You’ll NEVER date hot girls if you do THIS mistake – 99% of men get this WRONG

Now here’s the deal.

If you want to date particularly attractive girls….

You. Have. To. Look. Cool.

You have to dress cool.

You can have an ugly face.

You can be short.

You can walk with a limp.

But you, no matter what, if you want particularly attractive girls…

You HAVE to dress cool.

That is not optional.

If you don’t dress cool…

You will never, ever, EVER date beautiful women. EVER.

Brand statements

Think of it like this.

Really attractive women view themselves as a brand just like big companies have brands.

Apple fights hard maintain its brand.

McDonald’s fights hard to maintain its brand.

You’re not going to find Apple selling a $20 phone even if in the short term it made them money.

You’re not going to find McDonald’s selling you one-week old hamburgers with mold on them, even if in the short term they could save on costs.

And beautiful women, likewise, fight hard to maintain their brands.

If your hair is all random…

If your clothes don’t fit right…

If you’ve got messed up facial hair or acne…

If you’re clothes are boring grays and browns, and basic…

And your shoes look like nothing special…

If she’s seen with you, you are ruining her brand.

She’s not going to let her friends see you because they’re going to tell her,

“Jessica, he looks so plain. He’s not good enough for you.”

If you look out of place with her on your arm…

She can’t show you to her friends.

And then it’s over my friend.


Again, this is SO important.

If you don’t look cool enough…


Get an 8, or a 19, or a 10 into your bed my friend.

Ever. Never.

It doesn’t matter if you’re rich.

It doesn’t matter if you’re good looking.

It doesn’t matter if you have awesome game, and you’re confident, and you’re smooth as hell.

If you’re dressed poorly…

If your haircut and your clothes, and your shoes look like you didn’t put any thought into them…

You will NEVER date a hot girl.

If you don’t look cool, it’s not going to happen with 8s, 9s and 10s.

Not ever!

I’m just pound this into your head.

This is not an optional thing.

Bad looking guys

The good news is though…

If YOUR looks…as a man…are say a 6 out of 10…

Or your looks are say a 7 out of 10…

It’s not going to be easy to date 8s, 9s, and 10s…

But it CAN be done.

If…IF…you dress COOL.

If you are dressed in a way that you look like you BELONG with that hot girl on your arm, you CAN get beautiful woman even if you AREN’T all that great looking yourself.

Yes! If you are dressed in a way that you look like you BELONG with that hot girl on your arm, even if you’re not the best-looking guy, you still maintain her BRAND.

You will see good-looking girls dating ugly guys…

But ugly guys that are dressed fucking COOL as all hell.

If you look like you belong with a 10 on your arm, people will be almost surprised when you don’t have one.

And when you’re flirting with a cute girl there, it makes sense.

It will make sense to her.

It will make sense to her friends.

Her brand isn’t jeopardized.

So if you work on looking cool as hell, you can get beautiful girls.

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