Get Girls into Bed with this Priming Rehearsal Technique

Today, I’ve got for you a special mental rehearsal trick to get pretty girls you’re craving after into your bed faster than ever before.

First, I’m going to show you my mental rehearsal method for getting girls FAST.

In the second part of this video I’m going to show you WHY it works so well…

And in part 3 I’m going to talk about what you miss out on if you DON’T do this.


And I got to warn you.

This video is for those guys that want to reach mastery level game.

This is not “5 fast tips” to ger her number video.

No, this is a DEEP DIVE into becoming a master at picking up any girl you want.

So it’s dense a video.

It’s for guys who are serious about this stuff.

So that being said…let’s crack into it.

The 3 big problems in game

So there’s three big, BIG problems you face to becoming good with women.

The first BIG problem is that there’s simply a LOT to learn.

Your eye contact.

Your smile.

Your facial expressions.

How to build sexual tension.

How to open.

How to qualify her.

How to use pauses and voids.

Closing the space.

Vocal projection.

Getting into the sweet spot energetically.

Feeling confident.

And about one hundred other important things.

It’s almost all too much to learn.

How realistically are you ever gonna learn all that AND execute it well?

How do you do ALL of it in a set?

It’s like seemingly impossible!

Problem #2- ablation

The second BIG problem with achieving mastery is ABLATION.

You keep losing what you learn.

You keep reverting BACK.

Maybe you pull off a great opener with great body language.

But a week later, you’re just rusty again.

You’ll forget 80% of what you’re supposed to do.

You’re constantly losing what you learn.

So there’s not only SO MUCH to learn, But you’re constantly losing it and getting rusty again.

Problem #3- can’t stay in state

The third big problem with achieving mastery is you can’t “stay in state.”

How you FEEL also gets rusty real fast.

So most of the time, you just feel kind of, “eh, whatever.”


Not feeling your best self.

And these three problems sink 99% of guys who try to learn this stuff.

 Just going out will NOT get you to the top level

And going out into the field to talk to girls Is NOT going to get you there.

Going out, or the advice, “just go out a lot” will NOT get you to mastery level results with girls.

Because if you just talk to a lot of girls, you keep making the same mistakes again, and again, and again…

Spinning your wheels…

Not progressing forward in the right directions.

Going out a lot is fine for getting good enough to date 6s and 7s, but you’ll never get the 8s, 9s, and 10s that way.

 Practice at home

You actually need to practice at HOME.

You want to isolate individual skills in a controlled environment.

THAT is the number one way to pick-up mastery, FAST.

My Mental Rehearsal Drills

And the way I practice at home is I have a 10” tablet.

And every morning I spend 30 mins to an hour going over all my notes…

Fully mentally rehearsing, isolating skills in a controlled environment.

So one day, I’ll work on my opens.

Another day, I’ll work on getting into state.

Another day, I’ll rehearse what I say in opening a two set.

Another day I rehearse replies to various questions a girl will ask me.

The strut

In the morning I step outside and go for a walk.

As I walk, I read out my scripts.

I practice.

It’s not about dry memorizing lines.

I actually mentally rehearse out the *whole* interaction.

My smile.

The eye contact.

My verbal pacing.

I’m visually imagining the interaction with the girl over and over…complete immersion in my mind.

And I practice it over and over again.

I work on my *delivery* over and over again.

Consistency…repetition…isolation of skills…

That’s what brings you up to a mastery level.

Benefit #1: isolation of skills

Now there’s FOUR benefits to rehearsing and priming your brain like this.

First, you can isolate and practice just ONE thing at a time.

For example, you can practice and isolate how to respond to a particular question she might ask you…

Like if she asks you, “How old are you?”

You can practice and isolate what goes through your mind when you spot a girl

Your exact thought process that leads you to open her with positive energy.

You can practice and isolate your smile, and your facial expressions.

You can practice and isolate doing sexual innuendo.

