How to look cool in a way girls LOVE- embrace the spotlight effect

Now dressing cool with a sexual edge…

More than just making you look visually more attractive to girls…

It’s also going to help you ooze with sexuality.

It’s like this:

When you’re DRESSED like a sexy guy, you’ll feel far more actually congruent BEING a sexy guy.

For example, looking the girl…right in the eyes…and thinking about making wild love to her, as you speak to her…

Slowing your voice down…and streeeetching out your words… with a cocky smirk…

Thinking to yourself, “Yeah girl, you want this. Having sex with me is the best thing that could ever happen to you.”

It’s easier to think like that guy, it’s easier to BE that guy when you’re DRESSED like that kind of guy…

When you LOOK like that kind of guy.

But when you’re dressing plainly…

When you’re wearing a plan white shirt and old sneakers and jeans…

I mean, you can still work with it.

But it’s a matter of feeling congruent.

If you want to be this sexy guy…

Projecting charismatic energy that injects the girl with Zest and aliveness…

But you’re dressed like a NOBODY on the outside.

That’s a mismatch.

You want to start aligning your powerful inner energy…with a powerful outward appearance.

So that you have congruence between the outside dress and the inside man.

Where resistance comes from

Now you may find yourself feeling resistant to dressing cool with a sexual edge.

Your mind just comes up with reasons like,

“Well, Jesse…that’s not ME.”

Or…“I don’t know. It doesn’t feel comfortable.”

Or you just don’t want to put the effort in.

And why is that?

Well, listen, sticking out from the crowd…

While it does make you far more attractive, while it puts women’s eyes on you…

It also creates that spotlight effect.

It’s like you’re on stage…and the spotlight is on YOU.

And you have an audience around you.

And if you have stage fright…

If you are scared to get up and speak in front of an audience…

That same feeling of wanting to step down off that stage and just blend in with the crowd…

That same fear feeling will also tell you to dress boring…and just look like everybody else.

That’s why so few men dress well because it’s social pressure to handle.

And guys don’t want to be noticed. They just want to blend in.

Yeah, they want pretty girls, but really their higher priority is just to conserve energy.

So they don’t get the girls.

Example: Think about women

But again, that’s why women love men who dress COOL with a sexual edge.

Because drawing attention to yourself through looking different and COOL…

Shows that you’re confident enough to stick out.

It’s an indicator, it’s an honest signal, of inner confidence.

Just imagine a girl for example.

She’s wearing hot pink high heels.

She’s wearing a colorful red, tight little dress.

Well, typically, only really hot chicks wear neon colors and bright colors.

Only really hot chicks wear high heels.

Because less attractive women are too afraid to have that much attention on them.

Most women buckle under the kind of social pressure that bright colors bring.

Most women can’t handle the spotlight effect on them.

So you see a girl wearing hot pink and high heels…

And you better believe that girls is probably an 8, or a 9, or a 10 in looks.

Because average-looking girls can’t handle the attention.

But there’s nothing stopping you from doing that too.

It’s like a little glitch in the Matrix that you can exploit and date those super-hot girls.

Most guys aren’t bold enough to do it, which means my friend, you have virtually no competition whatsoever.

You dress well, you’ll almost always be the best dressed man in the room.

And you can play a little game called… “I… Win…”

“I win…” my favorite game.

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