8 Bachelor Pad Items that Get Girls Undressed and In Your Bed Tonight

We are going over items you can put into your apartment to create the ultimate bachelor pad where the girl, she walks inside your door, and she almost goes into a trance into a hypnosis where she’s just ripping her clothes off and jumping straight into your bed.

Because you are that cool, charismatic dude with some swagger, it’s pretty natural girls are going to want to go back to your place after that first date or even go back with you right outside the club.

The problem is that beauty takes one step inside your place and all the magic is instantly lost.

Those bright lights, they’re blinding her. There is some dirty underwear on the floor. You got some dirty dishes in the sink. There’s no ambiance.

There’s nothing to light that fire in her heart to light that passion and she’s looking around and she’s thinking, “I…don’t…know. I’m second guessing myself. I’m going to go.”

Have no fear, my friend, because in this video, I’m showing eight different items that are going to convert your kind of shabby, ugly apartment into the ultimate bachelor pad that are going to get girls feeling that love and vibe and slip into your bed.

By the way, I did create for you a free guide, How to Pimp Out the Ultimate Bachelor Pad. You’re going to find the link down in the description below. You’re going to find the link here on the screen.

You’re going to want to grab this free little guide because it has all the tips in this video listed out verbatim to help you follow along plus a couple of extra free little bonus tips you’re not going to find in this video.

It will take just a quick second to hit pause on this video. Go grab that little guy, download it for yourself, and then come right back here and we’ll continue onward.

The first item you want to have for your place to create the ultimate bachelor pad is a balcony.

I can’t emphasize enough how much a balcony makes the lay so much easier because the girl is going to walk inside your place, and the first place she’s going to be drawn to is when she sees that balcony.

She’s going to go, “Oh, my gosh! You have a balcony!” That’s where she’s instinctively going to go first.

That stunning, beautiful woman, I guarantee you, she’s going to go straight for that balcony, make a beeline for you. She’s going to take her hands, she’s going to put them on the rail. She’s going to look out, and she’s going to feel at ease. She’s going to feel comforted.

What you’re going to do, my friend, is you’re going to come up right behind her, take your hands, put them around her waist, maybe play with her hair a little bit, toy with it. Eventually, you’re going to just turn her around and start making out with her.

I know that sounds pretty cheesy, but it works like a charm. It works every single time.

I know maybe you’re thinking, “Jesse, my place does not have a balcony, so how does that help me?”

Well, just keep in mind next time you move, next time you are looking for a new place, make getting a balcony your number one priority.

Or if you’re going to a different city for a couple of days, maybe come down to Miami for a couple of days, maybe go up to Las Vegas for a couple of days, get an Airbnb or a hotel that has a balcony. Make that your number one criteria.

Next item for creating that ultimate bachelor pad is actually removing an item, and that’s taking all the chairs out of your place.

Because I guarantee you, a woman steps inside your apartment. She steps inside your place, the first place she’s going to go to sit is to find the most awkward chair in your whole place, the most comfortable seat she could take is actually your bed and she’s not going to go there.

Next most comfortable would be your sofa, and she’s not going to go there, either. I don’t know why but that’s just how girls work.

They’re going to go to that barstool by the counter that’s not comfortable to sit in at all.

What you would want to have happen is she goes straight to your sofa and sits down there, so you can sit down next to her, lift her legs, put her legs on your lap, or even have her sit on your lap. That’s the most seductive place to be.

But no, no, no! She’s going to go to that barstool where you can’t really make physical contact with her nearly as easily.

I know this sounds unusual, but just take all the chairs out of there. That’s going to force her to sit on your sofa or even on your bed.

Next item you want to have at your place to create that ultimate bachelor pad is some liquor.

Me personally, I don’t drink and maybe you don’t drink either, but that’s the polite thing to do is offer the girl a drink. That’s going with social convention.

She might ask you for a drink as well because she might never have been in your place and she’s feeling a little uncomfortable.

A drink is going to help her relax. It’s going to help put her at ease. Offering her a drink, it makes you look sophisticated.

I know, I know it’s silly, but I don’t make the rules. I’m just showing you what works.

Now you want to have a variety of different drinks and stocks. You can ask her what she wants. You can ask her, “All right, so what do you want to drink?”

