6 Reasons Why I Quit Drinking Alcohol- And How to Make Girls Like You For It


Now, drinking alcohol when you go out, it has certain advantages

Let’s say you’re a bit nervous around women and people.

You go to a bar or to a club and you don’t really feel like you belong there.

Seems like everyone is having fun but you feel a little awkward.

Maybe you want to talk to some women, but you feel stiff. And stifled. And restrained by an invisible force.

And you’ve got a lot of hesitation.

In fact, there’s a really pretty girl there and you’d love to talk her but your heart is just pounding out of your chest.

The Cheat Code

Fortunately, there’s a little cheat code you can use to loosen up and drown out some of that anxiety.

It’s real simple: take a drink.

Alcohol, it’s your magic pill to feel more loose…to feel more free… to feel more “unstifled” and charismatic.

Alcohol will allow your natural personality to shine a little bit more.

To feel a little bit more confident.

To make you feel better and more at ease.

Having a drink, sure, it’s not going to turn you into a Casanova superhero, but at least it takes the edge off.

It’s an easy way to get “into the zone.”

More effects of alcohol

Alcohol has a couple of other cool helpful effects.

First, it’s an anchor. It’s an anchor to access that side of your personality, the social and charismatic side.

Just having the drink in your hand before you’ve even had a sip is a signal to your brain that now it’s okay to be free and sociable.

And alcohol in a sense also gives you PERMISSION to be free and be bit more of a badass.

Because you get louder, you get more talkative.

People aren’t going to weird, right?

You’ve been drinking.

They’ll just think, “Oh, he’s drinking. That’s why he’s acting like that.”

So alcohol, by society’s standards, gives you permission to say “Yes” to your slightly wilder side.

That’s quite a cheat code, isn’t it?

Problem #1: we develop tolerance

Now, here’s the problem with drinking.

If drinking alcohol is your tool to relax and chill, it just keeps on escalating.

You have a drink, it takes the edge off. You feel better. You feel like a new you.

So the NEXT time you go out, do you think you’re not going to have a drink to get that same effect?

Do you think next time you go out, you’re NOT going to fall back to this magic little bullet of sweet goodness?

Of course you are!

Now, from almost the very start, you’re RELYING on it.

The third night go out, you drink some more.

The fourth night go out just one drink.

Problem is, you’re building a tolerance to it.

Whereas at first, you had just that ONE drink to loosen up, now you need TWO drinks to loosen up.

Pretty soon, you need TWO drinks to loosen up…plus a THIRD drink a little later in the night.

It never stays at one drink.

It’s very hard to stop after just one or two drinks.

And next thing you know, it very gradually and quietly sneaks up on you.

You have to constantly be drinking just to feel NORMAL.

Just to be social at all.

Problem #2: dual identity

And what’s more, you begin to develop a DUAL identity.

DUAL in that, when you drink, you’re social.

And when you don’t drink, you’re introverted.

You’re that quiet or reserved guy most of the time…

And you’ve got this alternative identity of being more social ONLY when you drink.

You can only be that more charismatic guy when you drink.

And a clear line begins to form that divides your two selves based around alcohol.

Where for that more social personality to come out, you are making all these neurological associations in your brain to drinking alcohol.

Where you’ve got these deeply entrenched habits forming…that you have to drink to be a talkative, open guy.

Problem #3: Situational Confidence

Which is a problem when you want to become this cool, charismatic guy that girls like.

Because what happens when you see a cute girl during the day at Starbucks?

But you’re relying on having drinks to be able to talk to girls?

You can’t have a drink during the midday to talk to that girl at the library.

And if you don’t have the alcohol, well, you just feel out of place then.

Talking to a girl feels WEIRD. It feels wrong.

You see, you’re relying on a CRUTCH.

And you’re building your social skills…

You’re building your social intuition…

You’re building your personality…

All around alcohol as a crutch.

So now, now you’ve got situational confidence only.

You can only be confident in very specific situations like at a nightclub, where you can drink…

Instead of developing and building for yourself CORE confidence…

Where the confidence is just part of you…

So you CAN open that girl up at Starbucks…

You CAN open that girl at in the library.

Alcohol, very temporarily, very situational to a specific time and place confidence….At BEST.

Problem #4: makes you access dependent

Because when you practice being social…

When you practice talking to girls while you’re buzzed, then you’re getting better talking in that BUZZED state.

It’s access dependent.

Your experience won’t translate to when you’re sober.

You won’t have access to that talent in a sober state if you’re always only practicing while you’re buzzed.

It’s sort of like when you’re at home in the comfort of your chair and your desk memorizing the lines of a play.

But then, you get up on stage, the bright lights are on you, blinding your eyes.

You see all the faces in the audience…

All the pressure is on you not to mess this up.

And then you can’t remember your lines. They just don’t come to you.

That’s because we improve with practice, but only in the state that we practice it in.

So, if you want to be able to deliver your lines in front of an audience…

Practice up on the stage.

If you want to be able to talk to a girl anywhere, anytime…

You have to practice being talkative in a sober state.

Otherwise, you’ll just get scared…

You’ll feel stifled and insecure…

You’ll forget your “lines” so to speak…

And you’ll think to yourself, “I need a drink!!”

Problem #5: alcohol makes you sloppy

Yet another issue with alcohol is that while it can loosen you up…

It can also very easily go too far in that direction…

And make you too sloppily very easily it can cross that line.

You see, for a girl to become attracted to you, she needs to read your face.

You need to make good eye contact with her.

You need to have a good, commanding, loud voice.

You need to be expressive with your face.

Having fun…

Clearly enjoying what you’re saying…

Clearly enjoying HER…

Feeling cocky…

Creating sexual tension, and so on.

But it’s really easy to get sloppy.

