7 Unfair Advantages Good Looking Guys Have- How Girls Treat Attractive Dudes

 I’m going to share with you the SEVEN unfair advantages you’ll have being a tall and good-looking dude when it comes to attracting women and getting girls to date you.

The seven unfair advantages in exactly how beautiful women respond to attractive men.

And my goal with this video is if you’re tall and if you’re attractive…

This video will help give you more confidence because I’ve coached tall, attractive men with very little confidence in themselves.

That’s actually a problem.

So watching this video, it can go a long way in making you feel better about yourself and your prospects.

And if you’re a short guy or not the most attractive man, this video serves another purpose.

There’s many ways to improve on your physical appearance.

And this video will help light a fire under your butt to do the little things necessary to improve upon your looks.

Because there’s a lot of, frankly, bullshit in the pickup industry about looks.

The common wisdom is either “looks don’t matter,” which is just plain dead wrong or the common wisdom goes that the effect of looks is very small.

Like an attractive guy has 60 seconds, maybe two minutes, of extra time to make a good impression.

And that simply isn’t true either.

Yeah, if you’re an attractive guy and you have NO game—at all—NO game whatsoever, like you talk to a pretty girl and you just freeze up and go mute, then sure, you’ll get about 60 seconds of extra grace time before she gets bored and leaves.

But assuming you DO study pickup and game like on this channel here…

Then your advantage of being an attractive, tall guy is WAY more than just getting an extra 60 seconds at the beginning.

I’ll be giving you in this video, the SEVEN big advantages you’ve got.

And at the end of this video, I’ll be explaining TWO *disadvantages* that attractive guys have, which often DESTORY attractive men when it comes to their results.

Two disadvantages that you probably never thought of or realized before and those two disadvantages are pretty eye-opening and surprising, so be sure to stick around and not miss those.

Why handsome guys do better

Now scientific studies have shown that attractive people are seen as being smarter…

As more deserving…

As more trustworthy…

As healthier…

As more socially dominant.

It’s long been known that attractive people earn more money.

There’s a social experiment on YouTube videos where a girl will dress up in makeup and get her hair done and she’ll collect four times as much money collecting donations compared to when she dresses plainly.

But let’s look at being an attractive guy specifically in the context of meeting women.

Advantage #1. The Hook Point

The first advantage of being tall and attractive is that the girl will often start at the social hook point instantly.

So typically for an average-looking dude, you walk up to the girl, you start talking to her.

And for the first few minutes, she’s going to be like, “Is this guy crazy? Is he a serial killer? What does he want?”

She may have a lot of skepticism.

She’s trying to feel you out.

Once you’ve reached the social hook point, that’s the moment where she’s comfortable with you being there.

She’s just as comfortable with you staying as if you were to leave.

She’s maybe starting to invest BACK into the conversation as well.

And those first few minutes are usually the HARDEST for a guy.

He feels the most pressure to make the girl “like him.”

He feels like there’s a lot “at stack” in terms of “being rejected.”

But an attractive, good-looking guy…

A lot of times, as soon as he opens his mouth, he’s got the social hook point. Instantly.

From the first second, the girl is cool and comfortable with him talking to her.

It doesn’t mean she necessarily likes him. It doesn’t mean she’s going to sleep with him.

She’s still going to feel him out.

But she’s automatically engaged.

As an example:

A guy with so-so looks…he opens a girl and he just pauses. HE just stops talking. Creates an awkward pause on purpose.

As a social experiment, just goes quiet and stares at her.

The girl will probably think, “Weird dude…” and just walk away.

A tall, good-looking guy however, say he opens her and he just stops talking.

Just looks at her.

And the girl will attempt to keep the conversation going.

She might ask a question to break the awkward pause.

“So, what’s your name?” She’ll ask.

So that’s an advantage of the good-looking guy. He starts at the social hook point right away.

Advantage #2. Girls want you to win

The second advantage of the tall, good-looking guy…

Is that she WANTS him to win.

Okay, so think of the girl as a Soccer goalie and she’s got the net behind her.

Different guys are trying to take shots on her, trying to get that soccer ball past her and into the net.

And it’s like a game to her.

“Okay, guys, take your best shot on me.”

For a regular dude, she’s going to defend that net.

Now a regular-looking guy CAN score on her.

And if he scores, she’ll be really happy. “Dude, you scored on me. I like that. I like YOU.”

But until you score, she’s going to be like, “Pfff! Oh, please. Dismissed. Go home.”

But…when you’re a tall, good looking guy.

She kind of WANTS you to score on her.

Yeah, she’s going to defend that net.

She’s going to play the game.

You take a shot with the soccer ball, she’ll jump in front and block it from going in.

BUUUT…there’s a subtle shift where she WANTS you to score.

If you don’t score, she’ll be disappointed, disappointed that your game wasn’t there.

So, she might give you little tips.

She might give you little hints.

“Hey, good-looking dude. I’m a little slow running to my left. Take a shot in that direction.”

“Hey, good-looking dude, I sleep late on Sunday mornings. I may be a little groggy defending the net that day. Come back on Sunday and try again.”

Yeah so, for tall, good-looking dudes, they’ll defend their net.

But they kind of want you to score on them and they’ll help nudge you in the right direction.

Advantage #3. She’ll stay engaged

The third advantage of being tall and good looking is that…

It makes you much more engaging to the girl automatically.

So even if you have awkward pauses, even if you make mistakes, the girl will overlook and stay engaged.

Whereas a regular dude…

If you fumble the ball,

If you let the conversation get too serious…

If you let the energy meander or go backwards…

IF she can’t figure out your intention and it’s confusing…

If the interaction feels awkward…

She’ll just politely excuse herself.

But a good-looking guy, she’ll stay engaged even if he’s screwing up.

