3 Tips to Make Hot Girls Talk With You – Pickup Chicks like a Pro

Hey! What’s up, my friend? It’s your pal, Jesse, here from your most favorite dating website in the whole wide world, Seduction Science.

In this video, I’m giving you THREE tips, three secrets, to make a pretty girl instantly drop whatever she’s doing.

Ha! You thought I was going to say, “instantly drop her clothes,” didn’t you?

Nope! Even better, to drop whatever she’s doing to talk to YOU because you’re such a STUD.

Scary story

Let me ask you, have you ever seen a pretty girl walk on by or perhaps you know a cute girl at your school or work, and you hesitated going up to her to say hello?

You figured, “Well, realistically, why would she stop and talk to ME? I mean, she’s a hot girl, right? Am I right? She probably gets attention from tons of guys. So, she’s not going to stop whatever she’s doing, and just flirt back with ME, right?”

And we’re all afraid of being rejected, or just having a girl flat out ignore us where you go up to her and BAM!  She’s NOT interested in you.

And you feel awkward and foolish.

Like “Aaahhhh”

 Combine these

Well, no worries here because Jesse has your back!

I’m going to give you THREE ways—three incredible ways—To make a beautiful girl stop and talk and flirt with YOU, effectively making YOU the STUD mac daddy man with the pickup power.

AND watch out!

What’s more, you can combine all three of these tips to have an even MORE irresistible hypnotic effect on a girl.

In fact, if you combine all three of these tips, I guarantee that pretty much ANY girl you see…

Even if she’s a perfect 10 goddess sent from heaven, the kind of girl that NO normal guy would ever dare talk to…

YOU will be able to stop and get her attention and get her smiling flirting with YOU.

So, you want to be sure to watch to the very end of this video to get all THREE of these tips I’m about to throw down, especially tip number three which I guarantee you’ve never heard it…

As it’s possibly the most powerful way to make a girl stop her feet, snap her attention, and talk.

And when she’s talking to her girlfriends later, she’ll say to them…

“You know, I met this guy and I found myself talking to him for 20 minutes…”

“And I just gave him my number. It’s weird. I don’t even know what came over me!”

Which is a trick that is going to put YOU ahead of all the other men out there.

And if that all sounds good to you, then let’s crack into it.

Tip #1: Be good looking

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first, shall we?

The first reason a girl will stop and talk and flirt with you is…

I hate to this, but it’s true, your looks!

Good looks, what it does for you is it gives you instant compliance.

The girl starts at the hook point instantly as soon as you say hello to her.

In other words, when you tell the girl, “Hey, hey! Stop, stop, just a moment, just two seconds, you see, I’ve got something to tell you.”

Or you tell her, “Hey, I noticed something about you.”

When you stop the girl and start a conversation with her, she’s instantly compliant like that, compliant in the sense she’ll stop her feet.

She’ll perk up her ears, and she’ll listen to what you have to say.

When you’re good looking, she’ll drop whatever she’s doing and she’ll give you her full attention…

At least for a couple of moments.

And in those couple of moments, that’s your chance to demonstrate your personality and your charisma to her and reel her in.

Good looks, it essentially buys you that 60 seconds of time to show her that you’re a cool guy and to create a sexual vibe with her.

And looks throws you forward to the hook point instantly.

So you can, many times, even skip over the “attraction phase” or at least have a very short attraction phase…

And jump right into qualifying the girl, where she’s eager to prove herself to you.

How to do it

Now you might be like, “Well, Jesse, I’m not the best-looking guy, so yeah, no duh, looks matter. But how does this help me?”

Well, fortunately, there’s many different ways to becoming “good looking.”

You could be tall, and there’s ways to fix that if you’re a short guy.

You could be well dressed, which is fixable if you’re not stylish yet.

You could be muscular, and there’s quick shortcuts to creating the optical illusion of being more jacked.

You could be well groomed, which can be worked on.

Your good looks could be based on colors like having white teeth, blonde hair, and blue eyes.

Which can all be colored and manipulated.

You can give off a particular vibe with your clothes like being an edgy bad boy rebel or being a fun guy on permanent vacation.

Those looks can be crafted.

The point is, with a little time, a little effort, and a little know how, your looks are correctable.

You can become Mr. Good Looks Stud Muffin.

And when that happens, pretty girls will stop for you and listen with their full attention.

And I cover how to manipulate your looks in all those aspects and more in Girlfriend Express.

