ONE trick to stand out to ANY girl | The hindbrain tug

Do you ever FEEL like you’re being ignored by girls?

Do you feel like maybe you’re invisible to them?

And you just wished you had a simple little trick to stand out from the crowd?

Hey, it’s Jesse here!

And this video is for you if you feel you don’t get the attention from pretty girls you deserve.

And I’ve got to warn you: what you’re about to learn will forever change the way you view your senses, girls, and what they respond to.

And when you finish watching this video, you will know the one thing that no girl can resist.

And you’ll wonder why you never did it before.

And if you *don’t* do this one thing… you’ll continue to be ignored by pretty girls, invisible to them… and missing out.

Analogy: flowers

So, think of this: millions of years ago when green plants like ferns grew in the forests, they sexually reproduced when gusts of wind carried their spores from one fern to another fern. So wind spread their seeds.

And hundreds of millions of years ago, all plants were just variations of green for photosynthesis.

You’d see blue in the sky.

And you’d see brown on the tree bark, and the Earth.

So you’d see blue, brown, and green.

And that’s about it.

And then about 160 million years ago, plants developed a new trick.

Flowers evolved.

And flowers evolved all sorts of shapes, but colors as well: red, orange, pink, yellow, violet.

And these brand-new colors attracted bugs and bees, which would be attracted to the flowers, signaled by the bright colors.

The bee would get pollen on its legs, then fly to another plant, and pollinate the plants that way.

Analogy: fruit

Plants had created another tactic as well: seeds evolved into tasty, sweet, colorful fruit.

The fruit would be a new color: red, violet, purple.

The color would signal to the eye of a mammal or a bird, who would be attracted and come by, eat the berries which contained seeds.

The animal would walk many miles away and eventually poop out the waste.

The seed would remain intact, and then find itself in a pile of warm, moist, wet, poop full of nutrients and be able to get a head start on growing into a plant.

So you’ve got a world of green, blue, and brown. Kind of boring, right?

So plants have figured out, you know, if I make flowers, if I make fruit in these exotic colors like red, bugs, bees, birds, and mammals get attracted, take my seeds or take my pollen and spread it around.

Modern Marketing

And even we humans today, what do we associate red with?

Sexuality. Aggression. Excitement.

We are essentially like foraging mammals today. Our brains haven’t changed.

Companies still use bright reds to catch our attention like a can of Coca Cola or a can of Pepsi.

Firetrucks are typically painted a bright red, or sometimes a bright canary yellow, so that they’re easy to spot.

Red is the color of command and authority. Like on Star Trek, the captain typically wears a RED uniform.

Kings typically wore PURPLE… , is simply a mix of blue and RED.

The colors: what they mean

So, whereas brown, the color of dirt and wood,

And green, the color of photosynthesizing plants,

And blue, the color of the sky and the oceans,

The common colors of nature have a CALMING effect on us.

Say, take a stroll through a green forest, or take look out onto the ocean from the beach, it brings you sense of peace and relaxation.

The RARE colors of nature like red stand out, grab us by the collar, and command our attention.

We don’t consciously choose this. It’s just what our hindbrain, that reptilian brain, automatically and unconsciously responds to.

The secret

So, if you want to STAND OUT and grab a cute girl’s attention, you can literally hijack her brain by using color in a smart way.

You’ll see that most guys play it absolutely safe. They wear black. They wear brown. They wear a dark blue. These are all *calming* colors.

They’re colors so common in nature that to the human mind, they simply recede into the background and aren’t noticed.

Most guys do not want to take a risk. Most guys do NOT want to be noticed, and do NOT want to bring any attention to themselves.

They just want to fit in, not be judged and look like everyone else. So they play it safe.

Red clothes effect on women

But here’s the secret to standing out from all the other guys:

Add a little bit of red to your daily outfit.

Studies have shown conclusively that men pictured in a red shirt or standing against a red background, look more sexually attractive to women.

The men don’t look more aggregable. They don’t look more likable. They don’t look more outgoing.

They look more sexually attractive. Raw sexual attraction.

You stand out more.

And not only does wearing red make you look more attractive.

But *knowing* that you are wearing red makes you FEEL more attractive, which causes you to ACT more attractive…

Act more assertive…

Act more entitled…

Act more confident…

Which causes even *more* attraction in girls.

And if this is all making sense to you so far, please tell me in the comments below by typing, the word “RED.”

Examples of red

I mean just look. You’ve had the experience of say walking down the street, minding your own business when you spotted a girl wearing a bright red jacket…

Or a hot red shirt…

Or bright red shoes…

Or she wore hot red lipstick…

Or red manicured nails…

And that red caught you eye.

It screamed sex.

And when I wear red myself in my outfits, I always get more looks from girls, friendlier responses when I talk to girls, longer conversations, more attention, and more compliments.

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