You can isolate hundreds of little mini-skills and rehearse just that one very specific thing…

In a controlled environment without any stress…

And without any nerves you typically get when practicing something new.

Meaning you can get WAY more practice in a few minutes rehearsing that one thing than you would with hours and hours wandering around looking for girls to approach.

You can practice actual game skills without all the time required being out and laser-focus in on one skill at a time.

Isolation of skills…

Without the stress…

Without the distractions…

Practicing and rehearsing exactly what need most.

To the exact degree you need it.


Because look, when you’re talking to girls it’s simply TOO complicated.

There’s TOO much going on to learn new skills where you’re at a beginner level all the way to become a master.

Because any one interaction with a girl, first of all it won’t last that long.

And your brain can only remember to do like one or two things at a time.

So you won’t be able to practice while you’re talking to a girl.

For example, if you want to practice vocal projection and you go talk to girls, most likely you’ll forget to even practice it.

But even if you remembered to project your voice anyway, you could just as easily work on vocal projection for 20 minutes doing your at-home drills…

And you’d get MORE skill rehearsal that way as if you tried to practice infield.

Plus you don’t have all the noise and distraction and stress.

It’s just a far more efficient to improve individual skills when you prime your brain ahead of time.

How athletes train… by isolating

Besides, that’s exactly how all professional sports athletes train.

Professional athletes want the best way to train.

They want the most efficient way to train, so they can be the best in the world at what they do.

And these guy, if they don’t train right, they could lose tens of millions of dollars.

So a lot is riding on these guys getting the BEST training.

And guess how they do it.

They train individual skills in isolation in a controlled environment.

They take a particular skill, like a particular move. And they practice that one particular move or group of moves again and again, and again.. in isolation.

That gives them repetition and consistency, without the distractions, without the stress.

Over and over until they master that move or group of moves.

And over time, they gradually increase the complexity of their practices until they’re playing entire simulated games.

If that’s how sports athletes train for any sport you can imagine, THAT is how you should train for the game of picking up women as well.

Benefit #2: endless practice

The second benefit to training at home this way is that you can “always be in set” while practicing on your time, on your schedule.

So maybe you can’t go out to meet girls for a week or two.

BUT, that’s okay. You can still stay real sharp as a tack, without getting rusty.

And you can stay sharp where it fits your own schedule.

Benefit #3: noticing details

The third benefit for doing daily rehearsing and priming your brain is that…

You open your awareness to mistakes you’re making or things you’re missing.

You open your awareness to stuff you wouldn’t normally notice.

For example, you could talk to a hundred different girls infield and never notice that you keep looking away and breaking eye contact.

That’s something that you could very easily miss and never notice.

You’d never notice it because you’re talking to girls.

Your brain is occupied with a hundred other things.

So some little things but very crucial little things…

Like proper eye contacts falls through the cracks.

And then you’re FUCKED with every. Single. girl. You talk to.

But when you practice on your daily walk without stress…

In a more controlled environment, with all your notes right there…

Isolating individual skills…

Able to back off and read your reminders…

Paying attention to just ONE thing at a time…

Then you have greater awareness.

You notice very quickly, “Ah, you know, I’m not visualizing with proper eye contact. That is slipping through the cracks.”

“I got to rehearse my opening again with eye contact that doesn’t break.”

“And make a note of it here so I don’t forget!”

It’s a bit like having a coach that says to you…

“Remember to do this and do this and practice this.”

Over and over again…

Leading and guiding you through the training.

Benefit #4: fights off ablation

And the fourth reason to do your daily rehearsal is…

To counteract ablation.

Every day that goes by, you get rustier and rustier.

And say there’s 100 little things you need to be on top of to reach mastery level game…

And date the 8s, 9s, and 10s.

Well, every day all those 100 little things, they all get rusty.

They ALLL get rusty!

So unless you live in Las Vegas and you’re going out 7 days a week…

Talking to a bunch of girls every single day…

Well, you’re gonna get real rusty REAL fast.

