How to Get Girls Attention WITHOUT Talking to Her- Make Her Notice You

Now I want to ask you a very important question.

Do you ever feel like you are just ignored by women?

Do you feel like you are invisible to them, like you want to be noticed more but it just doesn’t happen? They don’t turn their gaze your way.

Well, for me it was like that for many, many years myself. I wanted to be noticed more. I wanted to get those indicators of interests, those IOIs, but it just didn’t happen.

I was largely invisible. I wanted to be noticed. I wanted girls to look my way. I wanted women to check me out, but it didn’t happen, and a big reason for that was the way I was dressed. I mean yeah, I just dressed in a really boring style. Just regular t-shirt and jeans but also the colors.

Colors I wore were really bland. they just blended into the background, you know grays and beiges, and soft blues. Nothing that really stood out. Nothing that really grabbed a woman’s attention.

Maybe you feel the same way. Maybe you’re dressing in a way that’s not commanding attention from women but just blending into the background, not being noticed.

You’re wearing those beiges. You’re wearing those grays. You’re wearing those you know just the boring blues and you want to change that.

In this video, we’re going to solve that problem for you, so you’re not ignored by women anymore. Women just don’t pass you by and don’t even give you a second glance because you’re wearing these drab, boring colors.

But rather I’m going to show you what colors to wear that pop, that command a woman’s attention, force her to give you indicators of interest, force her to turn her head and look your way but in a masculine kind of sexy way that looks normal enough, not a freakishly colorful cartoon kind of way of course.

You might be asking, “Jesse, the colors really matter that much. Does it really make that big of a difference what colors I’m wearing?”

Well, the answer is yes! It actually makes a huge difference what kind of colorful splashy you add to your outfit.

I’ve got a little story I want to share with you to illustrate how important adding a little color to your outfit actually is.

A couple days ago I was at a restaurant and there was a cute waitress there, young but she was wearing this bright, red dress. Bright red tight little dress with some you know colorful intricate little white design in there. The red in her dress just commanded your attention.

Every time she walked by with some plates in hand, your eye couldn’t help but be drawn to this woman. Every time she passed by, you couldn’t help but notice her, you couldn’t help but look up and just catch a glimpse of that red color rushing by.

Now towards the end of my meal, apparently her shift ended and she came out wearing a plain white t-shirt and regular blue jeans.

I was amazed at the difference that made in terms of just now she didn’t really catch my attention. Yeah, she was a young pretty woman, but it wasn’t like when she wore that red dress that kept just catching my gaze every single time she walked by.

Now she just looked like a normal girl like if I was walking by her on the street, would I even give her a second glance? Probably not! She just looked like a you know whatever just blah like kind of boring kind of drab, not that interesting. Nothing unique about her. Nothing that’s really going to catch my attention.

Now where guys go wrong is that they wear these really boring colors like black, grey, beige and brown colors that are just not going to be noticed

I think guys even though on a certain level, they want to catch attention from women, on another level they do just want to blend into the background and not be noticed because when girls are giving you IOIs, when girls are giving you those indicators of interest, what happens is when women are looking your way, that puts a lot of social pressure on you.

You feel like that spotlight effect where you’re up on the stage and people have their eyes on you. It can feel a little bit uncomfortable and men generally don’t want to feel uncomfortable as we’re walking around, so we kind of unconsciously choose these rather drab, boring colors. a little beige here, a little blue here, a little bit gray here but we don’t add anything that’s really going to make us stand out.

What you want to do is wear one item of clothing, one article, or one accessory that pops, that grabs a woman’s attention with some color.

For example, you could wear a blonde hat now this is going to grab attention just based on the form factor. But it’s also a unique color that you don’t see people wearing too much, at least not men, just like a woman with blonde hair. You see a girl with this long blonde hair.

Boom! She’s going to grab your attention. She’s going to be noticed. This kind of mimics that as well most as if you have blonde hair yourself. It’s a bright color that people are going to notice.

Another example could be a nice wash. Now this one it’s got that bright reflective gold. It’s got that bright reflective silver. It just takes one little accessory. It’s going to make you stand out from the crowd. It’s going to catch a woman’s attention at least she has something that her eye can be drawn to. A little watch, a little accessory, a little reflective material can certainly do that for you.

Also your shirt of course. Now red shirt, that’s really going to pop. That’s going to grab a woman’s attention. That’s very commanding, aggressive, sexual, a red shirt.

