6 Tips to Walk Like a Boss and Command Girls Attention with Just a Look

I’m laying on you SIX tips to walk like a boss with a sexy swagger…

So that girls left and right can’t help but notice you and look your way with the smile of desire spread across their faces.

This can work for you even if you’re not the best-looking guy because NO other guy is paying attention to how they walk.

So if you do these SIX simple tips, you’ll instantly stand out from everyone else and get looked at by girls like you’re a can of Coke in the desert.

And if that sounds good to you, let’s crack into it.


All right, now the thing about attraction is that little things count.

When a girl sees you walk by with a sexy strut like you are the most confident, bad-ass dude on the planet…

She’s going to swoon for you.

When you go up to talk to her, she’ll blow wide open with a huge friendly smile on her face.

Do that and you’ll have more dates with pretty girls than you know what to do with.

 Emotion follows motion

Walking with a sexy strut is important because…

When you walk like a boss outwardly, you actually FEEL like a boss inwardly.

You know how if you frown and look down at the ground…

And you slump your shoulders, pretty soon, you start to feel like crap.

But when you smile and you do ten jump jacks for example…

You’ll suddenly start to feel better inside.

Well, that’s because your emotions, how you feel, follow your physical motions.

Physically move in a positive way, you’ll feel better. So when you walk right, you feel more confident.

Then girls respond better to you, which gives even more confidence and you’ve got a virtuous cycle of upward confidence power.

 Tip #1. Correct your Posture

All right so, the first tip to walk like a boss is your posture.

It doesn’t matter how you strut.

If you’re hunched over, you’re going to look beaten down and defeated.

So what you want to do is exert your chest out…

Hold your chin up, roll your shoulders back…

And stand tall like a champ, like you’re superman.

What I’d recommend you do, is what I do…

Use a posture corrector for 20 to 60 minutes a day to fix that.

Tip #2. Roll your foot

Tip #2 for walking like a badass is you want to roll your foot and push off to give your strut more “bounce.”

So, the sole of your foot hits the ground…

You roll your foot through the mid-solve…

And you push off with your toes.

That move just gives you a more youthful vibrant bounce to your step…

Instead of just looking slow and flat-footed.

Tip #3. Lead with your chest

Tip number THREE for walking like a boss is…

You want to lead slightly with your chest.

You’re essentially shifting the center of your mass just slightly forward through your chest.

Almost like if you didn’t take that next step, you’d almost fall forward.

Don’t go overboard with it. Don’t make it so obvious as to look cartoonish.

It’s very slight. It’s very subtle.

Tip #4. Swing your arms to add swagger

Tip number 4 to having a sexy strut that girls notice you by is…

You want to swing your arms a bit back and forth.

Normally, we walk with our arms and shoulders rather stifled and stiff, and locked down by our sides.

Instead, you want to loosen the arms up and actually swing them back and forth, taking up more space.

What that’ll do is create a rotational ROLL in your chest, so your chest will actually roll a bit side to side, which draws attention.

And drawing attention to yourself is what makes you look sexy.

That’s going to give you that alpha boss bad boy look.

 Tip #5. Smile

Now the fifth tip for walking with that bad boy strut is your SMILE.

If you’re walking with a sexy strut, but your facial expression is FLAT…

That just looks incongruent, like your body isn’t matching up with your inner emotions.

So you want to have at least a little cocky smirk on your face.

Like, “Yeah! My sex is a gift to women…”

“Yeah. It’s the best thing that can happen to her!”

Cocky little smirk.

Easily breaking into a smile from moment to moment.

“What’s up man?”

“Hey there, nice shoes girl.”

Like that.

Tip #6. Don’t dial it back

My sixth tip for walking with a strut that women love is…

Hang in there!

At first, of course, it may feel awkward.

You may feel like, “Well, this isn’t me. I don’t feel comfortable.”

Well, look, you’re showing off.

You’re deliberately drawing attention to yourself.

You’re taking up extra space and not apologizing for it.

You’re shouting out to the world, “Hey, I’m here. All eyes on me!”

That’s what confidence IS!

That you can have social pressure and all eyes on you and you can handle it.

That IS confidence.

That IS what attracts women.

Just like a girl wearing a high-heels and a tight dress, and she’s showing off her cleavage…

That likewise puts all eyes and social pressure on HER.

THAT is partly what makes that girl so hot because she doesn’t care. She’ll pull it off.

SO, you can either do this and muscle through that initial awkwardness you feel under the spotlight of attention and become that sexy guy.

OR, you can dial it back, just blend in the crowd, be comfortable, not be noticed.

But you’re NOT gonna get the attention of the prettiest girls that way. Just understand that.

So use these tips to walk like this.

Get used to the attention. Accept it.

Get the girls.

Or don’t. Either way.

But if you do want it, just muscle through that initial stage where you feel uncomfortable until it becomes a habit.

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