Every day, whatever skill levels you have… will get chipped away.

That’s ablation.

But when you habitually prime, rehearse, and practice to ingrain what to say…

What to do, your nonverbals, your perceptions and mindsets, then you overcome ablation and getting rusty.

Because you keep adding more and more, faster than you’re losing.

And you build that mile-thick glacier over time.

So when you go to meet and talk with pretty girls…

You’ll be far more on point, you’ll be far more confident, you’ll be far more sharp.

And instead of doing the 10% of the right things 10% of the time…

You’ll be doing 90% of the right things, 90% of the time.

Don’t be lazy!

All right now, what if you skip your daily walk and don’t rehearse and prime your brain?

What if you don’t make it a habit to do every day for 30 to 60 minutes?

I mean, you might be thinking, “How important is this really?”

“Does it really make that big of difference? Can’t I just wing it?”

“Maybe there’s better uses of my time. Maybe there’s more important things I have to do.”

Well I got to warn you…

It’s actually a huge WASTE of your time to skip your daily walk.

And here’s why:

 Night club analogy

Take for example…

Imagine you go to a nightclub…

And you’re going to spend 6 hours out of the house between getting there, being in the club, and getting back.

Six hours of your time out infield to meet girls.

You’re also paying for gas. Club fee maybe. Drinks perhaps.

Now imagine…

You’re gonna do all that, but to save some time and energy…

That 20 minutes you’d spend brushing your teeth…

Combing your hair, picking out a nice shirt and changing your clothes.

You’re just not gonna do it.

To save time, you’re gonna go with smelly breath…

Smelly armpits, homeless man hair…

And wearing that T-shirt you got from Walmart with the mustard stains on it…

Because you were too fucking lazy.

You wanted to save time. You wanted to shortcut it.

And then you got to the club…

And for the next SIX hours, what happens?

Girl after girl after girl…

Shoots you don’t because you look homeless bum and you smell bad.

So you tried to save 20 minutes and you ended up losing SIX hours just getting shot down with no results.

Or, what if you went to an important job interview.

And this was a BIG opportunity for you. Getting this job would mean a HUGE raise.

But, to save time, you’ll just go to the interview wearing your pajamas.

See how “saving time” in many cases doesn’t really save you time at all?

SO why the fuck would you go out to meet girls without having primed your brain and practiced beforehand?

Not doing your morning drill now THAT…THAT is the HUGE waste of time.

 Sports analogy

I mean just think about sports…ANY sport.

Think about a professional baseball player…

Or a professional football player.

Think if they’re just going to play games against other teams…

WITHOUT practicing beforehand, without training, without isolating skills and moves and groups of moves in controlled environments..

How DUMB would that be?

Any professional sports athlete you ever watch practices *constantly.*

Tennis players train 4 to 6 hours a day on the court and in the gym isolating skills.

Baseball players train typically 7 to 8 hours a day, 6 to 7 days a week.

ANY athlete trains for hours… every single day.

And that’s the kind of obsessive commitment you need to have about your training…

To rapidly improve and get world class at something in ANY field, the GAME of picking up girls as well.

Otherwise, if they stop practicing…

They very quickly lose their “edge” due to ablation.

And then their career is over.

That’s just how it is.

 Practice or DON’T even go out!

So if you’re not priming your brain and rehearsing in a controlled environment…

On your daily walks, every single day…

You might as well not even go out, at all.

It doesn’t matter if you think you “know” what to do.

Because of ablation, you continually forget.

It’s not there at your fingertips anymore.

It gets really rusty when it comes down to the moment that matters.

When the girl is right there, your mind just draws a blank.

You know that military saying, “You don’t rise to the occasion. You FALL to your training.”

And you just waste hundreds of hours out in the field…

Groping about in the dark, BLIND, getting mediocre results.

You lose hundreds of opportunities with girls!

Because you didn’t take the time to practice out of the field.

