One simple trick to get a girl into bed off the first date

You’re on that first date.

You’re feeling her. She’s feeling you.

The vibe is good.

And you’d like to pull her back to your place.

You’d like to bounce her right there and then for some fun times.

I mean, why not?

This day and age, a lot of girls are down with that.

But a problem arises…

Your worst nightmare…

And I’m going to explain what that is…

 Take an Uber to first date location

All right, so here’s a clever little trick for getting a girl back to your place after a first date:

If you can’t walk to the first date location…

And you have to drive there, do NOT drive yourself to the first date in your own car.


Do NOT drive yourself to that first date location.

Don’t drive yourself in your car.

Instead, get there using a ride-sharing service like an Uber.

Take an Uber or ride sharing service to that first date location.

And there’s THREE reasons to do this:

Reason #1

The first reason NOT to drive to yourself to the first date location is because…

You might want to have an alcoholic drink yourself.

Maybe not. It’s even better if you don’t drink really.

You’ll be healthier. That’s a far more sustainable dating lifestyle when you abstain.

But just in case, you never know what’s going to happen if you do have a drink.

That’s one less thing to worry about it, getting behind the wheel and having to drive yourself back especially if you have the girl with you in your car…

And you’ve had a drink…

And it’s dark out…

And you’re driving…

AND you’re also entertaining her, talking her, keeping her occupied…

Keeping the good emotions up…

WHY drive yourself?

Make your life simple… make your life safer… and have an Uber drive you home.

Reason #2

Now the next two reasons to take a ride-sharing service to the first date are even more important.

The second reason to use a ride sharing service to the first date venue is because…

After a few hours when you’re ready to bounce the girl home back to your place…

A girl will feel far more comfortable and at ease jumping into an Uber rather than jumping into YOUR car.

Just to the girl’s brain, “Oh, I’m jumping into an Uber.”

That’s a normal thing she’s done dozens or hundreds of times.

That’s socially acceptable.

There’s nothing weird about that.

But jumping into YOUR car…

Well, she likes you…

But in reality she’s only had a few hours of face-to-face time with you.

So the idea of jumping in YOUR car…

Now that’s a bigger stretch.

She may wobble there.

Her logical brain may put up resistance to doing that.

She might tell you, “Ehh…it’s getting late. I’m gonna go back home.”

And you don’t want that.

You want to grease the slide and shift as many factors as you can to your favor.


So when you tell her, “Let’s go outside for a second, no big deal.”

And when you’re outside you tell her…

“Look I’m gonna go change my shoes real quick. Anyway, I want to show you this awesome video I was telling you about on my laptop…

And then you just quietly summon the Uber.

You don’t need to announce it.

You just quietly summon the Uber.

And suddenly, your ride magically appears right at your feet to wherever you’re standing at that moment.

And because it’s NOT your car, she’ll jump in rather easily.

Because she’s jumping into an Uber.

That is socially acceptable.

There’s nothing about jumping into an Uber.

That’s normal.

She gets in. You’re on your way to your place now.

Simple. Done.

But if you drove there…

But say, YOU drove your car to the first date location.

Now, the car doesn’t appear at your feet.

Now you’ve got to walk HER all the way to your car, wherever you’re parked.

And then you’ve got to open your car door and tell her to get in.

She’s got to get into YOUR car.

And she’s gonna stop and think,

“Well, I don’t know this guy THAT well.”

“And I’m about to get his car.”

“This is a critical moment of decision.”

And her logical brain may very well kick in and think, “Wait a second. Stop.”

And then she wobbles.


So if you do have to drive to that first date location, always take a ride sharing service to get over there, and take that ride sharing service back as well.

Because it’s far more likely you’ll get the girl to jump into that car with you coming back.

Again, stack everything you can in your favor.

Reason #3.

Now the third reason to NOT drive yourself…

But rather take a ride-sharing service to the first date location is because…

If you drive yourself there and imagine that the girl likes you a LOT.

And say you DO get her to come back to your place in YOUR car…

She doesn’t wobble, she gets right in.

Well now, YOU are driving back to your place with her in the front passenger seat.

Fair enough, right?

Well guess what…

You have to sit in the driver’s seat, with your hands on the steering wheel…

Paying at least SOME attention to the road… I hope.

When ideally, you should be fully occupying that girl’s mind and her attention during this critical phase.

