When a girl asks “How young do you think I am?”- how to answer her back

“Hey, Jesse. I was talking to a girl. And she seemed REAL interested in me and asked how old I was.”

“THEN…she asked me how old did I think SHE was. Well, I wasn’t sure what to tell her. So I just took a guess.”

“However, I felt like she was leading the conversation, and I was just following along.”

“What would you say in this case, when a girl asks you to guess her age?”

“Thanks, Bobby.”

All right, all right, this is a good one.

What do you say when a girl asks you, “How old do you think I am?”

What do you say to her when she asks you to guess her age?

And girls WILL throw you this question from time to time.

For example, when you ask a girl how old SHE is, she might answer you…

“Well, take a guess. How old do you think I am?”

Or in other cases, she might ask YOU, “How old are you?”

And you answer her…

And just to continue the conversational thread, she might then ask you…

“How old do you think I am?”

So this will come up, and its handy to have a good answer for it at your fingertips.

Here’s how to know her socks off…

And I’ll be giving you that answer in a form that will make you stand out as different from any other guy…

Fascinate her…

Make you look intelligent…

And also allow you to TOUCH her physically in an intimate way…

But a way that is covert and doesn’t get resistance, which is awesome for creating that magnetic sexual tension between the two of you…

And having that girl’s heart just warmly melt like butter for you.

Hey, why not?

If you can turn an innocent little question from a girl like,

“How old do you think I am?”…

Into an opportunity to make her heart flutter and beat fast for you, then you should take it!

And at the very end of this video…

I’m going to throw in as an extra special bonus a little line you can tell her…

That will flip the script and reframe her question so that SHE was the one chasing after YOU.

So she’ll feel like it was HER, that is doing all the work to win YOU over.

So stick around.

 How to tell her age

Now look at this:

The four body parts that most easily reveal a woman’s age…

Are her hands, which start showing signs of age in her 20s…

Her face that tends to develop fine lines…

The skin around her eyes…

And her neck.

And this is why women will spend $30, $40 dollars on face creams that’s yeah big in size because this is the first area to show age.

And women are very aware of this.

Whereas for example, her LEGS are one of the LAST areas on a woman to show her age.

Her legs not really showing age until her 40s or even 50s.

And we’re going to use that knowledge in a little game we’re going to play with the girl to spike her emotions and create sexual tension.

3 ways it comes up – Scenario #1

But first, there’s three ways this question of her age can come.

Maybe you’re on a first date with a girl and YOU are curious about her age.

You don’t want to be rude about it.

But is she 21? Is she 23? 28?

If she’s a bit older then, is she 35? Is she 40?

Maybe you’re just curious for whatever reason.

And you’d like to know.

So how do you find out without being rude about it?

And ask her in a fun way?

That’s one case where running this little game on her can be very useful.

3 ways it comes up – Scenario #2.

The second case is, she was asking YOU for your age.

You gave her an answer and now you want to use that opportunity to qualify her…

To get her to jump through your hoops, up to your standards.

So you’ve answered her your age, and now you qualify her back immediately right after.

You tell her, “Man, you guessed my age! You were close.”

“And you, what about you?”

“So tell me, how old are you?”

“I have to make sure you’re not too old for me.”

So that’s the second case it comes up.

3 ways it comes up – Scenario #3

And the third case it comes up is the girl spontaneously brings it up herself as a conversation thread for whatever reason.

She wants you to guess her age.

Maybe she’s used to getting compliments about how young she looks for her age and she’s fishing for a compliment from you.

Or whatever.

But she asks you to guess, “So How old you think I am?”

It comes up from time to time.

So you can use this little game I’m about to show you.

First, when you’re asking HER because YOU want to know her age.

Second, when you’re qualifying her by asking her age.

And third, when SHE asks you to take a guess.

The age guessing game

Now this little game I got from Nick Krauser.

You’re going to say to her, “Okay…how old you are?”

Or, she asks you, “How old do you think I am?”

You ask her, she asks you, either way it comes up.

And you tell her.

“Well, actually, I have a system to guess how old you are.”

“I just have to look at three parts of your body.”

“First, I have to look at your eyes.”

“I have to look at your neck.”

“And I have to look at your hands.”

“And I can tell you EXCATLY how old you are.”

“All right, you wanna see?”

So what you’re doing here is setting expectations, so she has an idea of what might come next.

That you’re going to be checking out these parts of her body.

And then you say, “Alright?”

So you’re getting her permission to continue now.

And keep in mind: this is now a curiosity hook, an open loop, right?

