Get her to kiss you FIRST- the best 2 ways to get that first kiss

“Hey Jesse, I have a question for you.”

“What is the best way to get a girl to kiss me?”

“You see, when I’m on a date, I’m not exactly sure how to make my move.”

“And it always ends up extremely awkward.”

“Do you have a so-called “fool-proof” way to get a girl to kiss you?”

“Thanks. Ethan.”

I’m glad you asked because…YES!

I do have a full proof way to get a girl to kiss YOU.

In fact, today, I’ve got TWO ways to get a girl to kiss you that work every single time.

And I’ll be showing you BOTH.

At the very end, as a bonus… I’m giving you a magical little routine to get a girl to go one step further…

Where you implant in her mind that it was HER idea to kiss YOU, which is pretty nice…

Because what you really want is the girl chasing you down in her mind…

Making all the moves on YOU…

So I’ll be showing that to you as well.

And by the end of this video, you’ll be getting that first kiss…

Every. Single. Time.

So stick around!

Don’t get rejected on the kiss!

Now don’t you hate it when you’re on that first date and you know you’re supposed to kiss the girl…

At least that’s on your mind for sure, but you’re not quite sure how to go about it?

You don’t want to get “rejected” or hear “no,” right?

Because when you hear “no” that’s not good for your ego. It hurts.

And when she says “no,” it just slows everything WAY down.

Imagine this scenario: It’s the end of the date, she’s about to go.

And you’re like, “Uh, I better get that kiss in. There’s more time on the clock. It’s now or never.”

So you try to sneak it in or rush it in.

You try to force it.

And it just feels forced. It feels awkward.

Let’s put it this way: that kiss can be a major source of STRESS and uncertainty.

I know how you feel, because for years I was never quite sure how to handle the first kiss myself…

How to get the kiss from the girl, or even better have HER kiss me.

Because I was extremely awkward and I made it awkward.

It was horrible!

I hated dating for that reason.

And I don’t want you to have go through the same nightmare I did.

BUT what if you had a few magical little lines you could just spout out to the girl…

And get the kiss from her…every…single…time.

So you don’t have to worry.

You don’t have to be stressed.

It doesn’t have to be awkward.

And you can just enjoy dating again.

You can look forward to that date because you know you’ve got in the bag.

She’s going on a date with YOU. The kiss is guaranteed 100% to happen.

That’s what you want. That’s what we’re going to make happen right here.

So let’s do this!

TIP: build physical rapport first

So the first step to get the girl to kiss you is that you need to PRIME the kiss.

You have to get her comfortable with your touch first before she’ll feel comfortable kissing you…

Because it’s just not going to work if it’s pure verbal chit-chat for an hour or two…

And then you go in for the kiss with nothing else physical building to it.

You’ve got to first physically escalate first in other ways.

And for that, you want to do the “Hands Holding Routine” that I show you in this video here…

That gets it physical with the girl and creates sexual tension.

So I do recommend doing that “Hands Holding routine” FIRST before doing these cool tricks I’m about to show you to get the kiss.

So go check that out.

The Kiss

All right, getting the first kiss, making your move kissing the girl.

Here’s how you do it.

This is an old-school pickup routine from “Mystery” back in the day, an oldie but goodie.

Why reinvent the wheel with something new when simple does the job?

But of course, we’re going to be making some necessary improvements to it.

So here’s how it goes:

You tell the girl, with a sly smile and making eye contact with her…

“Hmmm…you want to kiss me, don’t you?”

If she says “no”

Now you can get three possible answers to this:

“Yes, I want to kiss you.”


Or, “Maybe.”

We’ll handle “no” first.

If she says “No” to you, it’s no problem. It’s no big deal.

We can handle this in a way that makes you look even better.

Just tell her, “Well, I didn’t say you could. You just had that look in your eye.”

And now you’ve flipped the script on her…

Suggesting that it was HER that wanted to kiss YOU.


“Hmmm, you want to kiss me, don’t you?”


“Well, I didn’t say you could. You just had that look in your eye.”


The key to making that work is KEEP that smile…

Keep that eye contact…

Do not flinch.

It did not affect you at all.

You’re merely toying and playing with her.

Do not be fazed at all by her “No” answer.

And you really shouldn’t get a “No” anyway if you’ve properly escalated physically with her like done the Hands Holding Routine with her.

That should almost never happen, hearing the “No.”

If you do get a “No,” that’s what you say.

“Well, I didn’t say you could. You just had that look in your eye.”

An Alternative line

An alternative line you can use in response to a “No” is, you tell her…

“Well, it’s my job to try.”

“It’s my job to put the foot on the gas.”

“And it’s your job to resist isn’t it?”

“I understand that.”

“But I’m gonna to keep trying because you’re cute, even if you are  a bundle of trouble.”

So with that answer, you’re communicating,

“Look, I’m a man… you’re a woman.”

“I understand the game we’re playing.”

“I get it. It’s cool. No problem.”

“I’m still gonna win though.”

She’ll respect that answer. It makes you look confident.

Then you go right back into the conversation. Do more physical escalation. Get her more comfortable with you.

Then you try again to kiss her 20 minutes later.

So yeah, between those two answers, you don’t have to worry about hearing a “no”.

