3 Great Conversation Starters using the “Assume Familiarity” Trick to Break the Ice

Hey! What’s up now? it’s Jesse here!

And today I’m throwing your way THREE spectacular conversation starters…

That you can use to talk to and meet girl of your dreams with the exact lines, word-for-word, of what to say.

Now these are SPECIAL conversation starters are based on a powerful technique I call “assuming familiarity,” which gets even the prettiest girls talking to you…

And I’m going to explain exactly HOW that works.

And at the end, I’m showing you an extra special technique that creates sexual tension to get the girl flirting back with you, making this just about my favorite conversation starter of all time.

And you want to pay attention to that one because…

Although it’s not the easiest for a beginner to pull off…

Its super freaking powerful like a bomb—boom!—in turning girls on.

So stay tuned to the very end to catch that.

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My Hell Story

So I’m going to take a guess.

Maybe you’ve seen a girl before, and you’re like…

“Oh my god! I can’t believe it she’s so hot!”

“That’s like my dream girl standing right there.”

Or maybe not even that.

You just see a cute girl out.

And you’d have liked to start a conversation with her.

But, you just didn’t know what to say.

So you just stood there like a big dopey ape and let her walk on out of your life forever.

Good job!

Opportunity missed!

Well, I feel you, man, because I grew up very shy.

I didn’t know what to say girls.

I had NO idea what my first sentence would even be, let alone the rest of the conversation.

I would pretty much just BORE girls to death the few rare times I found myself talking to a woman.

So my FAILURE got me really interested in WHAT *is* the best way to start a conversation with a girl?

WHAT is the best way to maximize my chance of her being interested in ME, from that very first moment.

And what I’ve discovered that works that actually really works is “assuming familiarity” right off the opener.

And I’ve got THREE variations here for you:

One flavor for beginners, for guys who are new to this.

A second flavor for intermediates.

And a final flavor that is the most advanced, the most powerful…

BUT a little trickier to pull off.

And I’m going to show you all three right now.

My story: seeing a girl in Starbucks

So, to explain this, let me start off by telling you a peculiar story that happened to me many years ago in a Starbucks.

I was sitting at a table on my laptop, drinking an ice-tea, doing some work.

And a pretty woman entered through the door.

Lo and behold! It was an ex-girlfriend of mine.

And I was like, “Wow! What a coincidence. What are the chances of this happening?!”


Because I hadn’t seen her for many years.

And I did a double take.

“Wait! Is that her?  Nah. Wait. That IS her! It is her.”

“That’s GOT to be her.”

She was right there standing in the line.

So I got up, really excited to say hello.

My eyes were big.

I like stumbled forward across the café.

And said to her with a big smile of recognition, “Hey, it’s you! How are you doooinggg?”

And then in complete horror, I realized, “Oh shit! It’s not her.”

“It’s not the same person here.”

And it really through me off, I was bit freaked out.

Rather embarrassed, I told her, “Oh I’m sorry, I thought you were somebody else I knew.”

And everyone else in line was just looking at me.

In fact, leave me a comment if you’ve ever thought you recognized someone you knew out on the street, and it turned out not to be them.

The result surprised me

But here’s the funny thing.

The result really surprised me because she just opened up like a flower to my approach, 100%.

And this was a very pretty girl.

We talked for a moment, she was like BRIGHT with energy from my approach.

And eventually I just excused myself and crept back to my seat.

And she just kept looking my way from across the room…

Giving me the “please come back and talk to me more” come hither eyes.

And there’s more to the story, but the point is…

It turned out it to be a great opener, thinking I had recognized her.

And the incredible energy and excitement that brought to the approach, what I had stumbled upon completely by accident, was opening with assumed familiarity.

Example opener

So here’s an example of an assuming familiarity conversation starter, word-for-word:

When you spot a girl, imagine you recognize her.

Imagine you truly recognize her, and you tell her…

“Heeeeyy…it’s YOU!…”

“How’s it going?”

“You’re looking good!”

It’s ambiguous to her.

She’s thinking, “Do I not remember him?  Should I know you?”

And she’ll say, “Hello…”

Or she might say, “Hello. Do I know you?”

And you can tell her, “Well, there’s something about you.”

“I had to come over and investigate and see what it’s all about.”

And then you simply proceed with the rest of your opener.

“Look, I know this is cheeky sounding, but real quick there’s something I have to tell you…”

Reasons why familiarity works so well

That’s an “assuming familiarity” conversation starter.

And here’s why it works so well:

Number 1:

Familiarity, it makes her feet stop.

When you enter in with a good vibe and a cheeky grin, like you already know the girl…

You put the girl at rest, and it stops her feet.

Number 2:

Familiarity gives your voice warmth and emotion.

You have this playful vibe with warmth and soul in your voice.

It gives you those smiling eyes and a more natural smile.

Number 3:

Opening with familiarity looks and feels more natural because there’s the vibe that you already know each other.

And it looks less strange to bystanders and other people around.

Number 4:

Assuming familiarity gives the open the “right vibe,” where you’re not putting her up on a pedestal or being nervous.

And the hotter the girl, the more important this is.

Number 5:

Familiarity makes you different.

Hot girls are used to being worshipped.

So if you assume familiarity with her, like you’ve known her for years…

You stand out from all the other dudes, and you’re like the guy she already knows.

And number 6:

The quickest way to get a girl into you is if you believe she’s already into you before you even talk to her.

For all those reasons, that’s why assuming familiarity on the open works like gangbusters to get a great response back from a girl.

Flavor #1

Now I promised I’d give you THREE flavors of this conversation starter.

And this first flavor is the easiest to pull off.