And getting just a little bit sloppy, so that your eye contact is off, for example.

It negates all the benefits you got from the alcohol loosening you up!

And because of this, what I’ve found is…

Guys who drink…

They might have a very good first hour or two.

But very quickly, their results plummet. Sink into the mud…

Because they got that initial boost at the beginning, but it’s not sustainable.

Now they have to pay the price while going into that second or third or fourth hour.

And they don’t get laid. They don’t get the girl.

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Problem #6: There’s No Turning Back

The next problem with alcohol is…

Once you go down that rabbit hole, it’s very difficult to turn back.

It’s not like, “Oh, I’ll just drink for a couple months to ease into it. And then I’ll drop it later.”

Doesn’t really work that way.

Once you start on alcohol, you’re kind of screwed.

Let’s say you spend 6 months drinking when you go out.

And then you decide, “Alright, now I want to learn CORE confidence to talk to girls in any situation and not have to rely on alcohol to do it.”

“I’m going to be a changed man!”

Well, now think about it.

NOW…now it’s even MORE difficult to be social with girls compared to when you started 6 months ago.

You’ll feel even MORE weird.

You’ll feel even MORE awkward being this cool social guy than when you first started.

Because you’re so used to doing with alcohol.

Remember, that dual identity.

So if you took the magic short cut 6 months ago…

You’re going to continue taking it when you’re more dependent on it than ever!

Now, you’ve got ENTRENCHED HABITS…entrenched habits of drinking to fight against.

So what happens is, you’re like, “Okay, tonight, no drinking!”

Then you get there and you’re more uncomfortable than EVER.

Because you ALWAYS have a drink to loosen up which becomes two… three… four drinks.

You feel super weird. You feel super uncomfortable.

And you just end up having a drink to get back to the comfortable place you’re so accustomed to.

And that’s the most insidious curse about alcohol.

We’re not talking about being an alcoholic.

This happens to you even just as a casual drinker.

You can’t turn away from it.

Once you’re in, you’re in for life.

You are F-ed my friend.

Now I’m not staying it’s impossible.

With a lot of discipline, some guys do stop drinking and go learn to be social and talkative and loose without it.

But not often.

And they only escape it with great effort and hardship where they’re almost starting from ZERO.

Almost starting from scratch from a NEGATIVE point.

So, do you really want to have to start all over again?

But now, trying to run up an even bigger hill because you’ve digging a deep hole for yourself with whole time, while drinking?

So none of this, “Oh, it’s just temporary bullshit.”

Problem #7: The Health Issue

The other problem with alcohol is that alcohol is literally a poison to your body.

Your body cannot, in any way, utilize the alcohol molecules.

Your body in fact, does everything it can to rid itself of alcohol.

It comes out in your sweat. You piss it out. It evaporates away from your mouth. From your poop.

Your body just wants to get it out as fast as possible.

Alcohol has NO nutritional value to your cells in your body whatsoever.

It’s effectively…a poison.

A mild poison certainly but a poison!

Your body treats it exactly as a poison, as it should.

It’s hard on your liver. It’s hard on your brain. And it prematurely ages you.

Problem #8: your next day is messed up

And the next day, you’re super hungry.

You eat a bunch of fatty, greasy French fries and pizza and carbs.

Partly because your willpower has been depleted.

You can’t focus.

Your brain doesn’t work.

You’re not getting much done.

You have trouble sleeping.

You’re more irritable in the morning.

Your stress hormones go up, you’re full of cortisol.

Eating that junk food, feeling stressed, it puts fat on your face.

It tears you down. It makes you look aged.

And look, going out and meeting girls consistently is physically demanding.

It’s physically demanding.

You have to be in good physical shape and in good health to do it. And if you’re drinking, by your 30s…

You’re going to feel like CRAP and be too tired.

So if you want to continue having good times into your 40s and into your 50s…

And believe me, at age 50, you still want to live just as well as you did in your 20s…

You need sustainable habits that will carry you through the years.

And not poison your body and wreak havoc on your health with alcohol.

Think in terms of sustainability

What you need to do is think in terms of what’s sustainable in the long-term.

You could eat a fast food hamburger and French Fries and an ice-cream shake….

In the short term, that junk food will give you energy.

It’s fast. You save time. You save energy.

Its’ great.

It’s great in the short term.

But long term, it’s terrible.

Eating fast food as a habit, it’s poison.

It will literally kill you of heart disease.

Alcohol, the same way.

At first, alcohol is great!

It’s a great tool.

At first. That’s it.

And then becomes a DEMON and the price must be paid.

You must pay the price ten times what it gave you.

That’s the deal with the devil.

Instead, if you want to be successful with women…

Always steer yourself toward LONG term habits.

Sustainable habits like eating a green salad every day, or going to the gym, or practicing positivity and being cocky…

Habits that will give you a sustainable, long term, nice and clean boost and advantage…

That will BUILD you UP and just make you better and better over the years.

So that you’re standing on a solid foundation of reinforced concrete.

And not look for a quick fix magic bullet built on a foundation of soft sand that will quickly crumble from underneath your feet.

Surprising Ways Girls Like You More

And there’s a couple of surprising ways girls will treat you when you STOP drinking.

First, they can read your face better.

Because now you can be more expressive which is very important to build attraction with a girl.

Next, you can calibrate better.

If you cross a line going a bit too far, you’ll realize when you need to back off a bit.

And finally, women are going to find it very cool…

That you can be a cool and fun and interesting guy without needing to drink.

That’s a rare thing.

Most women will actually find you MORE intriguing because of it.

Not drinking forces you to become a matter of self-generating your own good emotions.

And when you can draw your own good emotions through core confidence without having to rely on alcohol, that means you can walk into any situation, anywhere… and be a charismatic guy…

At your command.

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