5 Tips For Hooking Up With Girls When Traveling

Hey guys, Dan from WorldDatingGuides here to share 5 tips for hooking up with girls when traveling with you today. Our site is all about meeting girls near you and finding date spots in hundreds of the biggest cities around the world.

Some guys surely use our guides when they are in their home town, but we also know they bring good value to men who are traveling to cities they do not know very well. Trying to hook up with girls when you are traveling can be easy in some cases while difficult in others.

On the one hand you might be more exotic if you are traveling to a foreign country. As you walk around town you might notice more girls looking in your direction then turning away when you look over at them.

You may also find that you get a lot more matches and replies to your messages when online dating. But it isn’t all positive, being in a new city can definitely hinder your game so today we want to discuss 5 tips for how to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Choosing The Right City For Your Travels

In some cases this may be completely out of your hands. A lot of guys travel for business or other reasons that force them to go to cities without allowing them to pick and choose.

If that is the case you can pretty much skip this section. However if you are able to pick which city you are going to visit on your next trip choosing wisely can help you hook up with girls while you are there.

Let’s start with the easiest place to get laid, Southeast Asia. We can’t explain why but foreign men just have an extremely easy time hooking up with girls in a few countries in Southeast Asia.

Places like the Philippines and Thailand have gotten a major rep as sex tourist destinations, but if you are willing to put in a small amount of effort you won’t need to visit the red light districts. Other countries in the region can also be easy at times, but there are some notoriously hard places to get laid in SEA like Cambodia and Malaysia as well.

Some guys may prefer Latin women, countries like Peru, Mexico and Dominican Republic seem to be pretty easy places for foreign men to get laid. On the other hand you can find the hottest girls in Brazil and Colombia.

Are they easy? Colombia can be, but you better speak Spanish and realize that many of the girls you meet and hook up with right off the bat will be gold diggers.

We aren’t trying to say all Colombianas are gold diggers, just that if you show up in Medellin and go to Parque Lleras or Old Town in Cartagena you will certainly be bumping into a few of that type. To be fair the same could be said about tourist and expat nightlife areas in many places we are talking about.

Brazil is really not an easy place, particularly if you don’t speak Portuguese. The rewards may be the highest, but your odds of striking out are as well.

Then there are the places you don’t want to visit like the previously mentioned Cambodia, Malaysia, India, and pretty much all of the Middle East. They can be good for a vacation no doubt, but if you are just traveling to hook up with girls scratch them off your list.

America, Canada, and Europe are kind of a mixed bag. On the one hand feminism grows stronger by the day, on the other hand it definitely feels like women in their 20’s have less of an issue with going out to a club and hooking up with a guy they just met than some past generations have.

To sum this section up if you want to hook up as easily as possible just go to Southeast Asia. If you want the hottest of the hot go to South America, though tastes definitely do vary.

Stay In The Right Part Of Town

This might just be the biggest determining factor on if men hook up when traveling and if they don’t. Obviously things like budget will play a factor here, but if you can afford it then you need to do a little research to find the right part of town and stay as close to it as possible.

For most guys this is going to mean near the nightlife, and in most cities this means stay downtown. Let’s use a few extreme examples to show why this is so important, starting with Las Vegas.

If you have never been before just about all of the trendy nightclubs are at the mega casinos on the strip. If you go party at a club in the Palazzo having a room right there is going to be ideal, a girl you just met might have no problems hopping on an elevator to go hook up with you.

That same girl may say no thanks if you ask her to take a taxi to the old downtown Las Vegas area. You can find a cheaper room off the strip, but it might cock block you later on.

The same can be true somewhere like New York City, if you have a room in Manhattan it is going to be a lot easier to get a girl to come with you than if she has to take 3 trains to get to Jersey. Ditto at touristy beaches like Cancun, and maybe even particularly somewhere like Cancun where safety is an issue.

Saving money is good, but not if it is going to cost you what you are hoping to achieve. Hostels are an interesting conundrum because they can help you meet some traveling girls to potentially hook up with, but where is the deed going to be done?

If you don’t have a private room you may never get an opportunity. Location, location, location. Not only to help you hook up, but being in the heart of the city or near the places you will frequent will save you on taxis while you are there plus save you lots of time as well. On a trip do you really have time to waste?

Study How Girls Interact

We don’t mean study by buying books or Googling ‘how do girls in city x interact with others.’ We mean while you are there watch how people, and girls in particular, interact with their friends or people they are around.

In some cultures personal space is huge, even on a date the man and woman will be at arms-length most of the time. In other cultures hugging, kissing and other PDA are far more common.

Some places people will be extremely quiet and reserved, in other places everyone is noisy and acting a fool. Try to mimic your surroundings, once they are comfortable with you girls will be much more likely to hook up.

You Don’t Need To Lie

A lot of guys have this impression that if you tell a girl you are traveling through town she will never hook up with you. They think every woman on the planet will only have sex with a guy she is currently in a serious relationship in, or where there is potential for a serious relationship.

Don’t get us wrong, there are plenty of women that fall into that category. But there are also plenty of girls who want to hook up with guys who are traveling because they know word isn’t going to spread.

If you are leaving tomorrow then so is her little secret. Most of the girls who won’t hook up outside of a serious relationship aren’t likely to be ready before you leave town anyways.

You can tell them you are only here for a few days and invite them out for drinks, often times this is a good way to screen out the traditional women who you had no chance with early on letting you focus your time on quicker prospects.

Take As Many Shots As You Can

Our last tip is to take as many shots as you can, and by that we mean talk to as many girls as possible. This can be done by pipelining online before you go and by being very sociable while you are there.

Pipelining online is always a good idea, if you are only in a city for 3 nights there is no guarantee you are going to get laid with some girl you pull from a club. Well, maybe some of you studs will but we don’t like to leave it up to chance.

Use the most popular dating site or app a few days or a week before you will be arriving. Contact as many girls as you can and see who is ready to meet up for a drink, then start inviting the ones you like the most out on your first night and hope it goes well.

If you don’t have much experience with online dating don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Girls everywhere are flaky, the more you are in contact with the more likely one will actually follow through and meet up with you.

Then maybe you hook up with her, but if you don’t you can go to a club after your date for a second chance. Not putting any work in online before you visit means the nightlife is your only real option. Day game is possible, but that usually takes more time than you can afford to spend on a vacation.

Enjoy Hooking Up When Traveling

Guys who take the above advice, put on some nice clothes, have a little game and are sociable should have a good shot in most cities around the world. Some traditional countries will be tough sledding, but some other places are so easy that you can do everything wrong and still hook up with the girls.

At the end of the day all you can do is put yourself in the best location and put yourself out there as much as possible. Sometimes you will hook up with girls when you travel, sometimes you won’t, but either way you will hopefully have a good trip.

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