How to beat bedroom resistance- “I won’t take my panties off”

Got this comment…

“Hey Jesse, I had a girl back at my place.”

“But she told me how ‘she doesn’t normally do this. And that ‘we weren’t going to have sex, and so on.”

“How do I handle this? What would I say?”

“Thanks, Jerome.”

Good question!

Hey, what’s up! It’s Jesse here.

Today I’ll be giving you 5 tips on how to handle resistance in the bedroom.

So that a girl who is throwing up some challenges…

You can make her feel more comfortable, more DTF, and just keep moving things along.

Handling Resistance in Bedroom

Now when you’ve got a girl back to your place after the date and you want to get from watching television with you…

To her being undressed and in your bed doing the horizontal Mambo….

You can sometimes get “Last Minute Resistance.”

But you can also just get general objections from her in the form of statements where she might tell you…

“I don’t normally do this.”

Or she’ll say, “I’m not taking my top off.”

Or she’ll say, “I’m on my period.”

Or, “We’re not having sex tonight.”

Or…“Let’s do something else.”

In these cases, the girl might not feel comfortable 100% yet going all the way.

Or she’s worried about what you’ll think of her and she’s trying to protect her reputation…

Or she’s throwing up a congruence test, a challenge because she wants to see how you’ll react, if you’ll get angry or butthurt…

Or she might be throwing up a legitimate concern she has.

Whatever it is, she’ll say something to derail jumping into the bed with you…

Or slow down getting there.

And right now, I’ll show you how to handle all of these different situations or challenges a girl might throw at you.

I guarantee you’ve never heard or seen these before…

So keep on watching all the way!

The Story

First off, when she comes up with a little resistance or a challenge…

Like when she says, “I normally don’t do this”…

Don’t just instantly give up.

Don’t assume she’s not into you.

Don’t assume she’s a “nice girl” that wants to wait until marriage for doing the horizontal mambo.

She either just wants you to slow down a bit, let her get a bit more comfortable…

Or she wants to see how you’ll react like if you’ll get pissed off…

Or if you’ll get butthurt…

Or if you’ll just give up instantly.

It doesn’t mean she doesn’t want something to happen.

“I don’t normally do this”

So when the girl is back at your place, and she says, “Normally I don’t do this”…

Easy answer.

Tell her, “I understand…no worries.”

“I understand…no worries.”

“Don’t worry your pretty little head about thing.”

That’s it.

That’s all you need to say.

You’re saying, “I don’t care. No judgments here.”

“I’m relaxed. I’m cool.”

And when you show her that you’re relaxed, that there’s no pressure…

That will make HER feel relaxed.

What you do NOT want to do is try to pressure her or rush her.

If she says, “I don’t normally do this. I don’t normally move this fast. I don’t normally take my top off…”

And you say, “Oh, come on. Come on…it’s all right. Just do it.”

“Come on!”

That’ll make you seem pushy…and needy…and too eager.

And she’ll just dig into her position further to defend herself.

Don’t tell her either, “Oh, come on! You’re just overreacting. It’s no big deal.”

Because then, she feels like you don’t understand her.

You don’t care about her concerns, and she’ll dig her heels in deeper.

So just chill.

Just relax.

Let her know that you’re relaxed.

Let her know that you understand.

That you can take it or leave. That you’re having a good time with her either way.

“I understand…no worries.”

That’s it.

That’s all you have to say.

“You can’t take my top off”

Now a girl might tell you…

“Look, you can’t take my top off.”

Or, “I’m not taking my pants off.”

“We can’t do that.”

This time, it’s more of an outright “No.”


“Not now.”

And simply put, you’re moving too fast for her to feel comfortable.

She’s not ready to comply with the physical escalation. She’s not there yet.

So you’ve got to back off.

Give her time to feel more comfortable before trying again.

What you don’t want to do is try to push her, saying…

“Come one. What’s the big deal?”

“Just do it. Come on. It’s nothing.”

Because then you come across as pushy. You make her feel even more uncomfortable…

You kill the good vibes. And you look needy.

It’s gross. Even creepy.

You don’t want that.

So when she says, “I can’t take my top off…”

You can just say, “I understand. No worries.”

“You can’t take my panties off.”

“I understand. Cool. No worries.”

Flip the script

Even better, flip the script on her.

