6 Alpha Male Body Language Tips and Covert Attraction Signals


Ever find yourself ignored by beautiful women?

Find yourself invisible to them?

Hey there, it’s Jesse!

Today I have a special video for you:

6 body language big mistakes you’re likely making that make you invisible to pretty girls…

That make you look boring and unattractive.

Not only are you making one or two of these mistakes…

But most likely you’re making 4 or 5 or even all 6 of them.

And these mistakes cause pretty girls to pass you over and not even notice you.

Keeping you forever in the friend zone as that “nice guy.”

Or they don’t even want to have anything to do.

BUT if you make these simple FIXES I’m going to give you…

Then everything can change like that where girls will perk up when you go talk to them, and they’ll see you as one of the alpha sexy bad boys they want to get to know.

And these fixes are rather simple.

So if that sounds good to you…

Let’s crack right into it!

Mistake #1. No eye contact

So, the first body language mistake you’re making is…

Not holding deep-enough eye contact with the girl.

Now this is really easy to forget and underestimate its importance.

In order for her to feel that sexual spark, the girl has to feel your eyes boring deep inside her.

Not only that, but you want to make a real, deep connection with your eyes.

Not looking at the girl’s face, but rather looking only to her eyes, where everything around just blurs out and you’re looking deep into her soul


Do that and she’s yours.

Mistake #2. Not smiling

The second body language big mistake you’re making is…

Not smiling enough.

Particularly in that first minute, you want to be smile BIG.

You want to give that a girl a big, celebrity SMILE, Hollywood actor-style.

Like seeing her, it just made your day.

Like seeing her, you won the lottery.

That’s the kind of smile you want to give her.

The big ear-to-ear smile shows her that you’re positive, you’re friendly, you’re feeling good inside…

And you’re going to make her feel good too.

You don’t have to be all smiles through the whole interaction of course…

But at the beginning, smile wide and smile big!

Mistake #3. Not squaring up the shoulders

The third body language big mistake you’re likely making is…

Not squaring up your shoulders with her!

When you start talking to a girl, instead of talking to her from the side, like this…

Instead, you want to turn your shoulders square to match her shoulders…

Face to face.

This has a subtle effect of her feeling submissive to your masculine dominance.

And it makes giving her strong eye contact, boring deeply into her soul much easier when you have that direct-line-of-sight to her eyes.

Mistake #4. Speaking too softly

The fourth body language mistake you’re making is not speaking damn loud enough.

When you talk to a girl, you want to talk 2 or 3 levels louder than the surrounding, ambient background noise.

Your voice needs to cut over everything else around you.

That means almost talking past the girl, speaking right through the girl.

Loud enough so that someone standing behind her could hear you no problem.

And if that means drawing attention to yourself from the whole room around you, then so be it.

Talking quietly so as not to be noticed, that’s not sexy.

And it makes the girl think that YOU think you’re doing something wrong or creepy.

So if you want to snap her attention onto you and mesmerize her…

Just speak LOUD.

Really LOUD.

Mistake #5. Talking too fast

The fifth body language big mistake you’re likely making is talking way too fast!

When you talk too fast to fill in the voids, you don’t give the girl’s brain time to process what’s going on!

And you don’t give your own creative brain enough time to be a good conversationalist.

You come across as nervous and try-hard.

Talking fast. It just isn’t cool.

What you need to do is slooooooow waaaay down.

Slow your pace waaaaay down.

Take your time when you talk to her.

And use pauses…lots of pauses… for dramatic effect.

You’ll sound WAY sexier that way.

Mistake #6. Being nervous

The sixth body language big mistake you’re making starts in here – your head.

Body language isn’t really something you can correct just on command.

You logically think, “Well, it’s important to look deep into the girl’s soul as I talk to her.”

And then you suddenly have great eye contact from then on.

It doesn’t work like that.


How you express your body language is quite dependent on what’s going on inside your head.

So, if you’re feeling good about yourself…

If you’re feeling relaxed, if you’re feeling cocky…

If that little voice inside your head is telling you great things…

Then, your body language will just automatically tend to be WAY better.

So fixing your language also means fixing the story you tell you about yourself and changing the thoughts you continually loop on inside your head.

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