How to Captivate Women with your voice– Sound Attractive so Girls Like You

Now let me ask you, do you have a problem.

Do you have a problem holding the attention of a girl when you talk to her?

You’re talking to a girl, especially a pretty girl, and she just starts to zone out?

She loses interest.

She politely excuses herself.

OR say, you even get her giggling and laughing a bit, you get her number.

And she doesn’t text you back.

Or she flakes.

And you’re living in this hell of something is going right in your conversations.

And you can’t quite put your finger on it.

But it’s lacking that thick sexual tension where the girl is drooling over you because that’s what you really want.

You want it so that anytime you open your mouth to talk, the girl becomes wildly aroused.

And starts chasing YOU down.

She’s the one thinking about YOU obsessively all day.

Well, that’s what today’s video is all about.

Because today, I’m going to show you the KEY to having a sexy, masculine voice…

A hypnotic voice that captivates a woman’s interest…

Holds her like a status there listening to you…

Like she’s under a spell.

And this IS quite possible to pull off.

And at the very end of this video, I’ve got some cool demonstrations to show, so keep on watching to the end.

You want sexual tension

All right, so drill this into your brain because it’s the key X-factor secret sauce to making girls think about you all day long.

It’s this:

Your goal is to build sexual tension with the girl.

If you can go that right at the beginning of the interaction, do it!

If she’s a little skittish, you need to warm her up or loosen her up until she’s receptive to you building sexual tension.

The goal is NOT to be funny. Forget about being funny.

The goal is NOT to be super interesting.

It’s NOT to impress her.

It’s NOT to be fascinating.

It’s NOT to make her giggle and laugh.

If you do those things, and you don’t have sexual tension…

She’ll just be like, “Wow. That was a funny, interesting guy.”

But it won’t be enough for her to pick up the phone and pursue YOU.

You get the crazy results with a girl when there’s WILD sexual tension between the two of you.

So your goal is to build sexual tension.

That is what you are after if you want to date that girl.

Example: exchange names

Now a key ingredient to building that sexual tension is slowing the tempo of your voice.

You Speak. Fucking. Slowly.

You pause for dramatic effect.

Let me give you an example.

So I’m going to introduce myself speaking SLOWLY…and then speak the same words QUICKLY so that you can hear and see the difference.

All right, so here we go:

“By the way…I’m sorry…”

“I never introduced myself.”

“My name is Jesse…”

“You know, like the…”

“Gun… slinging…”

“Horseback riding…”

“Wild West…”


“Jesse James.”

“That’s how you can remember it.”

“So real quick…”

“Who…. ARE you!?”

“Tell me your name.”

“Ah…it’s… Bethany…”




“Sounds like a Disney Princess name to me.”


All right, did you feel how that slow tempo, sounds sexy…

Sounds playful and flirtatious…

And would build up sexual tension?

THAT is how you want to talk to women.

SLOOOOW everything WAAAAY down, right?

Example: talking fast

Now I’m going to introduce myself, speaking quickly…

And you’ll notice how all the sexual tension is just broken.

“By the way, I’m sorry, I never introduced myself.”

“My name is Jesse.”

“You know, like the gunslinging, Horseback riding, Wild west, Outlaw, Jesse James?”

“That’s how you can remember it.”

“So real quick, Who ARE you!? Tell me your name.”

“Ah, it’s Bethany.”

“Bethany, Bethany, Bethany.”

“Sound like a Disney Princess name to me.”

See? It lost all of its sexual punch and power!

Talking fast BREAKS the sexual tension.

What guys do

And most guys, talking to a girl, talk pretty damn fast.


Because, they’re nervous for one.

They want to rush to keep saying things to fill in the “void.”

They feel uncomfortable having pauses.

He’s grasping for straws to keep the conversation going, trying too hard to move things forward.

He’s not playing and having fun with the words.

And then, she’s going to think you’re a loser, trying to get something from her, right?

But I think the bigger reason that guys talk too fast is because of something deeper.

Yeah, maybe he’s nervous, but it really comes down to this:

He doesn’t want to create sexual tension with the girl.

Having a thick, molasses-like sexual tension where the girl is eye-banging you…

Feels uncomfortable to him.