My argument

In fact, I would even argue…

If you’re not doing your daily rehearsals…

It’s better for you NOT to go out and do ANY infield AT ALL.

Your time is better spent doing your daily priming and daily walk instead.

Don’t get me wrong. We’re not talking watching videos or reading articles here.

I mean doing the mental rehearsals as I’ve explained them.

Practicing your lines. Doing your drills.

Reviewing your mindsets. Rehearsing visually.

Over and over again.

Don’t be so damn cocky that you think you’re gonna get good at this and get the girls you really want… without putting in the work.

You don’t like the grind?

And if you don’t like doing the daily practice…

Doing your daily walk, daily priming your brain…

If you don’t like working to be on top of your game with girls…


You’re going to get very average results at best. You might bump up from dating 4s and 5s to maybe occasional getting 6s and 7s…

You know, like what most average guys who study game get…

They get a little bit of results.

Or don’t practice…

Yes, you may get better slowly very slowly.

Your skill level may go from 1 out of 10 level to a 3 out of 10 level.

You’re dating life will get a little better.

But then it’ll stall.

You’ll plateau.

Due to constant ablation…

You’ll keep running around on that little hamster wheel for years and years not really progressing, not getting anywhere.

And you’ll fall far short of what you really wanted.

And one morning you’ll wake up, realizing…

“Maybe the most time efficient way to get results was just to do the daily practice that Jesse recommend. Dammit!”

“I wasted a lot of years because I wasn’t serious or dedicated to my training.”

 Option get success

OR instead…

Man the fuck up. Suck it up.

100% commit to doing it. Make yourself accountable.

Put it at the top of your priority list. Do your daily walk and your mental rehearsals.

Do your drills. Use the power of your habits in your own favor, to your unfair advantage…

To actually get GOOD at this!

To achieve mastery level.

And have success with girls that no other guy could ever dream about having by stomping on every guy other out there for being a lazy little bitch.

And letting nothing else get in your way.

End on a positive note

Here’s the good news:

By virtue that you’re watching this…

You’re not like other people, my friend.

You’re different.

Just that you’re here in the right place, taking in this hard-fought-for wisdom garnered from decades of experiences tells me you’re on the right track.

And you can do it.

That’s why I’m proud of you.

And you got to be proud of yourself.

Issue #1: no one else is on your side

One thing to keep in mind here.

When it comes to dating extremely beautiful women, this isn’t like high school where your teachers send you to detention for not showing up for class.

Your parents aren’t looking at your report card.

With beautiful girls, NO one else is holding you accountable here. Nobody else wants to see you succeed at this.

Most other guys just get pissed at you or jealous, when they see you with hotter girls than they can get.

Other women don’t like it.

Nobody else cares. No one is gonna look over your shoulder and nag you to do the right thing.


Which means, pickup gives you the broad license to be a lazy-ass FUCK.

It’s all on YOUR shoulders.

Pickup is for YOU. YOU are your only advocate.

So, do your daily walk and rehearse and isolate the skills…

Or you won’t succeed.


It’s that simple.

 Issue #2: enemy of the best is the good

Second thing to keep in mind is…

The enemy of the best is the good.

At first you’re like, “I’m going to date THIS particular kind of amazing girl.”

Or, “I’m going to have THREE girlfriends.”

Or, “I’m going to become a world class ladies man.”

And then, you learn a few lines.

You correct a few mistakes you were making. Maybe you start to see a few results here and there.

You get laid with an average girl. You start dating a girl who is a 7.

And you start to feel REAL comfortable just making a little progress toward your goals.

You tell yourself, “I made a little progress.”

It’s REAL easy then to become VERY complacent.

Pat yourself on the back. And tell yourself, “Good enough dude.  Good enough.”

And Not practice and NOT rehearse. In fact, “the enemy of the best is the good” is NOT correct.

It’s really, the enemy of being the best is being a little better than you were before.

So don’t fall into that trap.

Hold yourself to a higher standard than everyone else.

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