Make it look like SHE is the aggressor and it’s YOU who is putting on the brakes.

So she tells you, “I can’t take my top off.”

And you tell, “That’s right, absolutely right. Next time.  Next time.”

“Not this time. Later.”

So you’re in effect taking the words she would say out of her own mouth.

You’re taking her words as YOUR ideas to slow things down.

“I can’t take my top off.”

Flip the script.

“Next time…we shouldn’t be doing this yet.”

“Later is better. Next time.”

It’ll make her feel comfortable and get her to relax…

And then you can re-escalate and try again some minutes later.

Now this next one.

Girls say this a lot when you’re in bed together…

With your own clothes on still and it’s starting to get really hot and heated…

And if you get this wrong, say the wrong thing, or do the wrong thing, you can lose that girl.

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“Let’s do something else”

All right, imagine you’ve taken her back to your place.

You’re kissing her.

Maybe you’re under the covers with her, still clothed.

But it’s getting hot. It’s getting heated.

And you move your hand down to unbutton her jeans, and she tells you…

“Not now. Next time. Let’s do something else.”

Or she says, “Next time. How about we go grab a snack?”


If that happens…

Do NOT get pushy.

Do NOT try to logically convince her to do something.

Here’s what you do:

You simply roll off.

You back off.

Remember: Pressure on…now pressure off.

You stop doing whatever she was resisting.

You roll off for a while…And then…you can try again some minutes later.

“We’re not having sex”

Now say a girl says, “We’re not having sex tonight.”

That usually happens when you’re walking back to your place.

Or you’re together at the front door when she’s about to go inside.

But it can also happen near your bed, making out a bit, when things get heated up.

She’ll say, “We are not having sex tonight, mister.”

Typically, that’s a congruence test.

She wants to see how you’re going to react.

If you’re going to get pushy…

If you’re going to get needy…

If you’re going to get butthurt.

She wants to see if your emotions will deflate. So obviously, don’t start arguing with her.

Don’t start trying to logically convince her.

Don’t show her that she’s affected you.

Don’t get butthurt or sad or angry about it.

Those are the worst things you can do.

The Answer

Here’s how you answer this.

Just tell her,

“Look, I don’t care.”

“It’s okay.”

“Just make yourself feel comfortable.”

You’re saying, “no pressure.”

“I’m cool either way.”

“I’m having fun with you either way.”

“I have no expectations.”

And that takes the pressure OFF the girl.

It allows her to relax.

It takes any wind out of her argument.

Another response is you can flip the script…

And accuse HER of having sexual thoughts about you where she is the aggressor and you’re the victim of her dirty mind.

If you’re together at the front door, and she says, “We’re not having sex tonight…”

Tell her, “You got to stop thinking about so much sex. I’m a little scared of what you’re gonna do to me.”

“You’re only coming in for 5 minutes and that’s it.”

“I’m on my period anyway, you know.”

Or if she’s in your bed and she tells you, “We’re not having sex,” tell her:

“You girls, all you think about it one thing….sex…sex…sex!”

“I tell you, I feel like you just want me for my body when I’ve got a mind too.”

“Anyway, I’m on my period right now.”

“I’m on my period”

Another point of resistance you might hear is when she tells you, “I’m on my period.”

“I’m on my period.”

Now either, she’s really on her period and she’s concerned.

She doesn’t want you to be grossed out and embarrass herself.

OR… it’s a more polite way for her to say, “We’re not having sex tonight,” and she wants a reason to back up the ‘no.’

So when she says, “I’m on my period…”

What you tell her is, “That’s fine. No worries.”

“I’ll put a towel on the bed.”

So if it was merely a comfort issue for her where she was fearful you’d be grossed-out or weirded-out…

Now she can relax.

You solved the problem.

But if it was actually an objection to her not wanting sex right then…

Then she’ll get more specific with her objection.

She might say then, “Oh, actually, I can’t have sex tonight.”

And then you can deal with her TRUE objection.

You tell her, “You got to stop thinking about sex so much.”

“You girls are all sexual predators.”

“Anyway, I don’t sleep with a girl until you’ve at least bought me dinner. I at least deserve that.”

So yeah, that’s how you handle when she tells you she’s on her period.

So there you go!

That’s how to handle bedroom rejections…

So you can just slide through that resistance a girl may give you…

And emerge the other side victorious

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