

All that high tension you’re creating will make her GIGGLE.

Yep, it’s going to make her giggle, if not laugh, and at least smile.

Handling her answers

Now, just in case she doesn’t smile or laugh, just keep repeating “7” or “8” over and over again.


And THAT will get her to laugh because it was unexpected.

It’s a surprise.

And she’ll want to laugh to break all the tension you’re creating between the physical hand holding… and the Hungry Wolf Eyes you’re giving her.

So once she laughs, you can tell her,

“All right, all right! THAT time was just practice.”

“I’ll give you another chance. We’ll try it again.”

“Now you don’t want to laugh this time.”

“You laugh, you lose.”

“And then I’m running out of here.”

“I’m going to be like the Kool-Aid Man and just bust out of through wall because you’re so much trouble.”

“All right? Ready?”

“Okay here we go…”


And again, you need to imagine all the wild sexual things you’d do to her, as you look deeply into her eyes.

And she’ll laugh again to break the tension.

Slide Off with a Reward

Then to transition off the game, you’re just going to reward her for her good behavior in playing the game.

Tell her as you hold her hand, “You know, I like that.”

“I feel like there’s no bullshit between you and me.”

“Like I can just be myself around you.”

“That’s a rare thing to find in a girl.”

And there you go!

That’s the routine.

That will really amp up the girl’s sexual feelings for you to level 10.

So that she feels a deep connection with you.

So that she feels those butterflies deep in her stomach, deep in her soul, and the rest of the date will feel a magnetic pull toward you she can’t resist…

And feels compelled to chase after those good feelings you gave her more and more…

To the point of a romantic obsession.

 TIP: roll off

Okay, so I’ve got a few extra tips to help you out with this, and here they are:

All right tip number 1…

When you finish this, don’t immediately jump into more spiking.

Don’t run more attraction material, or fancy routines, or anything like that.

Don’t keep trying to physically escalate on her, right away.

Remember, on a date…

It’s pressure ON and pressure OFF.

You’ve just put the pressure ON.

Now you want to take the pressure OFF.

So you’re gonna just lean back…


Create some space…

Create a vacuum…

To allow the girl to now chase YOU a little bit.

So you lean back, maybe ask her a question about herself to build more connection and rapport, or to give the conversation a direction…

But essentially, now you want the GIRL to fill in some of the space.

You want the GIRL to invest in the date.

So it’s not just as YOU…as go, go, go, go, go…

You’re taking turns here.

Pressure ON…now pressure OFF.

TIP: Don’t pop in and out

My second tip for you is when you’re looking into her eyes…

Make sure you’re actually looking into her eyes.

You want to create tension, which might feel a tad uncomfortable.

So don’t look away.

Don’t get distracted by other noises and motions going on around you.

Completely focus on her and zero in where your eyes are locked onto hers…

So that you have an engagement that is PURE and you’re not popping in and out…

With nothing interrupting it, nothing else breaking it, or muddying it, or watering it down.

Engagement that cuts through, sparks her, and creates that tension.

That’s what’s going to make HER laugh and giggle and make HER want to cut the tension.

Got it?

So yeah! That is the “Hands Holding Game.”

It’s a routine that works great on women on that first date.

She’ll feel more connected with you.

She’ll feel more sexually aroused for you.

It creates sexual tension.

You’re physically escalating on her.

It gets her laughing and smiling.

All wrapped in this fun bubble of a playful game.

It’s awesome. Use it.

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