When you see that girl, you imagine to yourself that you recognize her from somewhere.

It’s like, “Hmm…I know that girl from somewhere, but I just don’t know from WHERE I know her from.”

And the key is to make it genuine in your own mind.

You’re gaming yourself here.

Really, really think, “Yeah. I recognize that girl, but from where???”

As you approach her, look her right in the eyes.

SLOW your voice WAAAAY down.

Talk slow!

Use pauses.


Have an expressive face.

And tell her, “Heeeeyy…it’s YOU!…”

“How’s it going?”

“You’re looking good!”

It’s like, “I recognize you. but from where exactly.”

And this takes a little practice.

You talk too fast especially it doesn’t sound real.

(talk fast) “Heeeeyy! it’s YOU! How’s it going. You’re looking good!”

See? Speak fast…BAD.

But the secret trick to practicing is…

Just practice it in front of a mirror.

And you can practice walking down a street.

Practice recognizing girls that you see pass you by…

Practice the delivery without even opening them.

And then, when you feel you’re ready, open a girl with it and give it a try.

 Flavor #2: she’s an old ex

In flavor 2, it’s a little different process.

Here, you psych yourself into recognizing her as an old ex-girlfriend of yours like what happened to me that day in the Starbucks.

So you see the girl and you think, “Oh my god! It can’t really be her Is it?!”

“This is so awesome. We dated for years…”

“I got to go talk to her and say hello!”

So now it’s a case of recognizing her as a girl you’ve already slept with, know really well, and have had great times with.

You say, “Heeeeyy…it’s YOU!…How’s it going. You’re looking great.”

See? This one has more emotional energy driving it.

More of a real punch to the face of excitement.


And this can draw an even better reaction from the girl because you’re really firing her up with some emotional energy now.

BUT you have to be careful…

Because if you don’t imagine in your mind properly and you try to just force the emotion out…

Bad acting essentially…

It can come across as “off” or “incongruent”…

As if you’re reciting memorized lines…

And that can be a very subtle thing.

So “off” delivery would look like this:

“Heeeeyy…it’s YOU…How’s it going?…You’re looking great.”

In that case, I just said the lines WITHOUT imagining that I really knew the girl.

And it comes across weird.

So yes, this flavor is powerful… but you really have to deliver it right.

Flavor #3: you fucked her

Now this one is my personal favorite.

Not for beginners, I’d say, but it gets the best results.

So the lines you speak are the same.

But instead of thinking you recognize her somewhere, but you can’t quite place the face…

Instead of imagining she’s an ex-girlfriend of yours…

Instead—this is a little funny—instead, you imagine you recognize her as that girl you banged just last week.

Yeah you recognize the girl. How could you not?

She was coming onto you after all she was grabbing your crotch.

And she was so man crazy for you, you had a one-night stand with her.

She’s probably carrying your baby now.

But you’re kind of a bad boy.

She’s a pretty girl, but you just ditched her after that.

You didn’t call her back.

And since then, she’s been blowing up your phone with calls, which you’ve just been ignoring.

She’s thought about you every day ever since.

That’s right! You are the quintessential bad boy.

That’s the scenario you’re imagining in your of how you recognize her.


So, here’s how it plays out:

You see the girl, and you imagine,

“Oh, yeah! I remember that chick.”

“I banged her real good.”

“She wanted it BAD. She was cock crazy, and I didn’t call her back.”

“Well I should go say hello to her because she loves my sex so much and she’s been calling me.”

“She’ll want another round of wild sex with me, the stallion.”

Something like that is what’s going through your head.

And you go up to her real COCKY-like.

Cocky in the sense that her having sex with you is the best thing that’s EVER happened to her…

And having sex with you, is the BEST gift you could EVER give her.

Keep in mind, it’s delusional. You don’t really know this girl.

But that’s what is in your head: assumed familiarity.

And you’re relaxed. You’re aroused by her.

You’re projecting calm. You don’t take her seriously.

You’re toying with her a bit. You’re playful.

SLOW, SLOW voice…with pauses…

A sly knowing smile…tiger eyes.

Look her up and down like you want her.

You know she wants more of you.

She’s been dreaming about it every day.

You’re just the pure sex guy with no apology.

And you tell her,

“Heeeeyy…it’s YOU! …How’s it going…you’re looking good.”

“By the way, I know this is cheeky sounding…”

“But real quick, just two seconds…”

“There’s something I have to tell you.”


And proper delivery, it takes practice for sure.

You got to practice that.

You need to be psychologically in the right place with the right identity, like, “Girls just want me for my body. What can I say?”

And I show you how to do that in my paid program, link in the description.

But the wonderful result is she feels that sexual vibe oozing off of you like warm molasses.

You start off with glowing sexual tension with her.

She’s going to feel that sexual heat rising off of you like the top of a volcano.

Polarized reactions

You WILL get more polarized reactions.

Many girls will be, if this is executed properly, really, really into it, like HOOKED, instantly.

Hypnotized by you, literally hypnotized.

Some girls can feel a little uncomfortable if you do it too strong. You have to calibrate.

In that case, take your foot off the gas pedal a little.

Some girls, maybe she just got married last week, and she gets this vibe that you’re the walking embodiment of sex…

And she politely declines.

So, you’ll get more polarized reactions because you create such strong emotions in her from the first moment, which you want!

Girls that are down and like you respond really, really well to the sexual tension you create.

And you weed out the less available girls really quick.

My recommendation

So here’s my final recommendation to you:

If you’ve never used an “assuming familiarity” conversation starter before…

First try variation number 1 and get that down.

That works GREAT for talking to girls.

And then play around with flavors 2 and 3…

Or join my program for more details on how to execute those.

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