Destroy your fear of girls- easy trick to obliterate social anxiety forever

Now today, I have a quick little trick for you to obliterate your fear of pretty girls.

Whether that’s you want to approach girls to say hello and you keep hesitating…

Or you’re afraid of talking to them, or you’re afraid of talking to that girl you’re crushing on…

This quick little trick will solve all those problems for you, forever.

And yes, it is controversial.

So if you’re into the whole political correctness thing, this isn’t for you.

But otherwise, you’ll want to listen up!


Don’t you wish you could just go up and say hello to any girl you fancied and get into a conversation with her?

Flirt with her…make her laugh…

Get her number…go on a date with her.

Make her love you.

And then a few weeks later…

Your phone is blowing up from many girls trying to see you again until finally you have that one special girl in your arms…

Where she’s thinking, “This guy is fantastic. I wonder if he loves me back?”

And she’s telling all her friends and family about you.

Well, this one little trick is going to give you that unfair advantage over every other guy.


But if you DON’T do this…

Nothing else is going to matter.

You could know the right things to say.

You could know exactly what to do.

But you see that girl and you’ll just continue to freeze up and live in fear.

And I know because I struggled with this same problem for years.

I tried ALL KINDS of techniques to obliterate my fears of talking to girls and opening girls.

Nothing really worked until I realized this ONE thing that changed everything for me.

I guarantee you, it’s not something YOU have ever thought of before…

It’s going surprise you.

Also, I got special extra bonus tip for you at the end of this video…

That’s going to make talking to girls SO much easier…

Because it’s going to increase your confidence at least 100%…

So be sure to watch all the way to the every end.

Fear is attached to apathy

All right, so you see that cute, pretty girl over there…

You want to talk to her…and you do nothing.

She walks off.

You let the opportunity slip you by, slip through your fingers, never to see her again.

Why is that?

Well, consider this:

You not taking action is always attached to APATHY.

So this is how your brain works:

Your brain looks at the situation. Pretty girl over there.

And your brain calculates the benefits. “Well, let’s see, maybe she’ll like me. Maybe I’ll get her phone number.”

Then your brain also calculates the potential downsides:

“But, she might reject me.”

“I’m expending energy. I’ll make a fool of myself.”

“Maybe she has a boyfriend. Maybe I say the wrong thing.”

And your brain comes up with 1,000 reasons NOT to approach her.

Your brain perceives the gains, say here at this level.

It perceives the risks or downsides, say here a bit higher, at this level.

Which are all nonsense calculations of course…

But you’re human, your brain calculates anyway.

Because there’s not really a ton of motivation to get the benefit…

Your brain just says, “Nope! I’m not doing it.”

“Fuck you! I’m not doing it.”

“Not today! Another time maybe.”

“But not now.”

And you don’t talk to the girl.

What’s the problem here

So, what’s the problem here, why did you freeze up?

Well, you see that pretty girl and yeah, you’d LIKE to talk to her.

But realistically, ehhh, you’re kind of apathetic, too.

It would be nice to talk to her, but really you feel you’ll survive if you don’t.

Maybe your motivation level is 30%, so that fear you feel, all those risks you calculate and excuses your brain comes up with…

It all overwhelms your motivation.

Because your motivation wasn’t really that high. You’re a bit apathetic to meeting her, when it comes right down to it.

If 100% motivation

But now imagine, you were SUPER motivated to talk to her.

You wanted her SO badly, you wanted her SO badly that it was 100 times more powerful than anything else you can imagine.

In that case, yeah, you still feel the fear.

But your fear wouldn’t be that big of a hurdle. Your fear is say, here at this level.

But your motivation is WAY up here, so much higher.

And when you’re super motivated… the opposite of apathy…

Then the bit of fear you feel… isn’t enough to stop you from saying hello to her.

My story

That’s what happened to me all the time.

I’d go out. I wanted to meet girls.

I wanted to go up and say hello to pretty women.

But in my mind, I just wanted to go out.

I wanted to maybe test out a new concept.

I wanted to go out because I felt like I had to.

But in reality underneath, I was a bit apathetic.

I wasn’t really that motivated. I wasn’t really in the mood to kick my brain’s ass.

I wasn’t really salivating at the thought of a woman. I wanted it all, but not to the very fiber and core of my being.

So I’d see a pretty girl.

I was a bit apathetic about the whole thing.

And then all the excuses would run through my brain, and my fears would come to the surface.

And I just wouldn’t approach.

