4 Tricks to Get Laid On The First Date- How to Hook Up With A Hot Girl

I’ve got for you today FOUR tips for you to get laid…

Right. On. The. First. date.

Consider this your step-by-step guide on what to do the first time you go on a date with a girl and get her into bed right away.

I mean, ever find yourself with a pretty girl, but you find yourself nervous?

You’re not sure what to do and things just kind of fizzle out and go nowhere?

You don’t want to happen.

But what if you could guarantee that you’d take that beautiful girl home that very same night and just SKIP all the dating nonsense even if you’re not the best-looking guy, even if she’s way out of your league?

If that sounds good to you, then listen up!

 Tip #1. Wave to guys

All right, so tip #1 to get laid on the first date…

And really impress that girl into thinking you are the hottest stuff on the planet is when you walk into the bar or the coffee shop to greet her…

As soon as you step inside through that door…

Pick out a random guy from the crowd…

Smile at him…

Make eye contact with him…

Point at him or wave…

And tell him, “Hey what’s up!”

Or tell him, “Hey, good to see you again.”

And do it to another guy.

“Hey! What’s up man!”

Now, your hot date should see you doing this. She should see you.

Of course, you don’t know these guys. They’re just random dudes at the bar or coffee shop.

But it gives you MASSIVE social proof with the girl.

It makes you look really popular like you know everybody.

And other dudes, being polite, are going to nod back.

And yeah, it’s kind of a gimmick.

But funny enough, it works. Girls go crazy for it.

Tip #2. Smile + hug

Okay, tip #2 to get laid on the first date and hook up with that hottie tomale is…

Have a big smile on your face.

Walk up to her like you are celebrity star from Hollywood like you’re Tom Cruise…

With a huge ear to ear smile…

And give her a hug when you greet her.

Not a handshake…

Not a pat on the back…

But a hug like you’re greeting a good and close friend.

The hug plus smile makes a fantastic first impression on the girl.

It shows her that you’re relaxed, that you’re positive…

That you have good emotions inside.

And it will relax the girl as well.

And turns it into a 100% smash-her-that-night guarantee.

Tip #3. Inspect her

Okay, here’s the third tip for getting under the covers with that cute girl right off the bat.

And that is, greet her with a small push away of breaking rapport…

Followed by pulling her back in.

A push-pull.

And it goes like this:

You tell her after you hug her, “You know, something is different about you.  What’s changed?”

“You were taller before, weren’t you?”

You’re kind of giving her the skeptical eye as you judge her.

This sets the frame that you are the buyer, that you are the chooser…

That she has to impress YOU, that she has to sell herself to YOU.

Pull her in

Now you’re going to pull her back IN.

Tell her, “Well, let me see you here.”

Take her one hand, spin her halfway around, and tell her,

“You know, I like your dress though. It’s cute.”

“I like how it matches your shoes. Real nice.”

“You want to make all the other girls in here jealous, don’t you?”

That’s the compliment.

That’s the pull.

So you have the push, slightly breaking rapport.

Followed by the pull, a light compliment.

And the compliment simply establishes that this isn’t friend-to-friend.

You’re here for a reason because you both like each other in a sexual way as man-to-woman.

And that push-pull combination…killer!

She’ll go ga-ga over you.

 Tip #4. Make friends with the staff

And the fourth tip for getting laid on the first date with a beautiful woman is…

Weeks before the date, you want to make friends with all the staff.

So, say you’re taking your dates to a coffee shop.

Well, starting weeks beforehand, go in…

Order a coffee.

Say hello to the servers with a big smile.

Ask them how their day is going.

Compliment the waitress, “Hey, I like your hair!”

Compliment the waiter, “You seem like a good dude!”

Greet them by name. “Hey, Natasha, how’s your day?”

And leave a BIG, FAT tip.

A crazy BIIIIIIIG tip.

Go back a few days later to the same establishment. Do it all over again.

Again, leave a BIG tip every time you go.

That way when you take your date there the staff all know you.

They LOVE you in fact.

The staff greet you by name. They smile at you.

They treat you like a king. And you look like the most damn popular guy in town to your date.

She’s going to wonder how you seem to just know everybody and why IS everybody so nice to you?

It’s very attractive… it will get her horny instantly for you.


So there you go.

Just do those FOUR things and you set your date off right from the start.

And get that girl itching to go home with you to do the horizonal mambo under your covers and give you the best night of your life.


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