Because now she’s going to be REALLY interested to see if you can guess right.

So she’ll always agree to continue.

She wants to see what’s going to happen next.

And when you get her VERBAL agreement to continue…

She’s going to be VERY compliant to this next part where you get physical and intimate with her.

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The physical escalation

Okay so now we get to the good part.

Once she says, “Go ahead. You have her verbal permission.”

Then you’re going to proceed.

“All right, I’m going to take a look at your eyes.”

Just give a very light touch her on her face lightly, very lightly, just for a split second.

Believe me that will be intimate.

The exception is if you’re on a first date then you can hold it a bit longer.

Then tell her, “Okay now I need to examine your neck.”

Light touch on the neck while you take a look, pretending to be examining her.

And these are two hot spot, the face and neck…

Packed with exteroceptors and nerve endings…

And even the slightest touches will ramp the sexual tension up to 10 out of 10 especially since you’re stepping in so close…

And getting into a physical intimate space with her…

Essentially on the level of a kiss then you’re going to command her…

“All right, now, give me one of your hands.”

And you take her hand and examine it.

Take a guess about her age

Now, you’re going to take your guess.

There’s two ways you can go about this.

For most girls, just take a guess 3 years under what you think she is.

So, if you think she’s 25 years old most likely, guess 3 years younger that she’s 22.

“Hmmm…by what I see here with your eyes, your neck and hand, I think you’re quite young…22…. 21 maybe.”

And girls like that, so do us, men.

We like believing that we look a couple years younger than they we really are.

You’re feeding into that desire and you’ll leave her feeling quite happy.

Your guess to push away

Now, if she happens to be a super-hot babe stunner that’s used to men kissing her ass around the clock…

Or her Instagram is constantly blowing up with beta-orbiters feeding her compliments…

You might want to use this opportunity to BREAK rapport with her rather than build rapport.

Give her a bit of a push away.

Take away that validation that she’s expecting from you.

So in that case, you’re going to *add* 10 years to her age.

If you think she’s probably 23, you’re going to tell her…

“Hmm…wow this is so weird. According to the signs, you’d be 33! Wow! Didn’t expect that. Are you 33?”

And of course, you’re smiling. It’s playful.

Don’t say it super seriously.

You want her thinking, “Is this guy serious? You’re not serious are you?”

It’s a fun game.

You’re toying with her.

It’s not to insult her.

And if she’s a hot girl, constantly being bombarded by kiss-ass attention from guys, she’ll appreciate the chase.

And then you want to pull her back in, re-establish rapport with her.

“That’s okay. That’s okay. Don’t worry. I don’t care how old you are. I still love you.”

You see, Push and pull back in.

“Ehh…you’re probably 29 at most.”

 Following up by flipping the script on her

Now here’s the super-secret sauce to get HER to chase YOU by flipping the script on her.

Let’s dive into that.

Say, she tells you after you guess that she’s actually, say, 24 years old.

Then you can tell her…

“Well, the last girl I dated was 22. So you fit right in there.”

What did I do there?

I took the age she gave me. I subtract one or two years from it.

I tell her that the last girl I dated was the same age as her, slightly younger in fact.

“Oh…you’re 24!”

“Well, the last girl I dated was 22.”

“So you fit right in there.”

That normalizes the age difference between you and her in case there is an age difference.

So you’re 36 years old. She’s 24.

You’re telling her, “Oh, its normal for me to date girls like you.”

“My last girlfriend was younger than you.”

That signals to her that it’s no big deal.

The age difference is not a factor to you.

You’re comfortable with it.

It’s normal. It’s cool.

Or say you’re a young guy at age 22 and you’re chatting up an older woman at age 35…

You’d tell her, “Oh, I see, you’re 35?”

“Well, the last girl I dated was 33…”

“So you fit right in there.”

An alternative line to use

Another line you can use that works is tell her…

“Oh, you’re 23.”

“Hmm, you might be a little bit too young for me.”

“You look smart though. That makes up for it.”

OR, if she’s older than you, you can tell her…

“Ah, you’re 35. You might be a little bit too old for me.”

“But you have a nice youthful energy. I like that. That makes up for it.”

“You’re good in my book.”

Benefits of using the age game

So there you go.

That’s how to answer a girl when she asks you to guess…

“So how old you think I am?”

You turn it into a fun little game. You come across looking sharp and smart.

You’re leading her.

She’s giving you compliance and you create a framework to physically touch her in intimate places.

Touch her face. Touch her neck. Touch her hand, which ramps up the sexual tension to a 10 out of 10 in fiery punch.

You just win all the way around.

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