In my vague apathy, I’d do nothing.

So when you go out and you just want to vaguely “go out” or vaguely “experiment” or vaguely “see what happens…”

That’s not motivated enough for you to take action.

So even when mildly obnoxious walls come up…

Like say, she’s walking away from you…

Or she’s with a girlfriend, or she’s walking quickly…

Then you just stand there, hesitate, and do nothing.

That’s the problem:

When you feel that mild apathy… it allows your fears to stop you from ever approaching a girl.

Mild apathy will shut you down because it’s not enough to overcome all your brain’s excuses not to approach.

The solution

Now, if you’re even a little apathetic…

If you’re not particularly motivated fiercely enough…

Whatever fears you have, whatever minor inconveniences you encounter…

Will simply overwhelm you because your brain can so EASILY make excuses that defeat your weak motivation.

And you won’t talk to the girl.

You’ll never talk to girls.

SO, the solution here is…

You need to get fiercely motivated to have sex with girls where you are 1,000 times more motivated to take action…

So that it overwhelms any fear or excuses your brain comes up with.

Be aching for

In my experience, it’s absolutely true.

Guys who are very horny and very motivated get WAY better results than guys who aren’t.

It’s those horny dudes that would bang just about any girl…

Those horny guys who obsess about having sex with every girl they talk to…

That generally get the best results.

Because even though their brain comes up with excuses not to talk to the girl, even though they feel the fear too…

They’re driven with an intense passion for women.

They’re driven forward by an intense passion that overwhelms their negative brain yammering away.

And so they approach.

They talk to the girl.

That means go after 6s and 7s too

There’s many ways to get more motivated and obliterate your apathy.

But one simple way is get horny for ALL women.

Use that 0 or 1 scale.

Zero…women you wouldn’t consider have sex with.

Zero…the woman would have to pay YOU.

And one…any woman that you’d at least consider having sex.

Any girl that is a ONE from now on…

You’re going to get very horny and that girl is a ONE…

From now on, you’re going to obsess about having sex with her while she’s standing there in front of you…

Where you obsess about having sex with every girl you want to approach, where you obsess about having sex with every girl you talk to…

So that you can practice strengthening that motivation muscle of yours…

So you can practice obliterating that soft apathy.

So that you can overcome your fear barriers.

Drop 1 to 10 scale

That means throwing out the 1 to 10 scale.

Stop being “picky” about which women you’re interested in because pickiness leads you to practicing apathy.

Every time you see a girl that you don’t approach or you put out of your mind, you practice feeling apathy.

Then, when you DO see that really pretty “9 or 10” girl you really like…

You’re so used to be apathetic, you’re so GOOD at feeling a bit apathetic…

That you lack enough motivation to overcome all the excuses your brain comes up with not to talk to her.

Then you don’t meet ANY girls AT ALL.

But when you practice feeling horny for most any relatively cute girl…

Even the so-called 6s and 7s.

Then you get *excited* about your day.

You feel motivated because there’s candy all around you.

That feeling of 1,000% motivation overwhelms any barriers and obstacles you encounter.

And then, you can meet dozens of new girls every week.

When you DO encounter that Perfect “9 or 10” by random chance…

Well, you’re so used to approaching girls…

That it’s a piece of cake to approach the 9 or 10.

You’re talking to 9s and 10s no problem…

Then you get that girl you really want.

Motivation Is A Massive Advantage

Now here is your bonus tip.

Here’s how you can really rise above the competition, so that you can have all their pretty girls to yourself in a way that no other can match.

Understand this:

Fear is a universal feeling that every man has.

Every man, when he sees a beautiful, stunning woman, feels a touch of hesitation and fear.

Their brain starts making up excuses not to approach.

Every man!

And apathy, again, lacking a strong motivation, is also a universal feeling of all men.

Most men have a certain sense of apathy and isn’t that motivated.

So fear, which every guy has, and apathy, which every guy has, are both huge equalizers…

Which means, if you’re more strongly motivated than other guys…

If you can dominate your apathy, if you can kick your brain’s ass…

And if you can get horny for all women …

Then, you’ll dominate your fear.

Your fear will be *nothing* and not hold you back.

When you can dominate your fear…

You suddenly have a massive, MASSIVE advantage over every other man out there.

Suddenly, you’ll meet beautiful women other guys would never DREAM or ever DARE talk to and that means, all the pretty girls for yourself.

Consider that your unfair advantage…

Your cheat code.

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