5 Secrets to a Hypnotic Attractive Voice to Captivate Hot Girls

Hey, what’s up? It’s your pal Jesse here…and today…

I’m going to show you how to rope in girls…

How to captivate them…

How to keep all their attention on you…

How to keep them talking and in a conversation…

Just with using a hypnotic rhythm to what you say.

And I’ve got FIVE tips for you to accomplish that… with the FIFTH tip being an extra special technique I use that I’ve never seen revealed elsewhere.

 My story

Now, I was really terrible with women.

And what I would do is…I’d just talk and talk and talk…pretty much getting the words out as fast as I could…and it had no rhythm to it.

I was just conveying information in a purely informational way like I was giving a business report.

And that’s how most guys talk basically.


You can with a few easy tips, actually change the rhythm of your conversation so that it pulls the girl in and literally hypnotizes her into listening to you.

Compelling future

And once you do that, something really amazing happens.

You get a  girl on the phone…and she won’t want to get off speaking to you because it’s so nice listening to your voice.

You talk to a girl on the street, and even if she wasn’t into you at first, after just a minute… you’ll have her fully hanging off your every word.

After a five-minute conversation, she’s thinking, “Damn! Now…that was a sexy guy.”

Yeah, so this is powerful stuff, and you want to listen up.

Tip #1: Sexual Tension

Okay so tip #1 to creating a hypnotic rhythm to the way you speak is understanding what you want to accomplish with the girl.

And your end goal in those first 10 minutes of talking to her is to create sexual tension.

Your goal is to create sexual tension.

It’s not to be funny.

It’s not to make her laugh.

It’s not make her feel excited.

It’s not to make her think you’re interesting or smart.

Your goal is to make her feel a thick, oozing sexual tension between the two of you, like warm molasses where you’re getting the girl feeling DTF for you.

She should sense from your sexual vibe that if she were alone with you in a room, she’d be in danger of getting her hair pulled and being roughly fucked.

And that’s what the rhythm of the words are designed to accomplish.

So it’s important to understand WHY you’re making certain choices in the rhythm.

And every choice is to increase sexual tension.

Tip #2: Speak Sloooooow

Alright tip #2!

Getting this rhythm down…

The most important thing is to…SLOOOOW…down.


Speak Sloooooww.

Use Pauses.

Use pause for dramatic effect.

Slow and patient.

String out the words as long as you like.

Do not be in a rush to get it all out.

Take your time.


Here’s an example: first we’ll talk FAST:

“So tell me, I’m not quite sure…what to think about you…yet.”

“Is there more to you than meets the eye?”

“Go head…tell me one thing…about yourself…that would make someone want to get know you…better.”

Now let’s do it again, but we’ll slooow way down with lots of pauses:

“So tell me…I’m not quite sure…what to think about you…yet.”

“Is there more to you…than meets the eye?”

“Go head…tell me one thing…about yourself…that would make someone want to get know you…better.”

You’re playing with the words…you’re playing with the pauses.

See how much sexier that sounds, just be slowing it down.

Tip #3: streeeetch out the words

Okay super sauce tip #3 for having a hypnotic, sexy rhythm that creates wild sexual tension is…

You want to streeeeeeetch out your words…

Just streeeeeetch those words out.

Puuuuuull thoooooose out loooooong.

So you say to the girl…

“Soooooooooo….By the waaaaayyy…you don’t like you’re from around here…are you?”

See how much better that sounds than.

“So by the way, you don’t like you’re from around here..”

Or instead of saying hello, you can say…

“Heeeeeyyy… helloo theeeereeee.”

Just streeeetch those words out like Gumby.

That creates a sexy rhythm.

“Ohhhh…myyyyyy…gaaawd…you did not just say that did you?”

“I don’t know if I should keep talking to you…or run away…as fast as possible.”

You see?

“Ooooohh myyyy gawwd.”

Tip #4: Add mid-sentence pauses

Tip #4 for impregnating those sentences with sexual tension using your rhythm…

Is add plenty of mid-sentence pauses like when you’re introducing yourself.

“Hey…I’m sorry… I didn’t introduce myself earlier. My name is Jesse…like the gunslinging…horseback riding…outlaw…Jesse James. And you are? What’s your name?”

Just lots of pauses everywhere.

PLAY with the pauses.

Each pause is like an open, that keeps her attention…wanting to hear the next little bit.

Also with pauses…it gives you a beat so that your brain can process what to say next…

And SHE understands what you’re saying better as well.

Whereas when you don’t use pauses, it sounds a lot more stiff and robotic…

“Hey… I’m sorry… I didn’t introduce myself earlier. My name is Jesse like the gunslinging horseback riding outlaw, Jesse James.  And you are?  What’s your name?”

Yeah? No good!

 Tip #5: use EC melts

All right, now my fifth and final tip for you to create a rhythm that creates sexual tension is…

Throw in a what I call an “Eye Contact MELT” pause.

It’s simple.

You’re going to create a LOOONG pause in the middle of a sentence…and during that pause… just smile and make eye contact with her…

And THEN continue with what you were saying.

So here’s an example, I’m going to do it on you.

“Hey…I’m sorry…I didn’t introduce myself earlier.”

“My name is Jesse.”

“You know, like the…”

*** do the EC melt ***


“Horseback riding…”


“Jesse James.”

So, I did a LOOONG pause there while looking the girl into the eyes intensely…

And just smiling.

It really amps up the sexual tension quite a bit.

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