How to Attract Girls with Lie Plotlines

Today, I’m giving you a powerful, “bad boy” flirting technique you can use to talk with the very prettiest girls and make them feel instantly and inexplicably attracted to you.

An instant attraction switch, so to speak, and mind you this is a rather advanced technique.

It all comes down to proper delivery.

So if you’ve never talked to girls much, try this with caution.

That being said, when you execute it well…

You’ll have cute girls begging to spend more time with you even if you’re not the best-looking guy.

And if that sounds good to you, let’s crack into it!

 Lie plotlines

All right, so this technique is called using a “Lie plotline.”

First I’m going to give you 3 examples of lie plotlines.

Next I’m then going to explain WHY they work so well and exactly how the girl will react.

In part 3, I’m going to give you even more examples.

In part 4, I show you proper delivery because if your delivery is whack, it won’t be as effective.

And part 5 is a bonus section I’m going to reveal at the end of the video that make everything work like magic.

So stay tuned to the end to catch that.

Example #1: lie about your age

All right I’m going to give you a few quick examples of lie plotlines before I explain why these work.

First, you can lie about your age.

Say you’re 30 years old.

You just tell the girl, “Yeah, this is my first time in a bar. I just turned 21. I just turned 21 yesterday.”

And she’ll say, “But you don’t look 21!!!”

“What? That. IS. So. RUDE.”

“Are you saying I look older than 21?!”

“Actually, both my parents are really hairy and fat. I’m 21. I just look older because I have bad genetics.”

Or tell her the opposite.

“Look, I just turned 65.  It’s all the Botox keeping me looking so young and cute. In fact those two girls over there, those are my daughters over there. She just turned 18. She just turned 19. I love them.  They like to sleep around with every guy they can get their hands on. But what can you do? I love ‘em.”

And she’ll say, “What?!!?  Are you lying?!?”

Example #2: Lie about Your hometown

Here’s another example.

The girl tells you, “I’m from Mexico.”

“Wow! That’s amazing. I’m from Mexico too.”

“Yeah, that’s right. I grew up on small farm. I milked cows, collected chicken eggs.”

“I kind of lost my Spanish though. It’s quite rusty. I’ve worked hard on my English.”

“What?!” she’ll say, “You’re not Mexican!”

“What? Are you racist? Are you racist toward Mexicans?”

“Of course, I’m Mexican! I was teased because of my skin color in the village.”

“Nah, actually I lied.”

“I actually worked with the cartel on the border. Yeah, I knew El Chapo’s son, personally.  We used to hang out and drink beer and play dominos.”

Example Lie #3: “Guess my name”

Here’s another example.

A girl asks you, “What’s your name?”

And you tell her, “Guess.”

She tells, “Ummm…Maverick.”

“Wow! Oh my gosh! How did you know?!”

“That’s amazing. My name IS Maverick. I’m being serious!”

“What? Your name is really Maverick??!”

“Yeah, I’m serious. I don’t know how you knew.”

“No actually, I lied. I’m Jesse.”

“My gosh! You are SOOO gullible.  I love it.”

Why they work- familiarity spike

Now, why do lie plotlines work on cute girls?

Well, I’m going to give you FOUR reasons here.

First, they create emotional spikes in a girl.

Saying that you’re from the same country as her, or the same town as her…

Or that you have the same birthday as her, or that you like the same color as her…

Creates a spike of familiarity.

When you share something that specific in common with someone else, you feel this mystical bond with them.

That’s the first emotional spike the girl feels.

And then you later BURST it.

The girl realizes you’re lying, and she gets the shock that you’ve been completely fucking with her.

That creates a SECOND spike in her emotions.

Why they work- You’re not trying

The second reason it works well is because it’s like you’re not trying to get her approval.

And being try-hard and needy is THE biggest turn off to really pretty girls.

Because it makes no sense to lie about your name or your hometown.

It makes no sense to wildly lie about your age, which shows your lack of caring.

You’re really not trying. You couldn’t give a flying-F.

Instead, you’re poking fun at her in a playful way.

That’s the bad boy.

You don’t care. You’re not trying to impress her.

You break the social rules. You’re rebellious.

Why they work- lack of validation

Third reason lie plotlines work is because you’re withholding validation from the girl.

Not caring. Being indifferent that taps into a strong desire of pretty girls to wanting to be liked and worshipped by men.

So just as when a pretty girl says, “I do modeling in New York City,”

And you just indifferently and flatly say, “Cool.”

That’s withholding validation she’s craving after and causes her to chase you.

Why they work- Mystery

Fourth reason that lie plotlines work is that they create a powerful mystery.

The girl gets the feeling, “Is this guy just totally fucking with me!?”

And, “WHY is he doing this?!! What is this guy all about?!? What does he really think of me??!”

And mystery is powerful.

Girls have a strong desire to know and find out.

That mystery…those unanswered questions… glues her onto you.

 Example Lie #4: Trivial commonalities

All right, another lie plotline can be based on purely trivial commonalities.

The more random the topic, the better.

For example, the girl says, “I like the color blue.”

And you say, “Oh my gosh! YOU like the color blue?”

“That’s MY favorite color! I like the color blue.”

And you give her a hug. “I love you!” HUUUG.

Or, “You like Chipotle? I like Chipotle! That’s amazing! What are the chances?”

And you can keep stretching the lie to make it increasingly ridiculous until she realizes what you’re doing.

“I eat there three times a week.”

“Yeah and I buy it for all of my friends, too.”

“Sure, I’ll take you sometime, my treat. You can get all the extra Guacamole you want. It’ll be so romantic.”

“In fact, I’m buying a Chipotle right now, so I can get a job there.”

“Yeah they wouldn’t hire me. I figure if I buy the store though, they’ll be forced to hire me.”

“I just love Chipotle so much.”

Example Lie #5: My Shyness

Another good lie plotline is to lie about your shyness.

“Oh I’m sorry, I never talk to girls.”

And you can just keep stretching the lie until she figures out you’re lying.

“This is my first time outside of the house in a month. I’m actually really shy. I am. I never talk to women.”

“I’m a very good boy. “I’m not a … bad man… at all. I’ve done nothing bad in my life. I am as innocent as field of fluffy white rabbits.”

“In fact, I’m scared. Are you going to hurt me?”

And of course, you behaving confidently, the girl will see that none of this is true at all.

That’s what spikes up her emotions and creates that mystery.


Now the delivery.

How you deliver the lines is a big deal.

The key to making it work, is to sound like you’re ENJOYING it.

You’re holding your laughter in when you’re talking.

Like you’re about to laugh at all this nonsense coming out of your mouth.

Like you don’t really care and you’re just playing around.

Because with a lie plotline, you don’t get the girl to actually BELIEVE you.

The big mistake is when you comes across seriously, with no smile, or flat facial expression.

Then it’s not playful anymore and it loses all of its magic.

AFTER the lie plotline

Now, if she calls you, and says, “You’re lying!”

You can do a number of things.

You could keep stretching the lie, very playfully, and say, “Oh yeah. Why would I like about that?”

“Are you accusing me… me… of not telling you the truth about how old I really am?!”

You can admit to the lie.

“Oh, no! You got me.”

“I’m not really from Mexico.”

“I’m not really 65 years old.”

And then you can pull her in.

“I do love you though. Do you want to get married? We can go to Vegas right now. Elvis will marry us. It’ll be so romantic.”

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