She will say something like, “I want to have Captain Morgan.”

You can say, “Coming right up because I have Captain Morgan!”

But of course, having two dozen bottles of different liquors, that’s expensive. It takes up a lot of space. It’s just not that efficient.

So I would recommend for you to buy these small, little mini-bottles of liquors at the liquor store. That way, it doesn’t cost you that much money and it’s pretty compact in size.

You can always offer the girl exactly what she wants to drink and help put her at ease and help her make her feel more comfortable at your place.

The next item you want to have tucked away somewhere in your place to create that ultimate bachelor pad experience is a pack of cigarettes.

“Now I know that sounds kind of odd, Jesse. Why am I going to have cigarettes in my place because I don’t smoke?”

The thing is a lot of girls they do smoke. After having a drink, a girl often wants to have a smoke.

You’re driving back to your place. She’s in the car with you and she suddenly says, “I need to get some cigarettes because I ran out and I have to have a smoke.”

Or you’re even back at your place already. You’re there in the living room. You’re flirting, you’re kissing. But she’s not at ease because she needs to have a cigarette. I mean these are highly addictive, little things.

She’s going to say, “Look, I’m loving what’s going on. I like you a lot, but I got to have a smoke. We got to go to the store right now for me to get my cigarettes.”

If you don’t have anything to offer her, to at least just hold her over for a while, she might want to really leave and that’s going to derail the whole seduction process. You don’t want that to happen, and yes, I know it sounds messed up.

Why would a woman in the prime of her life want to be smoking cigarettes? Why would she insist on getting a cigarette and is it ethical for you to offer her one?

Well, the way I look at it is this. If you don’t have a cigarette, she’s going to keep smoking anyway. She’s likely going to leave. She’s going to be—poof—out of your life forever. You’re never going to see her again. She’s not going to change her habits.

But if you do offer her a cigarette, at least she stays over. She gets to know you. She’s going to sleep with you.

Now you can have more influence over her life and you can steer her off in a better direction once she knows you, once she slept with you, once she trusts you more, once she values your opinion more. Then you can steer her towards using Nicorette chewing gum if you really want to take responsibility for that.

But the point is, just have a pack of cigarettes there, ready for a girl to use. I know it sounds silly, but you can thank me later.

Now this next item, you definitely want to have it stocked because this is going to come up a lot.

Now the girl, maybe it’s a long day for her. It’s been a long date with you, and she’s coming back at your place. She’s not completely at ease. She’s not completely comfortable.

Yes, maybe she feels a little bit anxious and antsy. Maybe it’s a good kind of anxious where she’s looking forward to something happening and it’s kind of an anticipation, but she’s burning a lot of calories in this process and she might start getting that rumble in her tummy. She might start feeling a little bit hungry.

She might start getting that rumble in her tummy. She might start feeling a little bit hungry. She might even mention to you that she’s feeling a little bit hungry. She’d like a snack to eat.

Anyway it’s polite of you to offer her something to eat because if she starts getting hungry, she might start getting cranky or angry. When you get that hungry-anger, she’s feeling “hangry,” that can derail the entire seduction process.

Now this can be a little bit tricky actually because some girls are very picky eaters.

You offer to make her a hamburger, and she might tell you, “No way! I’m a vegetarian.”

Or maybe you’re going to make her a veggie burger, and she tells you, “That’s pretty weird. I’ve never had a veggie burger. I’m not having a veggie burger.”

Your safe bet that you want to go with is to have frozen margherita pizza in your freezer. The reason being is that every girl likes pizza.

Every girl likes pizza and margherita frozen pizza, it doesn’t matter if she’s vegetarian. It doesn’t matter if she’s Moslem. It doesn’t matter if she’s Jewish. It’s not going to conflict with her diet. She’s going to be down with eating some pizza.

Another pro tip is you might want to go for the cauliflower-crust pizza rather than the wheat-crust pizza simply because it’s easier to digest. It’s not going to make her feel sleepy.

What’s so great about frozen pizza is it’s cooked. It’s hot. It feels like a proper meal to the girl, and it’s pretty to look at.

You lay it out in front of her. It looks like you made something special. It’s got all these different colors. It’s got all these different elements, all these different ingredients, very pretty to look at, and every girl likes pizza, so you almost never can go wrong with that.

