A Quick Trick to Make A Girl Like You – Assume Rapport Acting


Hey, there! What’s up? It’s Jesse here from Seduction Science.

In this video today…I have for YOU…

A quick psychological trick you can use to make a girl like you back… every time.

You can use this trick on girls you’re just meeting for the very first time like on a cold approach.

You can use it on a girl you already know, but maybe she just doesn’t feel that spark of attraction yet.

And the effect is that, even if she’s never met you before, she’ll get this sense of feeling that she already knows you.

She’ll get this feeling of comfort like you’re an old friend…

And she can drop her guard and instantly relax around you.

So you’ll get more relaxed, more friendly responses from women, which is exactly what you want

My story

It’s a big deal because with me I’d ALWAYS make girls feel uncomfortable.

Forget about creating sexual tension or making her feel attracted for me.

I just didn’t want creep girls out, and that problem weighed me down for years.

So I know exactly how you feel if you want a quick solution with girls.

Fortunately, you are in the right place, my friend.

This is a quick trick that will make girls like you *instantly.*

So be sure to watch all the way to the end of this video to get the full technique.

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Why girls will stop: Her biological imperative

Now before we get into this quick psychological trick I have for you…

I want to first touch on an interesting aspect of female psychology that will help explain why this trick works.

A big reason that women will actually stop and talk to you is that girls WANT the “seductive stranger” fantasy.

They want to live it.

Girls WANT to be seduced by a charismatic, well-dressed man with a sexy voice and mesmerizing eye contact.

In fact, the most important goal in a woman’s life IS successful intimacy with a man.

If she’s on her way to the post office, she’ll stop for a chance to meet a cool guy.

If she’s late to work and running, she’ll stop for a chance to meet a sexy man.

Think of it as her biological imperative comes first.

Her biological imperative is to meet a guy with great genes.

And guys with great genes don’t come around very often!

Why does she eat food?

Why does she go to school or to work?

Why does she spend hours doing her hair and makeup and picking out clothes?

Well, she does all these things to eventually mate with a guy with great genes!

A woman will always prioritize an interaction with a contending man who shows some potential, above just about everything else in her life.

So if you can get in front of her, women will feel compelled to stop their feet and spend a couple minutes talking to you, evaluating you, seeing what you’re all about.

Women will give you a chance.

They WANT to give you a chance because they WANT you to be this cool guy.

They WANT you to succeed with them.

So if she’s potentially available and think she might even possibly like you at all, she WILL stop for you, at least for a moment…

To find out more about you no matter what logistical difficulties she has otherwise.

So you should just ASSUME that women… want to meet men.

Meeting a cool guy is her underlying motivation in life.

That’s where women are coming from.

And I’ve had many, many cases myself where I stopped a woman while she was on her way to a very important meeting, or she was a late to an event, and she STILL wanted to stop and talk.

The Tip: Assume rapport

Now that being said, when we DO talk to a girl…

We want to stop her in a way that will leave best impression and leave her wanting to chase us more.

Because your window will only be a minute or two before she makes a decision about you.

And the fastest, the quickest way to get a girl into you, and believe she’s ALREADY into you is with a little psychological trick…

Where YOU believe the girl is ALREADY into you…

Where you believe the girl is ALREADY going to LOVE you the second you walk up to her.

It’s called “Assuming Rapport” or “assuming attraction.”

And it’s perhaps the BEST single thing you can do when you talk to a girl.

And there’s a specific way to do this. I’m going to show you how.

Example what NOT to do

But first, let’s see how assuming rapport changes the whole game.

When you’re NOT assuming rapport, you might be thinking to yourself when you see a girl you want to meet, “This girl needs to be conquered. “It’s a battle. “It’s ME versus her…”

“She’s going to reject me unless I pull out my pickup ninja tactics…”

“I’ve got to convince her to like me. I’m starting out at zero and I’ve got to run a bunch of tricks on her to trick her into liking me.”

Or some variation on that.

And now, you’re very much up inside your head.

You’re thinking things out. You’re thinking through scenarios. You’re thinking about everything that could go wrong.

You’re NOT assuming rapport. You’re NOT assuming she’s just going to love you.

