When a Girl Asks ‘How Old Are You?’ – How to Answer Her Back

we’ll be answering exactly what to say to a girl when she asks you that tricky question, “How…old…are…you?”

I received this comment, “Jesse, I’m 38 years old and I regularly meet girls in their 20s and 30s. I get asked a lot, ‘How old are you?’ and I’m never quite sure how to answer them…”

“Because I feel awkward revealing how old I am.”

“I’ve lost girls interest over this before. In fact, I had one girl tell me I was too old for her and she walked away.”

“My question is, should I be honest and tell the truth or perhaps you have a different solution?”

So, has that ever happened to you where you felt awkward about revealing your age?

Well I’ve got you covered, because in this video…

I’ll be covering the THREE best ways to respond to a woman when she asks you, “How old are you?”

And I really want you to pay attention here because she WILL ask…

And you can be losing girls over this especially if you’re a lot older than she is.

I myself now am in my 40s, so this question comes up all the time for me.

And I’ll tell you which is MY favorite response that’s gotten ME the best results.

Second, we’ll be covering what you should absolutely NOT say to a girl because a girl may like you…

But if you answer her in the wrong way…

You can come across as weird and strange, and you’ll turn her off.

I’ll give you an insight into that.

Third, we’ll discuss the THREE different reasons girls ask you in the first place…

And WHY that matters because not every girl is asking for the same reasons.

And lastly, at the end of this video, I’m going to show you how to flip the question around on her…

So that you are putting HER on the spot about her age… and get her chasing after YOU.

So be sure to watch all the way to the end to get that clever little trick.

Only the raw truth

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Now that all being said, let’s crack right into it.

MY story

“How old are you?”

“How old are you!”

For me, I did not like getting asked this question.

Especially when I started getting older and hitting my 30s.

Because I was meeting girls who were 24…22…20…19…

And I had it in my head from society that if I’m decades older than her…

She’s not going to be interested, buddy.

Well I’m happy to report, even now, well into my 40s, for most women…

An older guy… IS… a desirable trait she’ll find attractive and sexy.

IF… you handle it right.

So do NOT be duped by mainstream social conditioning that you have to be her same age.

Regardless though…

You will be asked this age question a LOT.

ALL the time in fact.

By almost every single girl.

So you need to have a stock answer READY, and at your fingertips…

An answer that will satisfy her concerns…and make her happy.

And with the right answer, even if the girl is 20 or 30 years younger than you…

It won’t be a problem winning her over and turning your age into a feature.

It’s a buying question

Now here’s the good news my friend:

If a girl asks how old you are, it means just ONE thing…

It means she has an interest in you.

It’s a great sign.

Put simply, you absolutely WANT a girl to ask you your age.

If a girl is really attracted to you, I guarantee you, you’ll be getting asked, “How old are you?”

Trust me.

If you constantly have women asking you “How old are you?” then you are in a GOOD place.

Think about it because questions like “how old are you?” are what I like to call BUYING questions.

She sees you as having potential, and she’s asking questions to determine whether to make the purchase.

Asking “how old you are” implies that she is on the market…

And implies that you are the new shiny car that she’s considering buying.

She would NEVER ask that question, not in a million years to a guy that she had no interest in.

Three Reasons girls ask

Now there’s three different reasons WHY she’ll ask for your age.

And different girls will ask for different reasons.

Reason #1

The first reason is simply social convention autopilot.

You talk to enough girls, and you start getting the same boring questions almost every time.

“What do you do?”

“Where are you from?”

“How old are you?

Because people are trained to ask the same questions every time they meet someone new.

And she likely just wants to keep the conversation going.

She doesn’t know what to say.

She’s just asking on auto-pilot.

She’s asking you how old you are.. for the same reason she brushes her teeth in the morning.

It’s just social convention and out of habit.

Reason #2

The second reason she’ll ask is she wants to see if you fit her parameters of a dateable guy.

She has in her mind what age is normal to date and she’s curious to see if you fit her model of what age a man should be.

Now the truth is, once a girl gets to know you better, she’ll typically THROW OUT all her rules.

For example, a girl will say to her friends, “I’m just so over bad boys and assholes. They’re all dumb jerks. Never again!”

But then, the very next week, she could meet that charismatic, handsome guy…

That she really feels a sexual connection with…

And she’ll sleep with him, even though he’s a bad boy, an asshole and a jerk.

Likewise, a girl might have an age number in her head, but then she meets that charismatic handsome guy she really feels a real sexual connection with…

And he’s 20 years older than she is…

And she throws OUT that logical criteria she had and she sleeps with them.

Both men and women do this ALL the time.

So it’s really not something to worry about, and I’ll show you how to get around her logical criteria in just a minute.

Reason #3

And the third reason girls ask is simply as a test to see if you’ll break.

And if you break, she can categorize you as low value and be done with you.

It’s basically a filtering mechanism to see if you’re actually a cool confident guy in yourself… or if you’re insecure and snap under pressure.

And I’ll show you how to get around that too in just a sec.

What NOT to do

Now, here’s where most guys immediately get a big fat FAIL on how they answer this question.

