How to Get On a Girl’s Fuck List

And what you’re about to learn in this video will completely change the way that women look at you.

We’re going to pull back the veil and reveal how to be the Rake… the Don Juan… the lady killer.

From sexless male… to sexy guy… in one master stroke where you enter that golden place of goodness where girls are picking you out as the guy they want to get to know better.

Now, Hollywood movies and mainstream dating advice would have you believe, “Get better grades in school.”

“Work hard at your job.”

“Keep your hair nicely cut.”

“Take a woman out on a nice date.”

“And don’t worry. It will all work out in the end.”

“There’s a “true love” and a soul mate for everybody including you.”

“A pretty, sweet girl is waiting for you at the other end of the rainbow.”

“Just be sure to buy her a big fat diamond ring and a glamorous car if you want to keep her!”

And we all know where that mainstream mythology leads: a thirsty desert of loneliness and awful dates that end nowhere.

The reality is that there’s men that get all the girls and men who barely can find even one girlfriend.

There’s men all the women are attracted to and men that can barely attract a woman at all.

Ninety percent of the sexual marketplace spoils typically go to 10 percent of the guys.

Women Have A “Fuck List”

And women will quickly size you up and put you onto one of two lists.

She’ll either put you on list A (men she’d fuck), or she’ll put you onto list B (men she’ll never fuck).

So you’re either on her A-list, her “Fuck List,” or you’re not.

And as a man on her Fuck List, she’ll think about you…

Dream of you…

And touch herself to you.

And with the right tools and the right techniques, you can get to a place, where every girl you meet WILL put you on her Fuck List of guys she thinks about.

Even “Perfect 10s” like bouncy, bubbly, young girls with full lips, supple skin, sparkling eyes, lustrous hair, and big breasts will be all dreamy for you.

Being on her “Fuck List” is not enough

Now fair warning: getting onto a woman’s Fuck List does not guarantee sex with her.

Getting onto her Fuck List is a necessary condition to sleeping with her but not sufficient.

She may still have logistical barriers and doubts get in the way.

Perhaps she just got married. Or she lives with domineering parents. Or she’s sexually inexperienced and nervous.

Because of such barriers, you can’t sleep with every single girl.

What you can expect

But what you CAN expect is that women will take interest in you.

New girls don’t make you wait.

Sex with a girl occurs on the first or second date. The sex is passionate and happens quickly.

Many girls will have boyfriends or husbands, and they’ll come to you for risky, dangerous sex.

The girls will want to take the condom off to bareback with you. Your female friends and colleagues will try to sleep with you for fun. Teenage girls will continue chasing you well into your 40s and 50s.

The sex is wild with dirty talk, squirting orgasms, and threesomes.

Girls will know explicitly or implicitly that you’re sleeping with many other girls, and yet look the other way to keep you.

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