You can find the link for that in the description below.

Another interesting video I shot is, “10 Gadgets to Look Handsome Instantly.”

You’ll find a link in the description for that as well.

Tip #2: Go in HARD

Now the second secret to making hot girls to stop and talk to you is…

Do NOT soft pedal your open.

Let me explain.

This is not politically correct to say, but this is NOT a politically correct channel.

The fact is, women get ATTRACTED when confronted with aggression.

It’s hard for us men to wrap our heads around this because when an aggressive other male comes up to YOU, and he gets close, when he looks you directly in the eye, when he has a loud voice…

When another male steps into you hard, for us guys, that’s a THREAT.

Women, however, don’t respond the same way we men do.

Women can’t possibly fight, and this guy could be a good sexual prospect.

So instead, women have a “please or appease” response when confronted with sexual aggression.

They’re hardwired to either befriend or sooth aggressive men to avoid trouble.

So when you stop a girl…

When you give her strong eye piercing contact…

When you come in with a LOUD projecting voice that commands attention…

When you step in close with proximity slightly into her personal space…

When you give her a big, playful, aggressive smile…

That actually gives women the tingles, the sexual tingles on a primitive, primal level.

Girls respond to that predator masculinity.

Speaking LOUDLY, you’d think that would startle the guy or scare her off.

But paradoxically, speaking LOUDLY makes the girl feel MORE comfortable with you, not less.

And guys, we guys mistakenly think that by being LESS intrusive, that we increase our chance of stopping the girl, which is the damn opposite of the truth!

So here’s my point

So here’s my point:

Resist the urge to deflate the tension.

Resist the urge to look away and break eye contact.

Resist that urge to keep your voice low.

Resist that urge to stand way far back from her.

Resist the urge to close to not smile and be so serious.

Do NOT soft-pedal the open.

Do NOT back down.

Do NOT give your power away!

If you want a sexually charged interaction that gets the girl to stop her feet, talking to you, and flirting with you…

Then be intrusive and go in HARD!

 Tip #3: Be commanding

All right, all right, this is the special one!

The third way to make pretty girls stop and talk to you is…

Understanding that woman auto-stop for a commanding presence.

Yep, commanding presence!

Being tall.

Having a great posture.

Being well dressed.

Your physical size.

Your piercing eye contact.

The power and projection of your voice.

Confidence shining through.

Unapologetically and freely going for what you want.

All these things contribute to having a commanding presence.

She’ll sense that when you talk, people listen.

So when you tell her, “Hey there, excuse me, woman. Stop! Two seconds.”

At a core, emotional level, her feet will stop, and she’ll listen even before she’s processed what’s happening.

Braveheart analogy

Think of it like this.

Imagine you’re the actor Mel Gibson back in 1995.

You are Braveheart on the battlefield.

You are the commander of a Medieval army of hardened fighters…

Wielding swords in hand and hammers, with war paint smeared on their faces…

Covered in animal skins.

And you run out in front to meet the opposing force.

You lead the charge.

And in the battle you hack and you slash and you spill a lot of blood…

And out from the smoke and blood, you emerge victorious.

And now you go up to a girl like a barbarian who has just led an army into battle.

Eye contact.

Loud voice.

Large physicality.

Cocky and sure of your sexuality and your victory.

That’s the starting point of having a commanding presence.

And the girl’s feet WILL stop and listen, automatically…

Because she’ll just naturally sense that people stop and listen when you, the leader, speak.


So those are my THREE tips to make a girl stop and feel happy to talk to you because YOU are an attractive dude.

Number 1:

Work on your looks. Looking sharp puts her at the hook point right away and gives you instant compliance.

Number 2:

Women stop when confronted with aggression. So go in hard, and don’t soft pedal your voice or your eye contact.

And number 3:

Work on having a commanding presence

Combine those

COMBINE those three, and you have essentially a magic formula for having even the hottest girls stop and talk to you at least for a few minutes…

Even girls that are in rush and late for an appointment…

Even girls who already have five guys all wanting to be her boyfriend…

Even girls who are so beautiful they get spoiled with male attention everywhere they go…

Even super-hot girls…

So long as you are well-presented, and open with conviction, and open with a commanding presence…

Most girls will stop and at least give you a chance…

A chance to see what happens…

A chance to see if there’s something more there…

A chance to talk to her for a few minutes at least and get your value out.

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