The guy is self-conscious about his age. He feels like he’s doing something wrong or illicit, being older than the girl.

So the question throws them off.

And you go into explainer-mode.

You go into excuse mode.

You apologize.

You explain, “Well, yeah. I’m 42 years old you’re 24. But look, I look young, I feel young. I work out. I’m young at heart! Age is just a number, right? Am I right???”

Translation: “I’m going to give you logical list of reasons as to why you should like me.”

And we all know that you can’t logically argue a girl into liking you or sleeping with you.

It’s about how you make her FEEL… that’s the only thing that counts.

And translation #2: “Please accept me.  You’re better than me girl.  And here’s why you should grant me your blessing.”

Which is really a weak frame to be coming from. It’s guaranteed to drive her away from you.

BUT… if you just drop your age…

On the other hand, the problem though is…

If you just blurt out your age too soon before you’ve reached the sexual hook point with the girl…

Especially if you’re 10 or 20 or 30 years older than she is, she might write you off as an eligible prospect.

So what you want to do instead is be 100% truthful with her…

But WAIT on revealing the truth, until later on until AFTER you’ve reached the sexual hook point with her.

And then once she’s sexually attracted to you…

AFTER you’ve reach the sexual hook point with her, THEN you can be truthful.

At that point she’ll simply overlook your age and just ignore it.

Response option #1: Playful exaggeration

So listen up, because here’s what you want to say.

The first way to answer her is to simply exaggerate and make light of the question.

“Look at me, girl.  I’m so old, I could be your grandfather…”

“I only look this good because of all the plastic surgery I had in Miami. “I’m thinking of getting my biceps enhanced next.”

Or you could give her a cocky answer with a smile.

“How old am I? Old enough for you!”

And for some girls, that’s all you have to do.

They’ll laugh.

You amped up her attraction for you…

And you passed the test.

And they just drop the subject, feeling MORE attracted to you than before.

However, some girls will ask again because they really want to know.

And you can’t just give teasing, or cocky, or funny answers because…

You start to look evasive pretty fast.

You need to switch now into giving her a serious answer.

Response option #2: Short version

So, here’s what you do.

The girls asks you, “So how old are you?”

What you do now is lobby the tennis ball back into her court and make her invest and work for the answer.

So you tell her, “Hmm…well…I’ll tell you what. Take a guess. How old do you think I am?”

Now she’ll give you an answer.

And say you are really 39 years old and she guesses that you are 34.

What you’re going to do is add two years to whatever she guessed.

So you say, “Damn, you’re good close. I’m 36 actually.”

And then throw in a joke, “Have you been stalking me on Facebook?” as if she’s the one chasing you.

And the reason this works is because a girl will typically guess the ideal age of what they WANT you to be.

So she’s giving you valuable information here about the age you should tell her.

And then you reward her for making that assessment. “Oh, good guess. You’re good  You’re really good. Close.”

And now you fit her ideal age type.

Response option #3: if you don’t want to lie to her

Now an alternative answer to give her when she asks, “How old are you?”…

You say, “Hmm… let’s see. Take a guess…how old do you think I am?”

And again, say she guesses that you’re 34 when you’re really 39.

So you say to her, “Damn, you’re good! Close! I like that. I like that.”

Now instead of adding two years to the number she guessed…

You’re instead going to create an open loop that holds her curiosity.

What you tell her is…

“Look, I’ll tell you what, I’ll tell you some things in this conversation later on and then guess again.”

What this open loop does is KEEP her there with you…

It KEEPS her in the conversation with you…

Because she’s not going to want to leave without having her curiosity itch scratched…

And take that second guess.

How to talk her panties off

Now next up, I’m going to give you a quick line that flips the question around on HER and gets her chasing YOU.

This line is really special because it gets the girl wondering if SHE is good enough to meet YOUR standards.

But real quick, if you are interested in how to handle OTHER questions girls will ask you…

Like what to say to her when she asks you, “What do you do?…”

But answer it in a way that makes her insanely attracted to you…

And how to answer when asks tells you, “Where are you from?…”

So that you come across as the most interesting man she’s ever met…

Or if she calls you out and says, “Are you hitting on me?”

Or she says, “Do you say that to all the girls?”

And get specific lines, word-for-word, you can use on a girl in all these cases…

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Flip it around on her

Now, back to the topic at hand.

After you’ve answered the girl, flip it around on her.

Flip the script.

Begin evaluating HER. Is she good enough for YOU?

Say to her playfully with a smile, “And you? How old are you? I have to make sure you’re not too old for me.”

And then whatever she says, playfully tease her on it.

If she says she’s 18, tell her, “Hmm. You know you, might be a little bit too young for me.”

Or if she says she’s 30, tell her, “Hmm… well, my last girlfriend was 21.”

Once you’ve said that, you want to pull her back in and let her know you haven’t yet disqualified her.

Tell her, “Eh… but you’ve got a nice energy (or smile). I like that. That makes up for it.”

See the formula?

First you ever so slightly push her away, like she could lose you: “Hmm… you might be too young for me.”

And pull her back in, she hasn’t lost you yet: “But you’ve got a nice energy.  You still have a chance with me girl.”

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