And you tell her, “Hey…um…look I just saw you over there…and I don’t mean to bother you by the way…”

“I know it’s kind of weird. I just wanted to say I think you’re kind of cute.”

And when she doesn’t respond the way you want, you go…

“Oh my god! Is she going to reject me?”

“She doesn’t like me does she…CRAP! Crap! Crap!”

Assume rapport example

But now instead, imagine you open her, assuming rapport…

Assuming she’s going to love you…

With no sense you’d EVER be rejected…

Like it’s just going down!

Doing that will change your nonverbals and mannerisms in such a way that you come across with a much better energy.

Like you’re recognizing an old friend.

You tell her, “Huh, heeeeeyyyyy…how are you doing?”

“I saw you over there, and I thought I’d come one over and say hello, see what’s going on over here, what’s happening.”

“You know, by the way, I have to say, you’re a cutie, aren’t you.”

“You got that spark in your eye. I like it.”

See? Assuming rapport… better energy…

Better nonverbals…Better eye contact…

Genuine smile…

More playful…

More energetic…

More exciting….

More uplifting.


Assuming rapport with her makes her feet stop and gets a great reaction…

Primarily because when you assume she’ll be nice to you and love you…

SHE assumes that other people have been nice to you in the past.

So SHE acts that way too.

It’s what’s called a “self-fulfilling prophecy.”

You act like she’s going to hate you and she’ll reject you.

You act like she’ll love you… and she will love you.

HOW: Trick to Open with familiarity

Okay, so now, HOW do you “assume rapport” with a girl?

HOW do you assume she’s just going to absolutely LOVE you?

Easier said than done, right?

It’s a lot more likely you’ll just be nervous, like “Oh, my god!!!” and clam up, right?

Well, there’s a clever little trick to help you out with this.

And that trick is to “Assume familiarity” with her when you see her.

Assuming familiarity is imagining that you already KNOW the girl from before.

Like, “Oh pretty girl, but wait! I know her. I know her…”

“I just can’t remember from where, but we’ve met each other before.”

And then when you go up to her, it puts you in this mindset of assuming rapport because it’s like you already DO know the girl.

So, when you imagine you’ve already met her from somewhere before, you open her like, “Hey, it’s YOU. How are you doing? How’s it going?”

By assuming familiarity with her like that, it’s like a clever little way to game *yourself* into assuming rapport with the girl.

Why assuming familiarity works

And assuming familiarity works because you’re coming in with really great emotions now.

And girls don’t want to kill good emotions!

She wants to just go with the flow. So she’ll EMBRACE your vibe.

Again, it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy here.

You assume she’ll be happy to see you…

And for the psychological reason that girls want to take the path of least resistance, she’ll just go with the flow and act like she’s happy to see you.

“Do I know you,” she’ll be thinking, BUT she’ll copy your vibe and energy of playful happiness.

Reason #2

Another reason girls will stop for you when you assume familiarity with them is because…

Women stop for honest signals.

When you feel like you know her, like you really know her, the way you come across with recognition of her, that’s an honest signal that’s hard to fake.

And girls like honest signals.

Also, by opening her with a good vibe and a cheeky grin, that naturally comes with knowing a girl…

You automatically put her at rest. She’s comfortable. She’s relaxed. It feels more natural.

Not like a stranger coming up to her she doesn’t know.

You’re somebody she knows. Maybe, at least.

That’s the feeling she gets. It makes her feet stop. It makes her friendlier to you.

Last reason

And finally of course, assuming Familiarity assumes the deal is “YES” and done.

The warmth you express gives you emotive, smiling eyes.

It gives you a warmer smile.

It makes you talk with more energy.

Familiarity gives you the right vibe all around.

And especially the hotter the girl, the more important this is…

To assume like she’s an old buddy of yours and not to worship her.

Also good for girls you already know

And you know, this technique is great to use on girls you already know like on a girl you keep seeing over and over at school.

Every time you see her, just re-approach her to say hello, but now, assuming familiarity with her.

Imagine you’ve been friends with her for the past 10 year, greet her as if she’s your best friend, every single time.

Give her a hug when you see her, like she’s a “bestest buddy” of yours.

Go in assuming familiarity…assuming rapport…assuming success…and you will get success.

Self-fulfilling prophecy!

It’s a very powerful technique.

And great for your game.

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