Get Hot Girls to Stop, Flirt and Kiss – Why Pretty Chicks Can Be Easier Than You Think

Heeeeey! What’s up, my friend?

It is Jesse here from your favorite dating website that spills all the dating secrets, Seduction Science.

And today, right now, I’m telling you WHY girls…

And not just any girls…

But the very HOTTEST girls…

The kind of girls that make you look twice and your heart skips a beat…

Why THOSE girls WILL stop and talk to you…

Why those girls will WANT to stop and talk to you…

Even if you’re not the best-looking guy…

Because look at this… you’re likely thinking…

“She’s a hot girl. I’m just a regular dude. So WHY would she stop and talk, and flirt with me?”


Wrong, my friend!

In fact, this is a weird counter-intuitive thing!

Hot girls, are in many cases, MORE likely to at least stop and give you a chance.

And I’m going to explain WHY that is, so that you can talk to that cute girl with CONFIDENCE, knowing she’s going to DIG you.

That’s right, by the end of this video I’m going to turn you into a confident STUD that can talk to any girl, so listen up!

The Hell

You see that pretty girl walking by.

And you think to yourself, “Wow! She’s so beautiful. But why would she stop for ME?!”

Do you ever feel like it’s just out of the realm of reality to talk to some girls?

Do you ever feel like you’re invisible and girls would just blow you off if you tried to engage them?

Well, here’s THREE reasons that pretty girls WILL actually stop and talk to you…

If you just give them the opportunity to meet you.

In fact by the end of this video, you’re going to, number #1…

Have a newfound self-CONFIDENCE to talk to girls…

And number #2…be able to stop and meet every pretty girl in town.

And the final tip, I guarantee you’ve never heard of before.

When you hear this third tip, you’re going to jump up out of your chair and say, “Oh, damn, Jesse! Now I get it! Mind blown!”

So hang around to the end and pay attention because it’s THAT important.

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Mainstream society, it doesn’t want you to learn this.

Most businesses, they want you to be passive.

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Because, frankly, then they can sell your more stuff.

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You meeting girls…

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So that being said, let’s crack right into it!

Tip #1. Girls aren’t opened very often

The first reason that pretty girls will actually stop, talk, and flirt with you is because…

Girls aren’t opened as often as you might think.

Especially hotter girls!

Beautiful women are opened less than merely average-looking girls precisely because all the other men find them too intimidating!

The truth of the game is that a cute “7” often gets approached more than a stunning “9” or a “10”.

Sure, you’d THINK a pretty girl is getting hit on left and right all day long.

But it’s NOT true.

Yes, if she’s a club rat, if she spends all her time at nightclubs…

Sure, she gets hit on a lot and rather awkwardly and badly by drunk guys…

But if she’s just a normal girl that doesn’t go to bars and clubs very often…

And nowadays, increasingly, really pretty girls are NOT going to bars and clubs anymore…

She doesn’t get approached during the day very much at all.

They get passive attention

Now a stunning girl WILL get a lot of, I’d call it, “passive attention.”

And what I mean by “passive attention” is she’ll find hordes, hordes of thirsty, desperate guys giving her compliments on her phone and social media.

She’ll have guys eyeing her up and down everywhere she goes.

She might have guys whistle at her from their cars.

And all that “passive attention” can certainly go to her head.

But these are not the guys that she’ll ever sleep with.

Yeah, she likes the validation, but she’s not interacting with any of these dudes face to face.

What a pretty girl does NOT get so much is a real-life “flesh and blood” man physically come up to her and introduce himself.

That does NOT happen very often.

And the reason is really simple: because 99.9% of men are simply too scared to cold approach her and introduce themselves.

You take 10,000 guys, and 9,999 of those guys will NOT go up to her EVER.

Never in a million years!

That’s why really pretty girls do not get approached as much as you think.

 It’s good for you though

Now this is good news for YOU.

This actually works in your FAVOR.

It’s one reason WHY a beautiful woman will actually be quite friendly and actually stop and talk to you…

Because number 1…

you have the balls to go up to her!

That’s unusual. That’s NOVEL for her.

It’s a different kind of attention she’s not used to getting.

She’s not opened, physically, face-to-face by a man very often.

And the second reason she’ll stop and talk…

Is that, the very fact that you went up and introduced yourself, you instantly stand out.

Now she gets curious!

“Who the hell IS this guy that has THAT kind of confidence?”

“Who is this guy who has these balls of steel to say hello to me?!”

“Is he a famous actor?”

“What’s his story?”

And she’ll give you at least a chance to find out more about you… if just out of sheer curiosity.

So that’s ONE reason why pretty girls are often a lot friendlier than you would initially suspect they’d be.

 Tip #2. Girls like attention on themselves

The second reason that girls will actually stop and talk with you, is because girls, well, girls like the attention!

It’s as simple as that!

Girls inherently like attention on themselves.

Pretty girls enjoy attention and compliments for the sake of it.

