How to Date the Cutest Girls Easy- Walking & Priming Yourself

I’m going to show you why you don’t get laid more with the kinds of girls you really want.

In fact, by the end of this video, you’ll have a surprising new tool at your disposal…

That with a little practice can turn you into a pickup cuties superhero, so that you can be dating the exact girls you really crave.

Just going out will NOT get you to the top level

Here’s the thing:

If you want to get *really* good with girls…

Then, just going out and doing more infield, approaching more girls by itself…

Will NOT get you to mastery level results.

Let me repeat that:

Doing more and more infield…

Approaching more and more girls…

By itself…

Will NOT get you to mastery level results with picking up women.

The idea that all you need to do is “just go out a lot” is a complete LIE.

Because if you just open a lot of girls but keep making the same mistakes…

Or you don’t know what the absolute best practices are…

You’ll just keep making the same mistakes again, and again, and again…

Spinning your wheels…

Not making corrections.

Not progressing forward in the right directions.

In fact, you could spend the next ten YEARS going out, infield, to approach women every day…

And have very little improvement in your success rate.

Because just going out alone, by itself…will NOT get you to the top mastery level.

By itself, you’ll get, at best intermediate results…

Dating 6s and 7s.

Practice at home

Now you do absolutely positively need to go out a lot…

And you need to go at it hard.

But if you don’t know exactly what you should be doing…

Then you’re wasting your time.

That’s why it’s so important to practice OUT of the field…

To practice at HOME.

Practicing at home isolation of skills in a controlled environment is the number one way you’ll get to pick-up mastery, FAST.

And if you don’t prepare at home…

I can guarantee you’ll only ever be dating 6s and 7s for the rest of your life no matter how much in-field practice you get.

Breakdown of this video

So in this video, first I’m going to show you HOW I practice at home…

My technique, my method…

And second, I’m going to show you exactly WHAT I practice.

My equipment I use

All right, so I’m going to lay out how I practice at home, step-by-step and I suggest you copy this and make it your own.

Here’s the equipment you want to grab for yourself.

You need to get for yourself a 9” or 10” super AMOLED-screen tablet, like this one here.

I use a Super AMOLED screen instead of LCD simply because AMOLED is generally brighter and easier to see outdoors compared to an LCD screen.

Now I put a strap on the tablet to make it easier to hold onto.

You can get straps on Amazon cheap enough.

And I have a light diffusing screen protector on my tablet, which simply diffuses sunlight and diffuses reflections for outdoor use.

Now, on my tablet, synchronized with either Dropbox or OneDrive to my laptop…

I have a whole bunch of WORD document files or you can use Google Docs.

And each Word file has some or another aspect for me to rehearse.

 Example #1: rehearse answers to girl’s questions

For example, if I load up one of my Word documents…

I have scripts here of what I say to common questions I get from girls.

Like what do you say when a girl asks you, “What do you do?”

What do you say when a girl asks you, “How old are you?”

What do you say when a girl asks you, “Where are you from?”

And I have here written out ALL of my stock answers because these are questions you get a LOT.

Girls ask these over, and over, and over again.

So you might as well have a great answer rehearsed and ready…

Right at your fingertips.

The strut

And what I do is I step outside and I just go for a walk.

As I walk, I read out my scripts.

I practice my answers. I read out what I’d say to a girl, being asked any one of these questions.

But not just read them out.

It’s not about dry memorizing lines.

I actually mentally rehearse the *whole* interaction.

My smile. The eye contact.

My verbal pacing.

What does this girl look like?

She asks, “How old are you?”

And I say back, “Too old for you young lady. Your father would be appalled. You should walk away right now.”

“I’m 95, but I’ve had some work done.”

I visually imagine the interaction with the girl over and over.

Complete immersion in my mind.

I have a whole script here with multiple answers I can use.

And I practice it over and over again.

I work on my *delivery* over and over.


Isolation of skills.

That’s what brings you up to mastery level.

 Example #2: rehearse my mood

Now, I have another WORD document on the tablet here…

And this one walks me through all the steps to put me to into a 10 out of 10 positive mood.

I simply go through all the steps laid out right here…

And it leaves me feeling happy, excited, and motivated where I’m bursting out with energy.

In this particular document, I start out with my strut…

My badass walk with a sexy swagger.

I’m reviewing my smile.

I’m then doing various mental visualizations where I burst myself with electricity and manipulating energy.

I mentally rehearse lifting weights to get the blood flowing.

I imagine being a happy Golden retriever dog going up to people.

I mentally rehearse walking through a beautiful beach in paradise…

Feeling the sun on my skin. Feeling the breeze.

I imagine myself as a sports superstar making the winning goal and having crowds cheer me on.

I just go outside for a walk, and I deeply imagine all that out for 10 to 20 minutes.

I practice just feeling it all. Being it all.

Priming my brain to feel like a winner at its deepest core.