During this critical phase where the two of you are on your way back to your place,

The thing is, you don’t want to give her critical, logical brain a chance to crop up and start thinking to itself, excuses to stop, right?

Like maybe you’re driving her to your place, and the energy dips, and she suddenly starts to change her mind.

It’s far better if you can fully engage with her and keep her mind occupied during the drive time.

So when you take an Uber back to your place, and you have someone ELSE drive you back together…

That’s a huge advantage!

Because NOW you and the girl can sit in that back seat together.

You have your hands free. You have your eyes free. You have your attention free.

So that means you can talk to her 100%.

You can be fully expressive. You can more easily physically escalate.

You can make full deep eye contact with her. You can build sexual tension or just tell her stories and hold her attention.

When you’re driving, it’s easier to engage with her, and keep that good vibe rolling…

And keep those good emotions flowing.

You don’t need a car

Now, this is just one reason, among many, why in my opinion paying for an expensive car is absolutely one of the worst investments you can make in terms of getting women into bed.

Spending money on a car just to impress girls is possibly the absolute worst investment.

Because if you go about his right that money spent on an expensive monthly car payment…

Should rather go into, say, living in a location that’s a 5-to 15-minute walk or 5-minute drive from a good first date venue.

And if you have to drive to meet the girl, you’re far better off going in an Uber anyway.

So from a practical standpoint, the girl should NEVER be seeing your car anyway…

At NO POINT in the process should she ever have an opportunity to see or sit in your car if you have the first date structured properly.


So don’t waste spending more than you need to on a car.

Now if you’re a huge Tesla fan, for example, and you just like to experience cutting edge technology and you have the extra money to burn anyway…

You’re doing it more for you, not to impress a girl.

That’s fine.

But again, don’t do it to impress a girl.

Make HER take an Uber too!

Now here is your bonus tip.

Are you ready?!

Not only do you not want to drive yourself to the first date location, but it’s way better if the GIRL doesn’t drive herself in her car either.

If your date has to drive herself there, do not let her.

Do not let her go there in her own car.

And here’s why:

If she drives to the first date location, again…

It’s going to be far more logistically complicated to pull her back to your place afterward.


Let’s just run through the scenario.

You like her.

She likes you.

The sexual tension is thick.

You want to bounce out of there back to your place. You’re gonna quietly call up an Uber.

And you tell her, “I’m going to show you that amazing pet rock collection I’ve been telling you about.”

And she’ll tell you, “Yeah, sounds amazing… buuuuuut…. I don’t want to leave my car here.”

And then you’re not going. That’s the end of that.

Or you might tell her, “All right, sounds amazing. Let’s go.”

“But I don’t want to leave my car here.”

“So, I’ll drive us both to your place.”

And that’s not ideal either because…

First, she might have had some drinks and be a little drunk.

And second, when she’s driving you can’t easily physically escalate on her nearly as easily.

And third, when she’s driving, that means her logical brain kicks in the whole time…

“Shit, I’m driving myself to the guy’s place.”

So, if the emotions dip at any time, and she snaps out of that nice fuzzy trance…

Her anti-slut defense might kick in at any moment, and she can just change her mind.

After all she’s the one driving… she’s in full control.

So have her take an Uber herself to the first date venue.

That way, when it’s time to bounce, there’s no problem for you BOTH to jump into the Uber.

How to do it

And that’s easy to do.

You’re going to tell her very clearly and explicitly NOT to drive herself there.

You’re gonna tell her along the lines of…

“Hey! Take an Uber because I had a friend who got into an accident from doing some drinking.”

“And you might want to have some drinks there.”

“Besides, I’m gonna pay for your ride.”

And then when you call her Uber, the Uber driver will be expecting to picking YOU up because your using YOUR account.

The driver is expecting to pick up a guy.

So he’ll be confused when he sees your date, a female.

So as soon as you request the Uber, you’re going to message the drive the following…

“Hey, I’m sending you to pick up a girl, and bring that girl to that location where I’m meeting her.”

And then just describe what she looks like.

That way he doesn’t get confused.

In addition to that, when you see on your map that the driver is a few minutes away from picking up the girl, call her or send her message that the Uber is almost there and to wait outside for it.

“Hey, it’s a red Camry. It’ll be there in five minutes. Please be ready and stand outside or the driver is not going to see you.”

So there you go.

Don’t drive yourself to the first date venue.

And don’t let your date driver herself there either.

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