How to Lay White Girls and Hot Blondes – 5 Tips for Darker Dudes

Are you interested in mingling with the white race, my darker skinned friend???

Well I’m going to show you exactly how to do it!!!

Yes, this article is for you, darker gentlemen, who want to shag blondies and slay creamy pale-skinned white girls.

This article is for you if you’re crushing on a white girl, but you’re holding back because you’re afraid your ethnic race or the color of your skin is working against you.

The problem is, if you keep going down the same path you’ve always been going, you’re just going to get the same results you’ve always gotten.

And you’re going to be lonely and empty handed for God knows how long.

But make a few little changes.

Follow the tips in this video to start, and a whole new world of hot and friendly blondes and white girls could be throwing themselves at you in no time at all.

And no, this not sugar-coated, politically correct B.S. like “just be yourself” that you read in a mainstream sources.

We will be using the real and the raw psychological warfare on white girls to achieve your noble aims.

And in this video, I have FIVE tips for you to make it happen!

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Tip #1. Go to where the blonde girls are

All right, let’s get started!

My first tip for you if you love the look of blondes and you want to shag blonde girls is…

You need to go to where the blondes are.

And as simple and as obvious as that sounds, it’s surprising how few guys actually do it.

Listen, my friend. If you live in El Paso, Texas, on the border with Mexico, probably not the best place to FIND a lot of white girls.

If you live in Naples, Italy, again, not the best place to find white girls or blonde girls.

Rather, you need to get your butt over to say Scandinavia, Russia, Minnesota, or Nebraska.

But “Jesse,” you may protest, “Jesse, I can’t just leave my parents.”

“I can’t leave my culture.”

“I have a job. I can’t just pick up and go!”

Well look, my friend, how badly do you want it?

How badly do you really want it???

These girls aren’t coming to you.

You have to go to them.

I know. I empathize with you. It sucks.

I wish I was born a millionaire.

But what are you going to DO about it?

Look. Success in pickup is all about logistics.

A guy with bad game is going to get more blondes into bed if he’s surrounded by them all the time.

That’s a simple fact.

Compared to a guy who is tall and good looking and charismatic, but there’s no blondes around to be found.

So get up and move to where the girls you want are.

No more excuses.

And if this all making sense so far, leave me a comment below, “Yes, Jesse, YES, you are speaking my language brother!”

Tip #2. Put blondes into a box

Now my second tip for you if you’re a darker guy who loves white girls or blondes is, use the following conversation trick to make her feel attracted to you.

And here’s the trick:

Make assumptions about HER race and try to put her into a box that she has to climb out of.

So you’re going to pick a few funny racial stereotypes about white people.

You might playfully tell her, again *playfully* tell her…

“Hmmm. You’re pretty white. Let me guess. You’re originally from Nebraska.”

“And you like to watch reruns of Friends.”

“And your favorite food is hamburgers and fries with white Mayonnaise. Right?”

Essentially, you’re hitting a couple attraction trigger points on the girl here.

First, you’re coming from the point of view of the buyer and framing it that she has to sell herself to you.

When she answers you, she’ll be qualifying herself to YOU, trying to correct the record.

She’ll start explaining herself to you, which is investing into the conversation,

And in effect, a subtle form of chasing YOU.

Another way to look at this is with your assumptions, you are putting her into a little box of white cultural stereotypes.

And then you’re effectively telling her, “All right, now let’s see you climb out of that little box and win my approval over.”

And watch the girl work now to try to impress you, and qualify herself to you, as she attempts to climb her way out of the box you’ve set for her.

Tip #3. Don’t play into stereotypes

Now my third tip for you if you’re after blonde girls and white girls is…

Don’t play into the cultural stereotypes that white girls probably have of your race.

For example, say you’re an Indian guy from India in the Asian continent….

White girls are going to have a particular stereotype of the funny, silly Indian guy.

A big 1970’s-style mustache.

Skinny as a stick.

A thick, funny-sounding Indian accent.

A plain collar office shirt.

The bobbling head.

In fact, there’s nothing in Western culture that says Indian guys are particularly sexy.

So, if you want to be sexy to white girls, you should be the Indian guy that *breaks* all the stereotypes of Indian guys.

Cut off that mustache. Cut it off completely.

Lift heavy weights and go to the gym and put on 30 pounds of heavy muscle weight so you don’t look like a stick anymore.

Trade in that boring collar shirt for something more daring and modern.

Take accent reduction lessons so that you speak with a flat accent.

Get rid of the glasses.

And so on.

Take all those things and smash them on the wall!

Make it full warfare on your old self to create a softer and more familiar first impression.

Yeah, you could argue this is “white washing” yourself to get laid, but do you want to hear pretty little white lies to make you feel better or do you want the truth of what will work?

This channel, my friend, is all about the truth, even if it’s hard to hear!

Tip #4. Make white friends

All right, so tip #4 to smash blonde girls and white girls is to become friends with the type of men that will know a bunch of white girls, which means becoming friends with more white guys.

Hang out with white guys as much as you can.

It’s going to help you immerse yourself in the white culture, which means white girls will be able to relate to you better.

You’re going to be introduced to white girls by their friends in social circles, which means, yeah, you’re the dark guy, but you’re a safe and socially acceptable dark guy.

It makes it a lot easier to attract the girl and build comfort.

And it’s not hard to do.

Like if you’re at a bar full of white people, just be a friendly and cool dude.

And you can even be honest.

Just open a white dude and tell him, “Yo, here’s the craziest thing. I’ve got a thing for white girls. I’m a little embarrassed about it.”

And that’s a good conversation starter to bond over.

Or tell the white guy, “Hey man, I’d like to introduce myself.”

“I’m working on my social skills, trying to meet more people.”

“I don’t have many white friends yet, and I’m trying to expand my comfort zone a little.”

Yep. Telling the truth with a smile on your face can get you pretty far in making some new friends.

Tip #5. Use social Media

And my fifth tip for you, my brown or black friend, is if you want to smash white girls, create social proof yourself.

You’re going to look a lot more attractive to white girls when they see you with other white people, which means employ social media on your side!

Once you start making some white male friends, go snap, snap, snap.

Take some cool selfie photos of you together with them and post the photos on your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

When you’re hanging out with a white friend’s white sister for example, get a group selfie and post it.

Because when white girls you’re into see you hanging out with other people, suddenly you become a lot more attractive to them.

You become the “safe” ethnic guy, yet with that exotic ethnic edge.

So, there you go my friend, those are the five tips I have for you.

And when you can finally shag that blonde bombshell you’ve always wanted, I guarantee you, it’s going to be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

In fact, all your problems will just melt away.

You will become a perfect human being transcending to the next plain of existence.

You will reach a Nirvana-like happiness that will last for all time.

Well, either that, or after you shag her, you discover your life is really no different than when it was before either way.

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