Talking slooooow…slowing it down…feels uncomfortable to him.

It feels uncomfortable to him because now he’s standing out from the crowd.

What he really wants is to just hide away and not be noticed.

And absolutely he doesn’t want the girl to think he’s hitting on her.

He wants to hide his sexuality from her.

He wants to “covertly seduce her” by being the “friendly nice guy.”

He wants it to feel friend-to-friend because that feels more comfortable.

And the two BEST ways to break sexual tension is (1) keep breaking eye contact…

And #2…talk too fast.

Those are the best ways to break sexual tension and make yourself feel more comfortable.

So, if you find yourself keep talking too fast, think about it.

Think WHY..WHY do I keep doing this?

WHY I can’t I just sllooooooow down a lot?

Is it because deep down…I don’t want sexual tension?

Because I want to be the funny guy that makes girls laugh, but it doesn’t really get laid?

Because I want to feel comfortable? What is it?

How I speak

Now in THESE videos on my channel here, I often do talk pretty fast.

That’s because I’m conveying o information, man-to-man.

When you want to convey information, talking fast can sound interesting and captivating.

Because I’m not trying to turn you on.

It serves a different purpose.

And that’s’ why it’s so important to have CLARITY on YOUR purpose when you talk to a girl.

CLARITY that your purpose is to build sexual tension with her.

And that means sloooooow. It. Down.

Use Pauses.

You’re going after a DREAAMY speech where good vocal tone is low, slow, and patient.

Where you’re not in a rush at all…where you take your time…where you play with the words.

 Example #2

All right so, I’m going to give you another example of talking too fast…and sloooowing it down.

This time first… I’ll speak it FAST where I’m breaking the sexual tension…

What I DON’T want to do.

And then I’ll speak it SLOOOOOW so that I build sexual tension…

And you can hear the difference.

So FAST first:

“There’s just something I have to tell you, and it may surprise you a bit, but it’s actually quite nice.”

“I was just over there when I saw you, and what I noticed about you is…”

“You look very ethnically exotic.”

“In fact, you look a lot like a girl I used to date.”

“I’m gonna say you look very Mediterranean or Italian because of your olive skin color, your long black hair, and you’ve got those wildcat eyes.”

“Am I right?”

Slow down

All right, so now we’ll slow down the tempo and we’ll turn up the heat.

Going friend-to-friend…to man-to-woman.

“You know…by the way…there’s just something…I have to tell you…”

“And…it may surprise you a bit…but it’s actually quite nice.”

“I was just over there…when I saw you…”

“And what I noticed about you……. is…”

“You look…rather…ethnically… exotic…”

“In fact… you look a lot like a girl I used to date…”

“I’m gonna say… you look… very…”


“Italian perhaps…”

“Because of… your olive skin color…”

“Your long….Black…hair…”

“And you’ve got these wild…. eyes…”

“Am I right?”

So there! Notice how much more sexually charged that sounds.

Why speaking slow works

And talking with slooow tempo offers you a few OTHER advantages as well.

Number 1: First of all, when you slow down…

It gives your brain time to be creative and think of what to say next.

It gives your brain time to pull that next line or gambit you’ve memorized even.

You’ll be a better conversationalist.

Benefit Number 2: Talking with slow tempo is also more relaxing for YOU.

Slowing down makes conversation feel more enjoyable.

You’ll just like talking to girls a whole lot more.

It won’t feel stressful anymore.


And benefit number 3: You’re going to come across as more natural.

Because if you start approaching a lot of girls, and you start talking to a lot of girls…

You’ll find yourself often saying the same things over and over again.

And it will start to feel repetitive a bit.

Like every girl will ask you, “What do you do,” and you’ll want to have a stock answer ready for that question.

And you talk to enough girls…

You’ll start to sound them a bit robotic.

Like you’ve already done this hundred times.

And you’ll start to sound a bit unnatural or not 100% genuine.

And girls will pick up real quick on that.

That something is OFF.

But that’s when you’re speaking FAST.

When you slooooooow things down…

It has this strange effect of making you sound more natural.

You’ll sound more REAL.

So you don’t sound like you’ve said this hundred times already, which is a very good thing.

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