How to Bang Far Younger Girls- 3 BIG mistakes that ALL guys make- and instant fixes!

I have for you 3 mistakes you’re absolutely making that stops you from dating far younger women.

In fact, make any ONE of these three mistakes, you’ll have absolutely NO chance of ever dating a younger woman. Ever!

And these three big mistakes… just about every older gentleman makes them.

I don’t mean older guys make one of these. They usually make all THREE of these big errors which means, you’re likely making all three of them too.

So if you want to date a far younger girl…

And that’s something that interests you…

Then listen up!

Mistake #1. Look sharp, not sloppy

All right a big mistake that older guys make when it comes to dating a far younger woman is…

Sloppy. Grooming.

Average older guy:

He’s got long nose hairs coming out of his nostrils. He’s got a sloppy bald spot on the back of his head.

He wears $20 dollar T-shirt and pants. He’s got bit of a belly on a Dad Bod. His posture is tired and bad.

His dress style is boring and average. He doesn’t stand out in any way.

It’s 40 or 50 years of lazy habits accumulated.

That’s the average older guy.

And you’re gonna date younger women like that???

You’re just not!

It’s not going to happen!

A younger girl is simply NOT going to date you if she feels like her friends would disapprove.

She’s not going to date you if her friends tell her that she could do better.

If you don’t look the part of a cool, older guy…

A **cool** older guy…

A well-dressed guy…

A sharp guy…

Then yes, girls may well be polite to you… maybe chat with you…

But they’ll always flake on you. They’ll never show up to meet you or take your calls. Ever.

 Sharp grooming

So, what makes a sharp, cool, older guy?

Well, if he has bald spots, is he wearing a cool hat to cover them up?

Does he have a relatively recent haircut? Is his beard and nose hairs trim and neat?

Is he wearing a $100 shirt, preferably a $300 shirt?

Did he dye his beard to take some of the gray out? Is he whitening his teeth?

Is he lifting heavy weights, eating greens, and minding his calories so that he looks thin and fit?

Is he wearing a stylish watch?

Does he have stylish shoes on? Did he trim is bushy eyebrows?

Is he flossing his teeth? Is he wearing cologne?

Is he using a posture corrector? Are his fingernails kept short?

Look, if you’re not doing ALL of these things…then you. Are. Screwed.

Unless you’re doing these things, you’re not going to date younger women.

If you have 30 years of bad habits, or lazy habits, or a lack of habits, that’s something you got to change…

And you have to go all out on it.

What girls want

You see, most girls don’t mind if you’re 10 years or 20 years older.

Or even 30 years older.

Some girls of course, it’s a hard “No” regardless of what you do.

But some girls LIKE older guys.

That’s a FEATURE to them.

They PREFER to meet an older guy. But the catch is, they only like certain KINDS of older guys.

Sharp-looking older guys.

Stylish-looking older guys.

Debonair-looking older guys.

Sophisticated-looking older guys.

Older guys that have. Their. Shit. Together.

If you can’t be bothered to put the time and work into it…

And you look scruffy or you look sloppy, that just screams to her “Old guy loser.”

Younger guys

Now a younger man her own age a younger guy CAN get away with sloppiness.

A 21-year old kid, he can be scruffy. He can be sloppy. He can lack style.

But he’s young. What he has is lots of time ahead of him.

So in the girl’s eyes, he has potential.

He can still change. She can still fix him.

But if you’re 30, or you’re 40, or if you’re 50, and you STILL haven’t figured it out after all these years how to look cool and sharp…

Well, you DON’T have potential.

That’s what the girl is thinking.

She’s thinking, “All right he’s 35 and he still looks like a lazy bore?!”

“Well, that’s not gonna change anytime soon then.”

And she’ll *never* go out with you.

Because she’ll never want to be seen with you in front of her friends, and if you’re not willing to put in the work to look presentable at a high level…

Well then, you don’t deserve to date a younger girl. She’s simply not going to choose your lazy ass.

So that’s the first big mistake older guys make:

Sloppy, half-hearted presentation and decades of bad habits on display.

Mistake #2. Don’t be Mr. Nice Guy

The next big mistake older gentlemen make with far younger women is that they switch into “Nice guy” Dad-mode when they talk to a younger girl.

It’s a younger woman, so he censors everything coming out of his mouth.

He tones everything down. He becomes super nice guy.

Everything is agreeable. It’s all niceties and small talk.

It’s all very much seeking rapport and asking “safe” soft questions about herself.

He starts acting like her Dad.

And she feels like she’s talking to her Dad in a sense.

It’s not sexy!


This is very confusing to older guys because he may get that younger woman to smile.

He may get a friendly response from her, a polite response from her…

And he thinks he succeeded!