But you don’t have to go all red if that’s too much for you. For example, I’ve got a shirt here. It’s got a little bit of red. It’s got a little bit of orange. It’s got a little bit of yellow. It’s kind of mixing it up. It’s unique but it’s got that little splash of color, that little color personality that’s going to get noticed, that’s going to draw attention from women.

Again you don’t have to feel like you have to go completely crazy with the colors like some kind of colorful weirdo, right? But if you are clever, you can combine these different items and actually make them work together if you color coordinate.

You’ve got the blonde hat. You’ve got the colorful beach shirt there with a little bit of red, orange, yellow, and bright greens in there. You can wear the watch at the same time.

If you do it right, you can make it look elegant like an ensemble piece it all comes together where you are dressed really stylishly, but you’ve got that splash of color and that really that really accelerates the IOIs. It really gives you the indicators of interest where girls can’t but look, can’t help but notice you.

Now there’s a good reason that certain colors really catch your eye like bright red, bright yellow, gold, sparkling silver, neon pink versus the more calming colors like blue, green, beige brown, and gray.

It’s because if you went back in time millions of years ago, many millions of years back to the time of the dinosaurs and you were out of nature, the only colors you’d ever see are those calming colors of green, you know like ferns and trees and brown tree trunks and the dirt on the ground. You’d see blue, color of the sky, maybe if you were near some big body of water like an ocean, or the sea, you see blue there. Gray, color of stone, color of rock.

But besides those colors right there, you really wouldn’t see anything else. You wouldn’t see red around. You wouldn’t see much yellow, orange, or purples at all. It’s only more recently that plants evolved to have these colorful flowers and colorful fruits of red, orange, bright yellow and purple and pink. That was a genetic strategy that plants evolved to attract little animals that would come by and eat the fruit, eat these little packets of sugar and inside that fruit is a seed.

A little squirrel comes on by, eats that brightly colored piece of fruit that’s caused attention because it stands out from the rest of the environment of blues, browns, greens, and grays. The little squirrel eats that piece of fruit. He digests it. He walks a couple miles away he poops it out, and he poops-out that seed and now that seed is in a little ball of squirrel poop. It’s got that natural manure right there, so it can grow up into its own strong plant.

That was a genetic strategy by plants to use animals and the bright color of little fruit and flowers to attract those animals to them to spread their seeds and be more reproductively successful.

Likewise, we human beings have also inherited this penchant for picking out certain colors like red, bright yellow, these oranges, and these purples because that represents value. You’ve got this large Vista of greens, blues, grays, and browns and we kind of just tune it out. They’re very calming colors.

But there could be a little piece of fruit hundreds of meters away, just this one little thing of red and this big vastness of green and our eyes will go directly towards it because we’ve evolved to associate red with having value—calories sugar.

You’re walking through the forest. A little piece of fruit over there and boom! Your eye goes directly towards it. A little bit of yellow over there, “Oh, that’s something special. There’s some value in that.”

Your eye goes directly toward the yellow. Certain colors, they grab our attention.

When you wear an article of clothing or an accessory, for example like a watch that captures the light and draws attention, it’s kind of mimicking our natural tendency to want to be drawn to that value, that bright red fruit, that yellow fruit that orange fruit that represents calories and sugar and I just naturally commands your attention.

In advertising, they use the same trick. Coca-Cola, their logo what is it? Bright red and white. Pepsi Cola kind of like this blue bright red that grabs your attention in this shiny silver that reflects the light as well.

Now a very simple easy way to think of color that I tend to use is I put colors into two different classes. The first class are those calming colors, those colors you’d find out in nature if you were going to go out on a hike green like you’re walking through a forest or beige and blue you’re walking along on the beach, you’ve got all that sand you’ve got the ocean there. You got the blue sky. Maybe gray on a cloudy day, white clouds.

Those are all calming colors that you just make you feel ah relaxed like you want to get away and just chill out.

Then you’ve got all the exciting colors, those colors that command attention, the bright reds the bright yellows, bright oranges, the hot pinks, the purples. Those are the colors that you’d find on flowering plants and fruits. Those are the colors that hold those little sugar packets of value.

You always want to have one article of clothing that has one of those colors that second category of color that grabs attention, that second category of color then you’d find on a bright colorful piece of fruit and you do that one thing and it literally tricks the girl’s brain into thinking that you, you my friend are that colorful piece of fruit of value.

You are that little sugar packet that catches her attention she can’t help but notice you.

Do that one little thing where you combine an article of clothing, maybe two maybe even three with those eye-popping colors. You’re going to get way more indicators of interest, way more IOIs, you’re finally going to be noticed by women.

When you go approach them they’re going to be more at ease talking to you because you already caught their attention.

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