Because even when she tells you, “No…”

Either of those two answers will make her even MORE attracted to you than before, so you can’t lose.

If she says “Yes” 

Now, going back to our line, you tell her, “Hmmm….you want to kiss me, don’t you?”

Now, if she says, “Yes.” Perfect! Easy.

In the bag.

Tell her then, “Well, don’t give me a bad kiss then.”

Hold eye contact with her. Lean in and kiss her.

What saying, “Don’t give me a bad kiss then…” does is…

It’s giving her a challenge to live up to your expectations of her…

So she’s going to give you a better kiss than if you said nothing.

Imagine a GIRL asks YOU to kiss her…

But she also tells you, “Just please. Don’t give me a bad kiss, alright.”

Of course, you’re going to try extra hard to give her a good kiss.

So that line works wonders.

 If she says “maybe”

Now she might say, “No”…

Or she might say “Yes.”

But she might also tell you, “Maybe…”

“MAYBE I want to kiss.”

You know, possibly she DOES want to kiss you, but she doesn’t want to take any of the responsibility for doing it.

Maybe she doesn’t want to look too forward and complicit.

So she doesn’t give you an outright “yes.”

She says, “Maybe,” which is fine.

No problem!

You take anything that’s not an outright “No” as a “Yes.”

You treat “Maybe” as a “Yes.”

So here’s how it goes down:

“Hmmm, you want to kiss me, don’t you?”

Her: “Maybe,”

“All right, you better give me a good kiss then.”

And you lean in and you kiss her.

If she said “Maybe” she’ll always go with it.

Another Variation to get the kiss

All right now I’m going to give you an alternative line to make her kiss you…

Just so you can change things up a bit.

In this variation you’re going to create a “Yes ladder” where you stack multiple “Yesses” from her, which will prime her to be very compliant to kiss you.

It’s real simple.

You say to her, making eye contact…

“You know, your lips are very kissable.”

And she’s not going to insult her own self and disagree with you.

She’ll say, “Yeah,” or “Hmm…Hmm.”

And then you say to her…

“Do you like a take-charge kind of guy?”

And every girl likes a man who leads, who takes charge.

So she’ll say “Yes,” or “Maybe” if she plays it coy.

Then you tell her, “All right then, don’t disappoint me.”

And then you lean and you kiss her.

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Kiss her cheeks

Now if you want EXTRA insurance, so that you never get “rejected”…

Here’s a cool little trick you can use.

Imagine this scenario:

You tell her, “Hmmm…. you want to kiss me, don’t you?”

And she says, “Maybe.”

You say, “All right, you better give me a good kiss then.”

You lean in to kiss her.

But what if…what if she turns away and gives you her cheek?

Now that shouldn’t happen.

Or very rarely.

But, if you want to play it really, really safe, this is a little trick you can do.

When you go in to make your move to kiss her…

Instead of directly going for her lips, move into the kiss, going for her two cheeks…

Move in to kiss her cheek on the SIDE of her lips.

And then the other cheek.

And if she was compliant and enjoying it….

Then, only then go for her lips and kiss her on the lips.

That way, if she didn’t want the kiss on her lips…

Well, you went for her cheek and you pulled back and you don’t look bad.

You came out of looking cool.

And if she wanted the kiss on her lips, then you go for that.

So you win, win, win, no matter what her response is going to be!

And that my friend is taking into account all contingencies where you stack your deck of cards in your favor…

So that you just can’t lose.

It’s foolproof!

You pull away first

Now, this is very important.

In fact, the rest of what I’m going to tell you is THE most important part.

At least for driving the girl mad and crazy for you.

Once you kiss her, you want to want to pull back…

Pull back!

Don’t keep kissing her.

Keep the kiss short.

And YOU need be the one to break it off FIRST.

Because you want to leave her wanting more.

Think of the kiss as like a tease.

It’s like a drug.

You’re giving her just a little hit to turn her into an addict for your kisses.


So don’t be like, “Oh yes! I got the kiss!  t feels SO good!”

“Let me smother her now and kiss for 5 minutes straight.”

Do not do that.

Kiss her briefly on that first kiss… and pull away.

What to say after the kiss

And when you pull away, you can tell her,

“Oh, that was nice.”

“I gotta say, you kind of won me over with that one.”

Now this line does two things.

Saying, “Oh, that was nice…”

You’re rewarding her for her compliance and good behavior.

Then telling her, “You won me over with that…”

What that does is it flips the script.

“You won me over,” suggests that SHE is chasing YOU.

It suggests that SHE is the one who was after the kiss.

And SHE “won you over.”

It’s framing it as if SHE is the sexual aggressor…

That SHE is the chaser…

That SHE got you.

Very important!

You’re simply framing the kiss in a way where SHE was the initiator.

Now Push her away

Another variation where you frame the girl as being the sexual aggressor is…

Again You are the first one to break off the kiss and pull back…

And you tell her after you kiss, “You know, we really shouldn’t be doing this.”

“You are corrupting me.”

“What are you doing to me, girl? You are so much trouble.”

Or tell her…

“Okay now, that’s enough. Don’t be greedy.”

“That’s all you get, young lady.”

Again, you’re framing HER as being the sexual aggressor…

Trying to get kisses from YOU.

Although in reality of course, you’re the one making all the moves.

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