He thinks, “Wow! I had such a nice conversation with that young lady! She laughed!”

“She liked it! “Maybe we’ll go on a date!”


Sure, you made her laugh or smile. Congratulations!

But that doesn’t mean diddly squat.

The real question is, does the girl feel turned on and attracted to you?

Does she feel like there’s potential for actual SEX to happen?

Because if there’s no sexual tension there, if it was purely friend-to-friend…

Then, she’s not going to return your call.


Imagine: Let’s say you have an assistant working for you.

You tell him to go get you a coffee at Starbucks and your assistant comes back 15 minutes later with nothing in his hands.

So you ask him, “Well? Where’s my coffee?”

And your assistance replies, “Listen, I walked 50 percent of the way over there, and I thought that was good enough. I was happy with that.  So I turned back.”

That’s the equivalent of being “Mr. Older Guy Nice Guy” and getting rapport with the girl and making her smile.

It doesn’t get results.

It might make you feel good, but it doesn’t get you anywhere.

The girl has got to feel instead that on the subcommunication level, she’s got to feel that if she were left alone in a room with you…

That, “This guy would have sex with me.”

That sexual tension comes through in how look at her.

It comes through in your eye contact. It comes through in what you’re imagining as you speak to her.

It comes through in how you BREAK RAPPORT with her. It comes through in how SPIKE and spice up the conversation.

It comes through in how you smile at her. The sexual inuendo you give her and how you casually touch her.

So yeah, that’s the big mistake older guys make – acting like the girl’s Dad.

Trying to make her smile, trying to get her approval as the “nice guy…”

And thinking that’s a success when in reality, that will get you nowhere.

Mistake #3. Persistence, hang in there

All right, the next mistake older guys make with younger girls is that they don’t hang in there!

The guy just bails out, assumes the girl isn’t interested, and excuses himself WAY too quickly.

Listen: Younger girls are fascinated by older men.

That’s a fantasy of theirs.

But at the same time, most older guys come across as losers.

So MOST older guys, girls are NOT interested in.

As an analogy, a lot of younger men are really interested in “MILFs.”

MILF adult stars are the most popular, the most watched adult stars watched by all ages of men.

Yet most older women that you just see around in real life are not desirable.

So a young guy has fantasies about the hot MILF. The younger guy, he’d LOVE to meet the hot MILF…

BUT most older women don’t actually live anywhere near up to that standard of his fantasy.

What younger women think

Same with younger women!

Younger women want older guys too, but only older guys that fit a particular mold.

So when you start talking to a younger girl, at first, she’s going to be VERY skeptical.

Because most older guys are complete LOSERS to her even though she WANTS an older guy.

That’s the paradox here.

She actively WANTS to meet the older guy.

And yet, most older guys she sees as sexually irrelevant.

So, at first, the younger girl might act a little blasé talking to you.

She might not be very talkative.

She might not seem all that interested.

You see, she’s feeling you out. She’s seeing if you’re like all the other old-guy losers…

OR if you’re that ONE cool guy.

She needs to determine which one you are, so she doesn’t waste her time.

And you bail and excuse yourself too soon, as most older guys do, well, she just found out that you lack self-confidence in yourself, and you’re one of those guys she didn’t want to meet.

So persist!

So, that means, you need to persist a little and give her a chance to warm up to you.

Because when you hold in there and you keep your frame…

THAT is when she gets intrigued.

And she slowly starts feeling HAPPY that she’s being offered something from a cool guy rather than having some loser trying to TAKE from her.

She just needs time to see she that she has indeed hit the jackpot with you. She needs time to see that she IS the lottery winner in having found you.

She’s just not going to believe you at first.

Imagine: what if you’re walking up the street and some hot girl runs up to you…

And she says, “Hey, you won a prize! I’m giving you $10,000 dollars and a blow job.”

Heck! You’re not going to believe that.

You’re gonna think it’s a scam or you’re on camera for a prank show.

Naturally you’re going to be intrigued, but skeptical at first.

You’re gonna want to question her. You’re going to want to spend time with her…

See if it’s the real deal or a SHAM.

Younger women too

Younger women are the SAME way.

She needs time to feel you out. She needs time to see if you maintain your frame…

And see if you’re actually the cool guy you present yourself to be OR if you instantly crumble and slink away.

She wants to see if you really believe that what you’re giving her your presence and company is a great thing.

OR if you really felt you don’t deserve her and you were leeching off her.

That’s what she wants to see.

So hang in there. Don’t jump out of the set right away.

Let her warm-up to you.

Give her time. Give her time to become interested in you.

Give her time to see that she hit the jackpot with you.

And of course, use your common sense.

If she gives you a hard “go away,” then obviously, excuse yourself.

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