He’s got more leeway to make mistakes.

His game good will be to say,  just 50% on point and she’ll stay engaged regardless, she’ll stay with him. She’ll keep participating.

The interaction won’t break.

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Advantage #4. Jump to sexual tension

The fourth advantage that tall, good-looking guys have is…

You can more easily and quickly jump directly into having sexual tension with the girl.

Now sexual tension is when you lock on eye contact… slow down your voice… use a lot of pauses… speak in a sexy way…

And that electric spark of fireworks blasts off between the two of you.

And when you’re a good -looking guy, not only can you jump to the social hook point immediately, but you can also typically jump straight into creating sexual tension with the girl.

Whereas for a regular guy…you can’t jump ahead so many steps so fast.

You’re not going to start at the social hook point. You got to build to that.

But even once you reach the social hook point, you still have to loosen her up a bit before you can start laying on the sexual tension thick.

It can all certainly be done. It’s just a slower process to get. There’s more steps involved.

Advantage #5. You get Instant Compliance

The fifth advantage that good looking, tall guys have is… it give you instant compliance.

So when you tell the girl, “Hey, let me see something. Let me see your hand.”

She’ll just give you her hand.

Or you say, “Hey let’s go sit on that bench, it’ll be more comfortable over there.”

She’ll just be like, “Okay, let’s go.”

She complies.

So you’ve got enough trust and comfort already for her to follow your lead, and you can keep moving things forward.

Whereas for a regular dude, you’re not going to get as instant ready compliance.

You’ve got to spend more time with her, building up that trust and comfort to get that compliance.

Advantage #6. She starts in the seller role

Now the sixth advantage of being tall and good looking…

Is that many girls, even really hot girls…

Will launch into SELLING to an attractive guy.

The girl will immediately assume the role of the seller.

She’ll start qualifying herself to you and trying to win over your approval.

So, for example, an attractive guy might ask the girl, “So what have you got going for you, more than just your looks.”

And then the girl will list out a whole BUNCH of things to convince the guy she’s got a lot going for her.

She’s trying to make him buy her, “I’m the girl worthy of being the one you pick.”

That’s where she’s starting from.

And the attractive guy doesn’t need to get her to that point.

All he has to do is focus on KEEPING in that selling role.

Advantage #7. She’ll submit more easily

Now the seventh advantage that tall, good looking guys have, and this is more an advantage of being TALL specifically…

Is when you’re TALL…

Even when the girl is stunningly attractive…

Because she’s looking up at that tall guy…

She will feel naturally beneath him.

Just biologically.

She’s small, even with high heels on.

She’ll look up. Way up.

And because of that, even really pretty girls, will naturally be submissive.

She’s going to feel it far more easily submit to you.

Whereas with a guy of regular height… she’s simply not going to feel that.

So there you go!

Those are the SEVEN big advantages you’ll have being tall, and good looking.

Fortunately, you can do a lot to work on your looks and become a more handsome guy.

Disadvantage #1. girls are skeptical

Now there’s couple of DISADVANTAGES of being a good looking, tall guy as well.

Regular looking girls could feel a bit more SHY and intimidated by you.

Girls could assume you’re just really into yourself and superficial.

Older women looking for a husband and having kids could maybe assume you aren’t faithful…

That you’ll just slam, bang, thank you ma’am, them and leave them.

So they’re attracted and interested, but also skeptical.

I mean really, that’s is a good problem to have.

It’s just a matter of spending more time with them and making them feel comfortable with you.

They WANT you to win.

The attraction is already there. They WANT you to just make them feel more comfortable, which is pretty easy just being friendly and cool will largely do it.

Disadvantage #2. good looks makes you lazy

The second problem good looking guys gave is that they tend to be really LAZY…

And never live up to their full potential, usually dating girls that are rather mediocre.

Like I’ve known some good-looking guys over the years.

I had one friend. We’d be at a club and my friend would just stand there and girls will come up to HIM.

He could stand there like a tree, and after 20 minutes, SOME girl would come up to him…

And start telling him how hot he was.

Doing nothing. Him just standing there.


Or…he’d walk through a dance floor and just goes like this and he’ll come out the other end of the dance floor with a girl hanging off of him.

He always had options.

The DOWNSIDE is that easy girls do make you incredibly LAZY.

Because he’s not getting 8s, 9s, and 10s.

You’re lazy and good looking. You get girls that are cute but not much more than just cute.

He didn’t get the super hotties and stunners.

And he was just too lazy to learn game or to approach girls and the make effort…

Because he was SPOILED.


Imagine, your parents just send you $3,000 every month.

$50k a year.

You can do a lot on $3,000 a month. A lot.

But, you’re never going to become super successful in life because it’s just too easy to be lazy with that $3,000.

You know that $3,000 check is coming.

So WHY are you going to bust your ass working 60 hours a week to start a new business?

You’re just not! You’re not going to do it.

So for the vast majority of good-looking guys, they just take the free, easy give me’s.

And they stop there, and that’s it.

In fact, it’s usually shorter, less attractive dudes that have really worked on themselves HARD that you see with some of the very hottest girls.

Because they had motivation.


So there’s two conclusions to take from this.

Number one: if you’re not the best-looking dude, use that pain as motivation and as leverage…

To take massive action and become more charismatic.

Because you CAN date those 8s, 9s, and 10s…

Even more so than the pretty boys if you put the effort into it, in a smart way.

And second: don’t be lazy.

Work on your looks.

There’s a lot you can do to pull yourself up look more attractive.

From increasing your height…

To sharpening your jaw line…

To improving your smile and so on and so forth.

And again, watch the video at SeeSets.com because it will begin to lead you down that rabbit hole of looking like a hot, attractive guy.

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