And I come out of my practice session feeling like a 10 out of 10.

And the more practice, the more it gets ingrained.

Example #3: my strut

Likewise, in this next Word document, I practice doing my masculine sexy strut.

I go through all the steps of holding my head up high…fixing my posture…

Rotating my chest and swinging my arms…putting a smile on my face…

Because I’ve found if I don’t practice my walk and warm up with it daily…

I forget to do it SO easily.

I lose it so fast.

My posture just goes to crap.

And posture is SO key to feeling confident and cocky and charismatic.

For me, that aspect, my posture, ablates really quickly.

So I always have to be on top of it, rehearsing it… strengthening it.

What else I practice

Likewise, I rehearse my openers.

I rehearse opening a two set of girls.

I rehearse opening a girl that’s sitting down.

I rehearse speaking loudly and projecting my voice.

I rehearse qualifying the girl.

I rehearse if she’s not giving me much to work with.

I rehearse what to say and do when she gives me a compliment.

I rehearse physically escalating on her.

I rehearse getting her number.

I rehearse hitting the girl with energy that pulls her in and makes her want to flirt with me.

I rehearse how the girl’s face lights up and gives you the doey, anime eyes.

I rehearse changing my own self-talk…

Talking in a more cocky, less logical way, with more smoothness and more swagger.

I prime and practice my nonverbals…

My eye contact…


Facial expression…

Hand gestures…

My vocal projection.

I rehearse feeling aroused.

And a hundred other small little things you need to individually isolate and practice again and gain.

I’m telling you…

You want to spend 30 to 60 minutes a day, going on a walk with your tablet and your guides…

Mentally practicing and mentally rehearsing.

Equipment… and walk it out!

The only equipment you need is, again a tablet.

8 inches at the smallest. Preferably 10 inches.

A tablet with an AMOLED display screen, which is easier to see outdoors than LCD.

You can buy a used or refurbished one for one or two hundred dollars.

A hand strap for an easier grip. A screen protector that diffuses reflections and sunlight.

And that’s all you need.

Walk outside

Now the reason why I go outside and walk…

The reason I don’t rehearse sitting indoors is because…

You get a little exercise.

I mean, why not? You might as well.

You get a little fresh air.

And when your body is physically moving, then your blood is flowing…

Your brain works better too.

You don’t get distracted as easily.

You get fully immersed and stay immersed.

It’s like when you do 10 push-ups followed by 10 jumping jacks…

You’ll instantly feel better and energized.

And when you do these rehearsals, you want to feel good and energized too.

And walking is great for that.

So walk while you do it… if you can.

Don’t just sit there.

Why do it in mornings

Another tip is I’ve found that doing it early in the morning is THE best time to be priming your brain up.

Reason number one:

The sun isn’t so bright yet, so it’s easier to read the tablet.

Of course, if you do find that the sun is out and it’s really intense…

Then take an umbrella or a sunshade umbrella…

That’ll make it a snap to read off the screen.


Second reason the mornings are best is because…

The morning is when your mind is the most fresh and energetic.

Your mind is the most pliable. Your mind is at its most creative.

You have you most willpower at your disposal.

So you get far more out of it in the mornings.


The third reason I like mornings is because…

You start your day off with an easy win.

You feel good. You feel accomplishment.

And that starts building momentum for more wins throughout your day.


And the fourth reason I like mornings best is because…

I’m programming my better self, first thing in the morning.

So I have the whole rest of my day feeling my best and being my best self.

What to rehearse

And yeah, you want to spend 30 minutes a day minimum…

60 minutes a day is better…

Priming your brain.

Rehearsing all the lines…

All the moves…

All the perceptions…

All the strategies…

And all the structures.

Rehearsing your body language.

Rehearsing HOW opening should feel.

Visualizing yourself doing everything…

Complete immersion…

Repeating what to say…

Acting it all out…

Over and over again.

Rehearsing it so much, it becomes ingrained.

My story

And I got to say…

My daily practice is at the heart of my success, that constant, continual reinforcement of the fundamentals.

The more I prepare on any given week…the more I prepare in any given month…

The more I win.

The better my at-home training gets, the better I get.

The better I organize my training, the more I refine it, the more I tweak it…

Swapping lines I practice for better lines…

Swapping mindsets I practice for better mindsets…

The better I do.

It comes down to your preparation IS your success.

Get excited about priming!

And finally, get excited about your training.

For me, my daily walk is the part of the day I look forward to most.

Because each day, I get to step into my best version of myself.

It’s the time of the day I get to fall in love with my habits…

And my mindsets and my tools over and over again.

You want to get to the place where you CAN’T WAIT for your daily walk…

Where you wake up in the morning stoked to do it.

And that’s how you reach epic mastery level game with girls.

That’s when you win.

That’s when you really start attracting and dating those 8s, 9s, and 10s.

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