For the same reason girls post a photo of themselves on Facebook…

And constantly check how many likes their photo got…

They like getting attention from a strong, masculine, presence, which means, even in a worst-case scenario…

Where a girl’s reaction to you is, “Yeah he came up to me, but Ehhh, I don’t fancy him very much…”

She’ll STILL stop and talk to you and accept basking in the pleasant glow of your attention.


For example, just imagine YOU are walking down the street.

And a lady comes up to you.

And you don’t “fancy her that much.”

Maybe she’s barely “bangable” or perhaps not even.

But she opens you in a smooth, relaxed manner that puts you at ease.

And she throws you a compliment.

She tells you that you’re a “hot sexy guy” and she loves your look.

You’re not going to be like, “Screw you! You’re not pretty enough. Get the hell out of here!”

No! Just like a girl, you’re going to enjoy that female attention.

You’ll stop and at least be NICE to her and maybe have a conversation with her.

And the funny thing is, you talk to that woman for a moment…

Perhaps you find her sexy in other ways you didn’t initially see on the surface.

Like perhaps she has a sexy French accent or she has very beautiful eyes…

You can grow more attracted to her beyond just your first impression.

I mean that’s probably happened to you before where a girl GREW on you, and you became more attracted to her over time.

Same thing here

So yeah! It’s the SAME thing here!

Pretty girls will often stop and be friendly simply because they enjoy the attention from a masculine presence which gives you that window to now demonstrate your charisma…

To demonstrate your value…

A window to create sexual tension and turn her on…

And give her a chance to warm up to you.

Tip #3. Girls standards are low

All right, now the THIRD reason that girls will actually stop and talk with you…

And this one is really surprising, and you may not believe me…but it’s absolutely true:

Girl’s standards, for being attracted to a guy, at most moments are actually LOW.

Girl’s standards for being attracted to a guy at most moments are LOW.

And this is just as true for pretty girls that get bombarded with lots of attention.

You know, we tend to think…

“She’s a pretty girl.”

“She’s only going to stop for a super handsome guy.”

“She’s only going to stop for a guy with the perfect line and is totally smooth.”

We imagine in our minds that there’s a super high bar to meet for a pretty girl to like us.

And it’s actually NOT true!

Girls standards, MOST of the time, are actually rather low.

Now notice I said, “MOST of the time” her standards are low.

At very specific times, a pretty girl WILL have VERY high standards.

For example, when she’s put on the spot by her girlfriends to list out what she logically wants in a husband, she’s going to list out one thousand and one things her perfect guy HAS to have.

He has to be tall.

He has to be handsome.

He has to be funny.

He has to be a certain age.

He has to be this.

He has to be that, and the other thing.

That’s all said to impress her friends.

And it’s a story she also tells herself from time to time…

Because she doesn’t want to believe she’d just sleep around with anyone.

Hamburger analogy

But the ACTUAL reality is, in most moments of the day when she’s just going through her life, and NOT thinking about her list of criteria, which is 99% of the time…

Her standards for men, are actually LOW.

Let me give you an analogy here.

Most people, most people if given the choice…

The choice between getting a $5 hamburger at McDonald’s or getting a $50 steak at a fine steakhouse…

Well, you’re going to choose a fine steak, right?

You’d choose the steak every single time because you have high standards, right?

You always want the best.

And when women logically think of men in their heads, they pick the $50 imaginary steak every time.

But in reality what actually really happens?

You’re driving in your car, you feel your stomach growling. You’re hungry. You don’t want to sit down for a three-hour meal at a fine steakhouse and wait around for the waiter to take your order.

You just want to eat something FAST.

You just want something that is “good enough” to be satisfying and make that uncomfortable feeling of hunger go away so you can get on with your day.

And the McDonald’s is right there. The McDonald’s is right off the highway exit. You can have that burger in two minutes.

And that burger sometimes, it tastes pretty good.

You don’t want to get on Yelp and look for reviews of steakhouses and spend 40 minutes driving to the fine steakhouse, driving through a stranger neighborhood you’re not familiar with!

So human beings will usually just swing for the cheap hamburger at the fast food joint on the local corner MOST of the time, even if their ideal meal would be to eat the steak.

Women are the same way

And women are the SAME way.

Just by YOU being the cheap hamburger…

By providing her some good feelings…

And kind of approximately tasting like a steak…

You know, at least you’re in the same food category as a steak…

They’re both beef right?

Her fantasy guy and you both have a working dick right?

Well, for women, even really beautiful women, good enough is often good enough!

If you build sexual tension with her, and she gets horny…

And you’re just the guy standing right in front of her…

And she feels comfortable with you…

She’ll usually throw out her long list of criteria and jump your bones.


In other words, what I’m saying here is…

Most of the time a woman’s standards are LOW.

You don’t need to be that perfect guy.

You don’t need to run the “perfect set” to get her.

And it’s why, when you open a girl, she’ll often stop and talk to you basically…

As long as you’re a little better, just a little better than the average guys she knows, which isn’t that hard to do…

Then that’s IT.

That’s all you need.

And that’s why most girls, even really pretty girls will STOP for you and at least give you a chance.


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