Now the next thing you want to have to transform your place into the ultimate bachelor pad is a spotless, clean bathroom.

Now, your living room, you got some dirty socks on the floor; it doesn’t really matter. You got some dirty dishes in the sink; that’s okay. The books, they’re kind of crooked, maybe they got some dust here and there. It’s not a big deal.

Girls are going to overlook that sort of thing specially since a lot of women are more disorganized and messy than us, men, and that’s the truth.

But if she goes into your bathroom and there’s little hairs all over the place and there’s toothpaste splotches on the sink, and there’s ring of dirt around the tub, and there’s still piss in the toilet because you didn’t bother to flush it, your bathroom is just generally nasty, or even if it’s a little bit dirty, then some girls, particularly some girls who are kind of neat freaks, you’re going to be in big trouble.

Your bathroom isn’t that clean, she might associate that with you.

“He doesn’t take care of his bathroom. I wonder how he is. Does he wipe his butt properly? Is he going to smell in his armpits? Does he brush his teeth properly? If he doesn’t take of his bathroom, maybe he doesn’t take care of himself.”

It’s going to be a big turnoff to the girl. Not with all girls, but you could definitely derail the seduction if you don’t keep a spotlessly clean bathroom.

But if your bathroom is clean, that’s going to win you some big extra brownie points where even if the rest of your place is messy, she will overlook it.

She will overlook your other messy sins because she’s going to be thinking to herself, “Bathroom is so spotless. The guy has to be clean as well. Probably doesn’t have lice growing down there. He probably doesn’t have some weird fungus growing there that I don’t know about. Because he takes such good care of his bathroom, he must take good care of his own personal hygiene as well.”

That’s going to put her at ease. It’s going to make her comfortable about sleeping with you.

Next item you want to have at your place to create that ultimate bachelor pad for getting women into bed is a futon instead of a sofa.

Now imagine this: a girl walks into your place. She’s not going to sit in some uncomfortable chair because you don’t have any around. But instead, she’s going to go right to your sofa.

She sits there. She’s real comfortable. You’re going to sit down next to her. Maybe pick up her legs and put them on her lap, or even have her sit on your lap and you’re flirting with her. You touch her hair.

At some point, things are going to get more hot  and heavy and you’re going to eventually want to move her over to her bedroom.

Now the clever little thing about the futon is you don’t even to move her to the bedroom because you can convert her futon into a bed right there. You got the futon turning into your bed right in your living room and you save yourself a step. No need to even move her over to your bedroom, but you keep her nice and comfortable right there in the living.

A second way to use that futon is you don’t try to seduce her on the futon all the way. You still bring her over to your bedroom, but some girls, you know, they’re just a little uncomfortable going into the bedroom. They just are not quite right with it. They want to slow down.

If you sense that she’s not that comfortable being in there, you can always calibrate, bring her back to the living room, put that futon down, change it into a bed right then and there, and do your whole seduction process there where she’s more comfortable in the living room.

The next item for creating that seductive bachelor pad is you want to keep the lights in your bedroom rather low, rather dim, rather dark.

The reason being is that a lot of women have hang-ups about their body. They have hang-ups about how they look and they don’t necessarily want to get naked for you. They don’t want to get undressed under the glare of those bright lights.

Even a very beautiful woman, a woman you would picture as the picture 10, there’s something on her body that she’s not happy with, and it could be her feet. It could be her toes. It could be her ears. It could be something really silly that you would never notice, but she’s very aware of it herself and she’s insecure about it.

Just by keeping those lights down low, she’s not going to feel as insecure. She can focus more on having a wonderful, beautiful experience with you rather than constantly focusing on, “Is he noticing this flaw of me? Is he looking at this imperfection on me?” You don’t want to have her in that headspace.

Of course, you want to have the lights bright enough that you can see what’s going on, but not so bright that you’re going to see all the little details. You want to have it dark enough that she’s going to feel comfortable being there.

Exactly speaking, you want to turn off the main lights in the bedroom and just leave a side bedroom lamp on like a lava lamp that cast just enough glow, cast just enough light that you can see the curvature of her body. You can see what’s going on.

You’re not fumbling around in the dark and yet hides her imperfections to make her feel comfortable.

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