4 Tips to Hit on Daughters next to their Moms


Now I received a question online from Eric and he wrote in to me.

“Jesse, I was at the mall and there was this gorgeous girl there with tan skin, long legs, long hair, beautiful eyes. I really wanted to talk to her badly.”

“But she was there with another woman who was very obviously her mom. I didn’t know what to do, so I just stood there like a chump and let the opportunity slip on by.”

“What would you have done in such a case if a girl is there with her mom? Thanks. Eric.”

Well, you know, in a sense it takes a lot of balls just to go up to one girl during the daytime. You go up to her you talk to her. You flirt with her. You get her number and the whole time you’re thinking society doesn’t like. This is outside of the normal.

You feel that social pressure on you. You feel that spotlight effect like everybody is looking at you. You’re up there on the stage and you’ve got an audience and they all know exactly what you’re doing.

It feels even tougher when you’ve got two girls there of about the same age that you want to approach. The spotlight effect feels even stronger and you feel like that friend might be judging you if you’re hitting on the hot one and you’ve got to juggle both girls at once.

Now level even above that is going up to a daughter and hitting on that daughter right in front of her mom because then the spotlight effect feels even stronger because it’s not considered normal or polite by society that’s considered rather peculiar and odd.

Nevertheless it can be done.

Right now I’m giving you tips on how to hit on a daughter right in front of her mom, how to hit on a daughter right underneath her mom’s nose and do it in a way where the mother likes you, where the mother wants you to date her daughter.

If that sounds good to you, then let’s crack right into it.

By the way I did create for you a free cheat sheet on how to seduce a daughter right underneath her mom’s nose, how to get that daughter attracted to you with her mom right there. you’re going to find a link for that down in the description below and right here on the screen as well.

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All right, so our first tip is you need to treat a mother-daughter set just like any other two set of two girls because if you put them on a pedestal, if you see them as different, if you’re thinking yourself, “Oh, my gosh! This is so wrong. This is different. What’s the mother going to do to me? Am I going to get myself killed?”

You’re going to be way too nervous to approach. You’re just going to sit there with your hands in your pockets, waffling around thinking about what you should do and you’re going to chicken out.

If you’re thinking of them as some kind of special case, even if you do approach them and start talking to them you’re going to act like Mr. Nice Guy. You’re going to be super conservative and not want to actually hit on the daughter.

That’s going to be confusing to the two women. That mother-daughter, they’re going to be thinking, “Why is this guy even here? Why is he talking to us?” because you’re not actually making any moves.

So my number one rule of mother and daughter sets is you do not want to place them on a pedestal. You do not want to treat them any differently than you would any other two set of two women.

The next tip is you want to pretend like you don’t even realize it’s her mom. It’s like just two girls of about the same age and that ties into our first rule of treating it like any other two set.

But you can even verbalize this to them as well. For example, you can tell them, “So how do you two know each other? Oh, wait, wait. Wait a second. Don’t tell me. I think you two are sisters or half-sisters at least because you look alike. I’m not really sure honestly. It’s kind of hard to tell.”

As cheesy as that sounds, playing dumb that you don’t realize it’s a mother and daughter, that’s going to get a big laugh out of the mom and she’s going to love you for it.

You can also refer to the mother as a young woman or young lady. For example, you can tell them, “You know what, I think you are the neat and the organized one,” and you point to the daughter and then you point to the mom, “and you, young lady, I think you are the messy one I bet.”

So it’s simple. Just keep referring to the mother as being younger in age and refer to them as two sisters. The mother is going to love that and she’s going to love you for it.

Charm and win over that mother and she’s going to let you hit on her daughter.

Next tip when you approach a mother and daughter set, normally what you’re thinking is the mother is the guardian, the mother is the uptight one. The mother is the strict one. The mother is the one who goes, “No, no, no. That is bad. You shouldn’t do that. You’re the bad boy and I got to guard my daughter.”

That’s normally what’s going through your mind and granted that is the default frame. But you, my friend, you want to flip that frame and accuse the mother of being the naughty one, accuse the mother of being the spontaneous one, accuse the mother of being the adventurous one.

For example, you could say to the two of them, “You know what, I think you two are double trouble and you,” pointing to the daughter, “I think you are the sensible one actually while you young lady,” and you’re pointing to the mother, “I think you are the party animal. You are the one causing the trouble. You are the one singing in the shower. You are the one staying up too late.”

Do you see what you’re doing here? You are flipping the frame, framing the mother as the naughty one. You’re subverting expectations.

That’s going to get a laugh out of the mom. She’s going to love that. You’re going to charm her and you’re going to win that mother over.

All right, for the next tip. You want to befriend the mother. Get her on your side. Turn her into an ally. Get her blessing. Then have her sell you on her daughter.

I’m going to give you an example. You tell the mother somewhat early on in the interaction, “You know what, you are really cool. I like you.”

That’s befriending the mother. That’s telling her she is qualified and that’s going to get the mom on your side.

Then you say indicating over to the daughter, “What about this one? Do I have to be worried about her? Is she going to steal my heart or my kidneys?

Now what should happen next is the mother start selling you on her daughter. She’s going to start giving you reasons why her daughter is good enough for you. For example, she might say, “Oh, no, no, no. She’s a sweet girl. You’re going to like her.”

Then you can say, “Ah, okay. That’s good to hear. So she’s not going to stalk me or start doing anything weird, right?”

Then the mom says, “Oh, no, no, no. Of course not!” Further selling you on her daughter

Then once the mother has sold you on her daughter, once the mother has given you reasons to like her daughter, you can tell the mother. You can ask her, “Okay, I hope you don’t mind chatting her up then.”

If you charm the mother properly, she’ll be like, “Oh, no, no, no problem. Go right ahead.”

If the interaction is going forward swimmingly, you can even pull that daughter right into you and ask the mom, “See? Don’t you think we two make a beautiful couple?”

You want the mom to sign off on you two where she’ll say, “Why yes you do!”

That is how you befriend the mom, turn her into an ally, and get her selling you on her daughter and get that mother’s approval.

So there you go. Those are your tips on how to hit on a daughter right in front of her mom and get her mom’s blessing, have her mom be totally cool with it and let you date her daughter.

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