Ditch Alcohol And Do THIS For Sexy Charisma- 7 Reasons to Stop Drinking For Good


Now drinking alcohol has some great advantages.

A drink or two CAN make you more charismatic.

You know, normally, you go to a bar, you feel out of place.

You feel a bit nervous. You feel a little awkward, like you don’t belong there.

Have a drink.

Magically, it takes the edge off!

You feel loose. You feel relaxed.

You feel more confident. You’re good to go.

And you can finally talk to that cute girl standing across the room with her friends.

Pretty nice, right?

Alcohol, it gives you that sense of PERSMISSION to be that cool guy.

You can act more loud and free and loose and charismatic.

Problem #1. Developing a tolerance

The problem with alcohol is that it NEVER stays at just one or two drinks.

Your brain thinks, “Well, if ONE drink made me feel better, then TWO drinks will make me feel even BETTER.”

“And if TWO drinks makes me feel even better, then with THREE drinks, I’ll feel better!!!

AND you start to develop a tolerance.

Before long, that one single drink doesn’t put you into the “sweet spot” like it used to.

And next thing you know, gradually and quietly, it sneaks up on you.

You need a whole bunch of drinks just to feel social at all.

And now the alcohol is running you.

3. Problem #2: dual identity

The second problem with alcohol is that you develop a dual identity.

You’ve got your usual self, who is perhaps more constrained, conservative, stifled, and reserved and you develop your drinking self who you feel can be more talkative and charismatic.

A hard line begins to divide your two  personalities based on whether you can drink or not.

Pretty soon, your brain creates powerful anchors, powerful neurological associations that you can ONLY express your talkative, social self with a couple of drinks.

Problem #3: situation confidence

The third problem with drinking alcohol is that the confidence it gives you is *situational.*

So, say you’re at a bar.

Well, drinking allows you to feel more free and outgoing and talkative.


But what happens when you see a cute girl at the library, or at the coffee shop, or walking down the street???

You can’t feel buzzed ALL the time!

What about those girls??

So instead of developing CORE confidence where you can talk to girl in any situation…

Alcohol tracks you into a very narrow lane where you only have confidence in very specific situations and far less confidence outside of that narrow range or circumstances.

Problem #4: access dependent

The fourth problem with alcohol is that when you practice talking to girls in that buzzed state…

Well, that side of your personality is access dependent on the state that you practice in.

For example, if you memorize lines of a play in the comfort of your bed at home…

And you’ve got those lines memorized…

Well, won’t help you.

Once you get up on stage under those bright lights, under the glaring gaze of the audience…

Because you haven’t practiced your lines up on that STAGE, you’ll suddenly forget all your lines.

Likewise, when you practice being talkative with women while buzzed, when you’re sober, your brain will just draw a blank on what it’s supposed to do to be a charismatic guy.

Problem #5: makes you sloppy

The fifth problem with alcohol is…

It’s very easy to cross past that “sweet spot” where the alcohol loosens you up a bit into drinking too much and just getting SLOPPY where now the alcohol is a *hindrance.*

So I have a drink, it loosens me up. Great.

Well, if one drink made me feel good, I’ll just have TWO drinks.

Then THREE drinks.

And pretty soon, your creative mind is slow, your words get stupid, and you quickly descend into sloppiness.

In your buzzed state, you think you’re the man when in reality the girls just think you’re an idiot.

Problem #6: no turning back

The sixth problem with drinking alcohol is that once you get started with that habit, it’s hard to quit and turn back.

I’m not talking about alcoholism or addiction. Not even that level.

I’m just saying if you practice being talkative and free under the influence of alcohol now, if you ever try to be that charismatic guy without it…

It’s even HARDER than before because you’re so used to accessing that side of your personality with alcohol!

You have an entrenched habit to overcome now!

So you try to be your cool self while sober for once and it feels even more awkward now than EVER before.

So you just go back to drinking because, hey it’s easy. It’s familiar. It’s comfortable.

From what I’ve seen, guys that start drinking as a crutch, even just casually, most of the time, they can’t crawl out from underneath the habit, even when they want to.

Problem #7: health issue

The seventh problem with alcohol is that it’s poisonous to your body.

Literally, it’s actually a poison to biological organisms.

It’s hard on your liver. It’s hard on your brain.

You consume enough, you’ll die on the spot right there.

Your body does everything it can to flush it out of your system through your urine, your sweat, your tears, your breath.

Your body wants it out of you as fast as possible because your body can’t metabolize it.

It’s a poison in the same way as cyanide or snake venom is a poison. Less powerful of course, but the same.

And the next day, your willpower is depleted.

Your brain is slow. You have trouble sleeping.

You feel irritable. You eat a lot of junk good.

You get fat. It’s bad for the skin, you develop wrinkles.

You look more aged. You feel tired.

And look, meeting girls is a physically demanding activity.

You need to bring you’re A-game and be in top shape to have success in this field.

And you need to create a sustainable lifestyle that will carry you through your 30s and 40s in good health.

But alcohol, it’s a pure poison and will prematurely shut down your stamina to get girls very quickly.


So yeah, alcohol will give you a quick boost.

That’s the benefit.

It does have benefits.

Much in the same way that eating at McDonalds will give you a quick burst of energy.

But long-term, it’s a bad, BAD trade-off.

Where the shortcut comes with a heavy price, where the devil’s due must be paid tenfold over.

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